Lee Dong-Hyeok (イ・ドンヒョク, I Donhyoku) is a forward for Red Bison.


Lee has a normal build. He has white skin, purple lipstick, yellow ochre eyes and burgundy eyebrows. Most of his hair color is a shading from pink to purple, but the left side and his back are burgundy too. His hair covers his right eye.


While playing in matches, he is shown to be hurtful and ignorant of his opponents. At various instances during the match, he would use the mirrors in his cleats to blind his opponents, giving himself an unfair advantage.


Lee was placed as the center forward of the team against Inazuma Japan, just behind the striker Baek Shi-Woo. With him and Park Ji-Won, those three played rough and hurted Inazuma Japan's players by pushing them and sliding. At the beginning of the match along Baek, he helped Seok Min-Woo to use his hissatsu, Tokkou Buffalo Train. Some minutes after, Cha Un-Su, Red Bison's coach, ordered to start the adjustement phase. Lee and Park then started to push Inazuma Japan's defenders in order to let Baek shooting. They managed to do that successfully and Red Bison took the lead but Inazuma Japan players started to getting used of their rough play. They passed them and scored the equalizer with Gouenji Shuuya's goal. Lee, Baek and Park then started to focus on Gouenji, resulting in injuring him in two phases. Gouenji was first blinded by Baek's hidden mirror in his spikes and then Lee and Park hurted his knee badly.

In the second half, they tried to injure Kira Hiroto in the same way, but he managed to escape the trap by using The Explosion, sending Lee and Park away. After re-using Tokkou Buffalo Train, Baek shot with his hissatsu Red Break, the shoot being diverted by Kazemaru Ichirouta's head then Fuujin Raijin, but Endou didn't manage to catch it. The ball was floating, and Lee managed to outpace Hiura Kirina to score a volley, making the score 2-2. Just after, in a counter-attack for Red Bison, Lee pushed Seok, making the captain lose his balance before Park gave him a knee kick. They did that because the captain has discovered Baek's Orion mark. Seok couldn't continue the match and was substituted on by Son Min-Soo. In Red Bison's last counter-attack, Son, Park, Baek and Lee ran towards the goal, but Kidou Yuuto stopped Lee with a new hissatsu tactic, Angel Robe. Inazuma Japan then counter-attacked too and scored a goal with the accidental hissatsu combination of Haizaki Ryouhei and Kira Hiroto, making the score 3-2 for Japan.



Inazuma Eleven AC: Dream Battle



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