Kotono Tomio (古都野(ことの) 富夫(とみお)) is a defender for Seishou Gakuen.


Kotono has fair skin and a standard height. He has messy, reddish-purple hair and small irises which are coloured light tan.


At the beginning of the match Inakuni Raimon unexpectedly scored the first goal and Kotono stood with his team stunned and surprised. When Inakuni Raimon started the game after Haizaki Ryouhei tied, the Seishou Gakuen players began to exert pressure on them. Kotono together with his teammates, surrounded the Michinari Tatsumi in order to prevent him from moving and then by doing a slip Kotono steal the ball from him. In the second half of the match the Seishou continued to lead, Kotono slipped, took the ball from Goujin Tetsunosuke and passed it to Uoshima Sameharu. When the match ended, the whole team Seishou smiled and relaxed, after they won with 10 points.

During the second match with Inakuni Raimon, Seishou after a few seconds from the beginning, scored a goal with Haizaki's shot. When the teams tied, Kotono participated in special tactic Crisis Zone. At the end of the match, Seishou was exhausted after a tight fight and lost with a score 4-5.

In the next match with Outei Tsukinomiya, Seishou wanted to attack from the very beginning, but their movements were blocked by the opponents. When Haizaki wanted to shoot with Perfect Penguin, Nishikage Seiya easily stopped it and passed the ball to Nosaka Yuuma. Kotono tried to catch the ball, but Nosaka was faster than him and jumped higher. Later Outei players started to aim with the ball to Seishou team, to weaken their physical and mental strength but the they didn't give up and fought, despite the injuries and fatigue. When Outei Tsukinomiya team used their terrifying tactic Grid Omega, Seishou's coach Kudou Michiya decided to forfeit the match for the sake of his team.

Kotono and his teammates later watched the match between Inakuni Raimon and Outei Tsukinomiya and they were happy when Inakuni Raimon managed to win from Outei Tsukinomiya.

Game appearance

SD avatar

Seishou SD Avatar Kotono Tomio (Seishou)


Inazuma Eleven SD

All stats are at S-rank, level 50, limit break 10, fully upgraded, all skills learned and all kizuna unlocked.


  • GP: 247
  • TP: 91
  • Kick: 37
  • Dribble: 39
  • Block: 58
  • Catch: 26


Inazuma Eleven SD



  • Kotono's name comes from 箏座 which is Lyra.


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