Kim Yeon-Woo (キム・ヨンウ, Kimu Yonu) is a defender for Red Bison.


Kim has purple hair that spreads and covers most of his head. He has a strip of seemingly braided hair that hangs downwards.


Kim participated in the first match in the Football Frontier International Asia preliminaries, against Inazuma Japan. From the beginning Korea was trying to scored goal but each time they were stopped by Japan's defenders Fubuki Shirou and Kazemaru Ichirouta with their goalkeeper Endou Mamoru. They scored the first goal after Lee Dong-Hyeok obstructed Endou's view and later the second one when Park Ji-Won misled him. In the meantime Japan managed to score after Gouenji Shuuya used his Last Resort and later they tied with Korea. Unexpectedly Red Bison’s captain Seok Min-Woo had to leave the field after he was tackled by his own teammates. At the end of the match Kim was trying to stop Haizaki Ryouhei who was running towards the Korea's goal, passing all players on his way. Finally Red Bison lost with 3 points.


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