Majid Azel (マジド・アゼル, Majido Azeru) is a defender of Eternal Dancers.


Majid is tall in height, with a fair skin tone. He has waist-length, straight, dirty blond hair with long side-locks. On his head, he wears a gray, skull-shaped helmet made of metal that covers half of his face. On the right side, the helmet has a small "eye" with a blue lens and on the left side, it has a big hole that reveals his gray eye.


Majid was shocked when he saw that Eternal Dancers couldn't execute their special tactic Eternal Run. Then ball was easily stolen from Onakhon Ims by Nosaka Yuuma. Majid with Ibrohim Abi and Zafar Gin, stood in front of the approaching opponents, saying that Japan wouldn't get through their defense. They surrounded Haizaki Ryouhei to prevent passing the ball to the other Japan's players. However Haizaki outsmarted them and passed it straight to Inamori Asuto who scored their fourth goal and Japan won this match.


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