Kumush Ize (クムシュ・イゼ, Kumushu Ize) is a midfielder of Eternal Dancers.


Kumush Ize is average in height, with a fair skin tone. She has dark grayish-black hair styled into spiky pigtails, each one with two yellow hair ties, orange eyes and an orange blush on her cheeks.


After Dost Gales scored second goal for Uzbekistan, Kumush was smiling and happy about that. When the match was resumed, after Japan tied 2-2, she was seen tackling Inamori Asuto. Later after Inazuma Japan used against Uzbekistan special tactic Grid Omega version 2.0, they intended to initiate their tactic Eternal Run. She started to run toward the Japan goal with her teammates. However she soon felt the effects of injuries caused by Grid Omega. Her legs ached and she didn't have strength to keep going.


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