Matsu is a minor character appeared in Inazuma Eleven Orion no Kokuin.


Matsu is a very short old lady, barely reaching Goujin Tetsunosuke's knee. She has a chubby face, with several wrinkles to the side of her black eyes, of her mouth and on her forehead. Her gray hair is gathered in a small bun, keep together by two hair chopsticks, one of them adorned with a green pearl. During her climbing on Mt. Fuji, she wore a white windbreaker and brown pants. She also used a green-oil backpack.

While cheering Goujin's goal, she was shown wearing a wheat yellow jumper under a dark blue overalls and white shoes.

Overall, she shares her design with her friends Hana and Ume's ones, but with a different color palette.


At some point before Inazuma Japan's match against Soccer Zatsugidan, Matsu, along with her neighbours Hana, Ume and others, decided to go on a pilgrimage on Mt. Fuji.

Somehow, Zhao Jinyun find out about their trip and asked the three old ladies to help one of his players, Goujin Tetsunosuke, in his training. Matsu and her friends agreed to Zhao's plan, and the day of Goujin's climb to Mt. Fuji they placed themselves on strategic point of the path leading to the mountain peak.

Matsu was the second meet by the Japanese player and, in the same fashion of her friend Hana, presented herself as a weak, self-loathing old lady, in order to pry Goujin's strong sense of responsibility and altruism. The trick worked, and Goujin willingly offered to carry both Hana and Matsu on his shoulders, despite already weary by Hana's weight and the difficulty of climbing Mt. Fuji while dribbling.

After meeting even Ume, the three old ladies gathered three tyres and several ropes to help Goujin's carrying them to the top of the mountain, encouraging the player to do his best, due the latter was showing the first hesitations. Despite the exertetion of the climbing, the squall which hit during the night, the three old ladies's cheers managed to strengthen Goujin's will, and the end the four of them reached the ladies friends' shelter at the top of the mountain at dawn.

Shortly after, Zhao arrived aboard of his helicopter, congratulating Goujin and revealing Matsu, Hana and Ume's involvement in his plan, which aimed to remember Goujin the true motivations of playing soccer and Fire Lemonade's weakness: playing soccer is not only a show-off of one's capabilities, but also carrying everyone's emotions with one's playing - carrying the "weight" of their expectations. With that experience, Goujin managed to "add weight" to his hissatsu and evolving it in Fire Lemonade Rising, during the match against China, breaking for the first time Kung Fuche's Ryuujin Tessen since the start of the match. Matsu, along with Ume and Hana, was seen cheering Goujin's goal from the shelter along with their other friends.

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