Malik Kuabel (マリク・クアベル, Mariku Kuaberu) is a Disciple of Orion trainee and later becomes a midfielder of Perfect Spark.


Malik is short, he has light orange-brown short hair. He has a short fringe that falls on both sides of his face, with one strand in the middle of his forehead. He has a fair skin tone and big blue eyes with black pupils.


Malik is a cheerful and usually optimistic person who is friendly towards those he looks up to, like Inamori Asuto. He is bold toward bullies and is willing to combat others using soccer. However, when he is explaining the intentions and the goodness of the Orion Foundation, he proves to be very passionate about Orion and desperate to persuade others about the foundation's actions.


Malik first appeared while Inamori Asuto, along with his father Inamori Masato, was visiting the Disciple of Orion training facility.

Malik challenged Asuto to a mini game, which Asuto won. After that, the two lied down on the field to talk about soccer, and Malik revealed that he was one of the candidates for Perfect Spark. That's when other Orion trainees showed up, among them Grease Rouse, who mocked Malik's ability, and caused him to propose a fight through soccer. Malik and Asuto teamed up and won. Malik thanked Asuto for playing with him and praised his abilities, happy that Asuto appreciated him. When Asuto asked why Malik was in Orion, the boy explained that he used to live on the streets, forced to look for food in the trash or to steal, and that Orion gave people like him a second chance and the ability to live with dignity.

He asked Asuto to join Orion in order to save the world along with him through soccer, but Asuto refused even though he had realized that not everybody in Orion was a bad person. Malik then proposed to at least join his team in a game against Inazuma Japan in order to show them their abilities, but Asuto refused again.

When Malik joined Perfect Spark during the match against Inazuma Japan, he showed considerable distress over the underhanded methods the Russian team used in order to overpower their opponents.





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