Kenzaki Ryuuichi (研崎(けんざき) 竜一(りゅういち)) is one of the antagonists in the second season of Inazuma Eleven. He helped Kira Seijirou with the Aliea project. He was also the coach of Dark Emperors.


He has bluish-green hair and pale skin. He has black eyes with pale purple eyelids and he has structured cheekbones. He also wears a wenge suit and a puce necktie.


At first Kenzaki is always calm and doesn't talk much. He also seems to be polite and loyal to Kira. But after Genesis' defeat it turns out that he is a person that doesn't care about what happens to other people. He is also selfish and only cares for his own desires, overall he is a big liar.



Kenzaki in the game.

He helped Kira Seijirou with the Aliea project. In episode 38 he reported to his boss that Shin Teikoku lost and then in episode 43 he was seen talking with Seijirou about the "gu" poison. He brought a fragment of the Aliea Meteorite to Raimon after Aliea Gakuen was destroyed and created the Dark Emperors. After the match between Raimon and Dark Emperors, he was arrested by the police and was never seen in the series again.

Game appearance

Casual Kenzakishot


  • His dub name, Godric, is an ancient English name made up of the elements god and ric (to govern, power), referring to his selfish and tyrannical personality.
  • Much of the backstory relating to him is still unexplained, including as to why Hitomiko recognized him and knew his name, as seen in episode 60.


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