Lus Kasim (ルース・カシム, Rūsu Kashimu), also known as As Inam (アース・イナーム, Āsu Ināmu) before his real identity, is a midfielder for Perfect Spark.


Lus has short pale yellow hair and light blue eyes.

In his first appearance, while posing as As Inam, Lus had his hair dyed dark gray and wore a bandana covering his eyes and pushing his hair upwards, for the purpose of making him resemble Inamori Asuto.


When pretending to be Inamori Asuto, his actions are very similar to Asuto's, but he does not talk. Lus is often shown to be a calm person who does not overreact to surprising events. When revealing his identity, for example, he manages to stay tranquil and unnerved by others' reactions. 


Lus appeared as As Inam, a masked player alongside Malik Kuabel, replacing Froy and Viktor, after they've decided to protest their team's tactics. Sekiya stated, that As only joined Perfect Spark the day before the match and had no other records of playing in any other soccer game. Drawing on Asuto's demonstrated abilities Lus was able to dishearten the Japanese players, especially his closest teammates, scoring a goal with Shining Bird and pretending to be mind controlled by the Orion Foundation. Seeing his teammates' shock, Kozoumaru resorted to hitting Lus with a point blank Fire Tornado to the chest, removing Lus from the match and earning himself a red card in the process. After the match ended, Lus revealed his face to Malik, saying that Kozoumaru's shot did not injure him and that he was a part of a resistance movement within the Orion Foundaton.




  • His fake name As Inam, is derived from Asuto's name, As uto Inam ori, respectively.


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