Knights Of Queen emblem

Knights of Queen (ナイツオブクィーン, Naitsu obu Kuīn) is England's national team. They won only one game in the FFI, which was against The Empire. They lost against Unicorn, Orpheus, and Inazuma Japan.


The shirts are white with long sleeves, one blue stripe by each arm, and blue cuffs. The shorts are red with two white stripes, much like the stripes on the shirt. Socks are blue and cleats are purple and teal. Goalkeeper uniform is blue with white stripes. Gloves are white. The captain's band, as worn by Edgar Valtinas, is red.


  1. Freddy McQueen (GK)
  2. Johnny Gascoigne (DF)
  3. David Buckingham (DF)
  4. Lance Rotten (DF)
  5. Eddie Ripper (DF)
  6. Peter Cole (MF)
  7. Gary Links (MF)
  8. Paul Appleton (MF)
  9. Eric Purpleton (MF)
  10. Edgar Valtinas (FW/captain)
  11. Philip Owen (FW)
  12. Gareth Barett (GK)
  13. Martin Squall (DF)
  14. Nick Woodgate (FW)
  15. Mikey Richards (MF)
  16. Beat Smash (MF)

Hissatsu tactics


Knights of Queen Vs. Inazuma Japan

Knights of Queen is shown to have two hissatsu tactics in which Inazuma Japan had a rough time, though Kidou was able to see the weakness of the hissatsu tactic. The only problem left was that Endou could not block Edgar's hissatsu, Excalibur and Paladin Strike. Afterwards, Endou creates a new hissatsu, Ijigen The Hand and was able to block Edgar's hissatsu. From that point on, Knights of Queen wasn't able to score a goal anymore, and Gouenji and Toramaru used the hissatsu Tiger Storm to score a goal into which was successful and scored a goal in the end. In the end, Knights of Queen lost the match to Inazuma Japan.



  • This team ended up in the 5th and last position of block A despite having one of the best strikers.


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