Maniya Saito (真二屋(まにや) 才人(さいと)) is the coach of Shuuyou Meito.


He has a chubby face, with his eyes hidden in dark shades. He also has curly, brown hair and wears a red bandanna.


During Raimon's match against his team, Shuuyou Meito, he is normally seen on the sidelines, eating watermelons (which were used for one of Shuuyou Meito's team's hissatsu). He has also implemented a rule which states that all the managers of teams who play on their field must wear maid outfits.

In the end, he was shown to be touched by Megane's words to the Shuuyou Meito team, since he was crying.


He poisoned the whole Raimon team, expect Endou and Gouenji. They still lost in the end of that match.

Game appearance

Front sprite Avatar
Casual Maniya Saito Front Coach5shot

SD Avatar

Shuuyou Meito SD Avatar Maniya Saito (Shuuyou Meito) (Kantoku)

Coach effect

Inazuma Eleven SD

  • Fire figure's GP increased by 5, Kick, Dribble, Block and Catch increased by 1.

Game exclusive teams

Inazuma Eleven 2: Kyoui no Shinryakusha


  • He is always seen with a watermelon.
  • In the games, he is seen to act and talk like a girl.
    • He often says, "Oh no! You are doing it well and darling!"
  • He can be found in the Nara TV station in Chapter 3 in the second game. This is because he wants to take a TV star to be a maid in his shop.


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