Kung Fuche (クン・フーチェ) is the goalkeeper for Shanghai Hoshinekodan and Soccer Zatsugidan.


Kung Fuche is a tall, slim goalkeeper with long jet black hair. He has green irises and a black mole above his nose.


Kung Fuche was the goalkeeper during the match between Soccer Zatsugidan and Inazuma Japan. He stopped Haizaki Ryouhei's and Kira Hiroto's combination shoot, Penguin The God & Devil, with Ryuujin Tessen, being the first goalkeeper who was able to stop that technique. When Haizaki later used his individual technique, Perfect Penguin, Kung also managed to stop that technique with Ryuujin Tessen. However, Goujin Tetsunosuke was later substituted on for Inazuma Japan and he broke through Kung's Ryuujin Tessen with Fire Lemonade Rising. Nearing the end of the match, Haizaki once again used Perfect Penguin and Kung stopped it this time as well. He later participated in the tactics, Minna de Jiangshi but the ball got stolen by Ichihoshi Hikaru, passing to Fudou Akio, who scored with Maximum Circus since Kung was too far away from the goal to stop it. Wanting to score a goal, Haizaki used his new technique, Shark The Deep, which broke through Kung's Ryuujin Tessen and scored the winning goal for Inazuma Japan.




  • Kung's name most likely comes from Kung Fu (クンフー).


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