Kira Seijirou (吉良(きら) 星二郎(せいじろう)) was one of the main antagonists in the second season of the Inazuma Eleven series. He is the father of Kira Hitomiko and Kira Hiroto. He's also the owner of Kira Zaibatsu and Ohisama En orphanage.


Kira is a short and fat old man with slightly tanned skin and big ears. He has short dark yellowish-green hair and his eyes are usually closed, though he opened them a few times and are shown to be black.


His real personality is that of a caring and loving person, both in regards to his own children and the children from his orphanage. However, his personality changed drastically after the influence of the Aliea Meteorite corrupted him to seek revenge over his son's death, without any consideration. He used the children from Ohisama En as tools for revenge, turning them into his personal soldiers, and his own daughter Kira Hitomiko. However, he later realized that what he did was wrong and regained his original personality.


He made the Aliea project with help from Kenzaki Ryuuichi that utilized the Aliea Meteorite. He used the meteor to make powerful soccer players. He said his purpose of doing it is because he wanted to get revenge for his deceased son named Kira Hiroto. In episode 43, he mentions Alien Gakuen as the making of "gu" poison in which there is a survival of the fittest. Later, he was arrested by the police after the Academy collapses by the hands of Kenzaki Ryuuichi who took eleven pieces of the great Aliea Meteorite.

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  • Even though he kept his eyes thin, he opened them twice in the anime.
  • It is said that he was controlled by Garshield Bayhan in the game.
  • Also in the game, he usually takes time out of his busy schedule to pay visits to school, and made the most generous donation to Yokato.
    • Unlike the anime, he met Raimon at the first time when visiting Yokato. 
    • It's also said that Touko and Kidou met him before in the parties for big and important people with their fathers.
  • The description of Aliea Gakuen as the making of "gu" poison is actually "Kodoku", a type of poisonous magic in Japanese folklore.
  • In the original series, every child in the Ohisama En orphanage called Seijirou their "father". In Ares no Tenbin, Kiyama Tatsuya is the only one to called Seijirou "father", the other children called him "principal", as he is the principal of Eisei Gakuen.
  • In Inazuma Eleven Orion no Kokuin, he became addicted to videos sharing apps (such as TikTok in the real world) and greeted Saginuma, Tatsuya and Hiroto with a video created on it.


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