Last Resort Σ (ラストリゾートΣ(シグマ), Rasuto Rizōto Shiguma, lit. Last Resort Sigma) is a shoot hissatsu technique.



Inazuma Eleven AC: All Stars


Asuto, Haizaki, Nosaka and Ichihoshi used the four-person Last Resort during the match between Inazuma Japan and Guardians of Queen. They were finally able to perfect Last Resort thanks to Ichihoshi's help and they countered Petronio Patti's Last Resort D, scoring the second goal for Inazuma Japan.

The quartet also used their combination technique during the match between Zhao Jinyuns and Shadow of Orion. However, four players of Shadow of Orion were able to stop the technique by using the wind to counter it.



  • This is a stronger version of Last Resort, created by making the final kick a twin kick.

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