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Kameda Yukinori (亀田(かめだ) 幸則(ゆきのり)) is Inakuni Raimon's assistant coach.


Kameda has tanned skin, dark eyes, and black hair. He is most often seen wearing a blue jacket with white stripes.


Kameda is generally a helpful and supportive person who supervises Inakuni Raimon with practice and attends their games. Sometimes, however, he feels that Zhao Jinyun's ideas are too dangerous and tries to convince the coach not to continue with a certain tactic. However, Zhao Jinyun's strategies, though seemingly risky, are justified and helpful to the team.


Inazuma Eleven Ares no Tenbin

He appeared for the first time briefly in a flashforward of Inakuni Raimon's match against Seishou Gakuen in episode 1, arguing with Zhao Jinyun about the upcoming game, where the deafeat of Inakuni seems unavoidable. Later, he remained surprised and expressed comforted his joy about Kozoumaru Sasuke's unexpected Fire Tornado, which scored the first goal for the team after few minutes from the start of the first half.

In episode 2, he made his formal appearance at the first training of Inakuni Raimon's members after their arrival in Tokyo, introducing himself and Zhao Jinyun as their coaches. During the time the team's members were in their locker room to wear the new uniforms, he was seen arguing again with Zhao about his odd and draining practice menu, questioning the latter's knowledge about soccer and remaining agitated by his evasive and shady answer. However, he did not do anything to prevent the realization of the training.

Inazuma Eleven Orion no Kokuin

Kameda appeared during the surprise party prepared for the members of Inazuma Japan, before they left to Russia for the FFI tournament.


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