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Matsukaze Tenma

Matsukaze Tenma (松風(まつかぜ) 天馬(てんま)) is the main protagonist of the Inazuma Eleven GO series. He is a midfielder and he later became the captain for Raimon when Shindou Takuto got hospitalized.

In Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone, he became a midfielder and captain for Tenmas, Raimon, Entaku no Kishidan, El Dorado Team 03, Chrono Storm and Shinsei Inazuma Japan (alternate timeline).

In Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy, he was chosen to be a midfielder and captain for Japan's team, Inazuma Japan. After the truth was revealed behind the FFIV2, he became a midfielder and captain for Earth Eleven.


Inazuma Eleven GO
  • "A simple boy with an innocent love of football. As pure as a spring breeze."
Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone
Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy
Inazuma Eleven Strikers


Tenma has chestnut-brown hair shaped like whirls of wind or wings, and big greyish blue eyes. During the series, he has never been shown wearing casual clothes.

10 years ago, when he was saved by Gouenji, he wore red shirt with puppy pattern and yellow sleeves. He also wore blue jeans.

4 years ago, when he entered the test to join Inazuma KFC, he wore white shirt with dark blue collar and orange star pattern, yellow/orange hoodie and teal pants.

In first opening he wears ruby-colored shirt, blue shorts and light blue shoes.

In Chrono Stone he is shown wearing various disguises depending on the era visited.

Mixi Maxed

Tenma Mixi Maxed with Arthur.

When Mixi Maxed with Shuu, his hair and eyes become intense dark gray, and he also gains the blue hair clips that Shuu wears.

When Mixi Maxed with King Arthur, his hair becomes long and blonde, with two strands sticking up at the front, but still keeps part of his whirlwind-shaped hair.


He is shown to be a nice, friendly and caring person, usually happy and willing to help the ones who need help and wanting to protect his teammates. Tenma is usually energetic, optimistic, and he always stands up for what is right. He is always determined to win. He is also seen to be a dog lover. His love for soccer started about ten years prior to the series, when Gouenji saved his life. Tenma is very passionate about soccer; in this instance his attitude towards it is comparable to Endou Mamoru's. Besides, he is always shown to be happy when he sees the former Inazuma Japan player, since he has a lot of respect for them as shown when Endou came to Raimon and as well as a few other appearances. Tenma is also the relative of Kino Aki.

Tenma is optimistic and stands up for what he believes in. He is friendly, caring, respectful, eager, never doubts anyone, and has a unique "healing" quality that he shares with Endou and Fideo. He's also a soccer freak like Endou.

He has a habit of training so hard that he ends up hurting himself but he doesn't mind it, if it can help the team and to become stronger, which makes him some sort of replica of Endou. He also tends to be persistent and rather noisy in his desire to help others. This caused some of his teammates to be annoyed by him at first.



Ten years before the start of Inazuma Eleven GO, Tenma was living at Okinawa with his mother. One day he saw a puppy, which in danger of being hit by some wooden planks. He hurried to help it but tripped while running away, risking himself because the boards nearly crashed on him. At that moment, Gouenji Shuuya used his soccer ball to deflect the planks, an act which saved Tenma from having to be in a hospital for a month. Due to this, Tenma ended up keeping the soccer ball, which had the Raimon symbol drawn on it, as well as the dog, which he named Sasuke. He also wanted to enter Raimon Jr High to join its soccer club since then.

Six years after Inazuma Japan became the FFI champion, Tenma, aged nine, was playing around with his dog, Sasuke, and he entered the Inazuma KFC joining test. During the test, Sorano Aoi saw Tenma for the first time and both of them became childhood friends.

Season 3

He is seen at the end of episode 127 of the original series. At that moment, nothing was mentioned about him, but it is said about him that the legend continues.

Inazuma Eleven GO

Because of what happened when he was a young child, Tenma grew up to love soccer and practiced dribbling alone, hoping to be able to join the Raimon soccer club not because of the school's soccer reputation, but because of his love for soccer. Tenma currently lives by himself, renting a room in Aki's manor. He enrolled at Raimon Jr. High because of the symbol drawn on the soccer ball that saved him, and wanted to join the soccer club.

He seemed to not know how popular it was. When he arrived at the school, he was surprised at the size of the new club room. During his first day there, he met Tsurugi, who had just beaten Raimon's second team, stood up against him, and event which led to a one-on-one match with him. Tenma's unwavering spirit managed to manifest itself in the form of an unfinished Keshin (This spirit would later manifest in the form of Majin Pegasus. Coach Kudou fielded Tenma for the first time when Kuro no Kishidan appeared and demanded a match in which the fate of the Raimon soccer club was laid on the line. In the third episode, Tenma met Nishizono Shinsuke for the first time. After that, Raimon had a training match with Eito. The score arranged for this match was 3-0 to Eito. However, thanks to Tenma's great effort, Shindou has suddenly made a volley and scored. The match ended with Eito winning 3-1.

At the end of episode 8, because Tenma wanted Shindou Takuto to stay on the team, he learned his first hissatsu, Soyokaze Step and got past Shindou; and he revealed his desire to meet the man who saved him in the past in Holy Road tournament. During his Holy Road debut in the match against Tengawara, Tenma was initially doubting of Shindou because he was not sure whether the captain was going to play seriously. When Shindou performed Kami no Takuto, Tenma, Shindou and Shinsuke declared they were going for victory.

Tenma made the pass to Shindou and the Raimon's captain opened the score with Fortissimo, but later Hideki from Tengawara scored with his Keshin hissatsu. At the end of the first half he was encouraged by Coach Endou's words. Tenma's attitude brought Sangoku to realise how real football was played, which led to him stopping Falco Wing with his unknown power, which was passed to Shindou for the latter to score using Harmonics. The next day, he was seen training with the rest of the team for the match against Mannouzaka but was surprised when he saw Minamisawa leave the team and told Endou that he should let Tsurugi play. Then Kurama told him that opposing the Fifth Sector will ruin their soccer and Endou told him that he needed to make an important decision. The day of the match he replied to Endou that he will bring real soccer back no matter what and was threatened by Kurama that he will impede him for ruining the little soccer they have. At the match he was surprised that Tsurugi scored an auto goal for the other team, but Mannouzaka's rough plays made them suffer. He almost got an injury but was saved in time by Tsurugi and with him joining them, they score the first goal. When Tsurugi tried to score another goal with his Death Sword it was blocked by Mannouzaka's goalkeeper's keshin and passed to Mitsuyoshi that scored a goal with his keshin's hissatsu. At the second half when all their hopes were lost, the rest of the Raimon members started playing seriously after hearing Midori's speech. He was glad that the team won at the end 3-2.

When the team found out that Teikoku is their next rival, they decide that they need to use their hissatsu tactic, Ultimate Thunder, but the only problem is that it was an incomplete tactic because no one could kick the shot. So Tenma decided to look for Tsurugi, only to find out that he can't play because the Fifth Sector will retire the money for his brother operation. Depressed in the training, Endou told him that he should try to make a powerful shoot hissatsu to be the kicker in Ultimate Thunder. At the match first the things were even for both teams until Kidou gave the order for Teikoku to win, and Raimon were beaten around. Teikoku was able to score 2 goals in the first half. Then, when Tsurugi came, Tenma was the first one to trust him and later told Tsurugi that if he didn't play soccer well, soccer will cry. With that said, Tsurugi was able to complete Ultimate Thunder, and helped Tenma scored with Mach Wind. Later he congratulated Shinsuke for scoring the second goal, and gave Tsurugi the assistance to make the decisive goal and win the match.

The next day, they visited Teikoku Gakuen and learn about the Resistance. Later, Endou helps him practice for another hissatsu technique and invites Tenma to dinner. At first he looked at all the food believing it was delicious but actually horrible. However, Endou kicked him under the table and told him to be a man and eat the horrible food. At the practice he tries to learn a new hissatsu technique but fails and tells the team that somehow he has a power inside him wanting to arise. Tsurugi decides to help him train because he knew about the keshin energy inside Tenma.

In episode 20, Tenma replaces Sangoku and finally released his keshin, Majin Pegasus, blocking Wanda Naoto's Onsoku no Varius's shoot. He later return to his original position as midfielder as Sangoku returns to the goal.

In episode 21, Tenma meets Kariya Masaki for the first time. During the practice, Kariya tackled Tenma, but he praised Kariya for his competence. He also fought against Akizora Challengers.

In episode 22, he used Soyokaze Step to avoid one of the cyclones during the match against Gassan Kunimitsu in the Cyclone Stadium.

In episode 23, he used Spiral Draw to take the ball from the cyclone. Later he used Mach Wind to score a point for Raimon after Kurama used it for a Chain Shoot.

In episode 24, he used his keshin to score an another point for Raimon. After the match, he brought Kariya, Aoi and Shinsuke to Aki's house and was talking with the later about do a combination hissatsu between them.

In episode 26, at the Holy Liner, he was thinking about how incredible would be Hakuren's Hissatsu Tactics; Zettai Shouheki, as Fubuki stated that even Ultimate Thunder wouldn't works against them and that they will need a stronger tactics to break it. He used Double Wing along with Hayami Tsurumasa and Kariya in an attempt to pass by Zettai Shouheki, but fails because his pass speed is slow, which made Makari Ginjirou, one of the Hakuren's members, know where the ball was.

In episode 27, he was switched to goalkeeper position again due to Sangoku Taichi being injured. He blocks Yukimura Hyouga's keshin hissatsu; Icicle Road with his keshin, Majin Pegasus, and was able to block it completely. In the end, Raimon wins the match with 3-2.

In episode 30, he used Soyokaze Step to pass Izumi. He also used his keshin in episode 31 to pass Sousuke's keshin.

In episode 32, Shinsuke, Aoi, Akane, Midori, Shindou and him were having flashbacks about the past matches they had in the Holy Road tournament. They are also talking about the mystery of Keshin.

In episode 34, he used Soyokaze Step against one of Genei Gakuen's players.

In episode 36, he is seen talking with Gouenji, and he find out that Gouenji is the one who save him in the past.

In episode 37, he helped Shinsuke to be a goalkeeper and was surprised that Shinsuke had a keshin. Later, he wanted to visit Taiyou in the hospital but Taiyou had already left the hospital but Fuyuka says that he can't play soccer anymore.

In episode 38, as Arakumo Gakuen exits from the Holy Liner, he talks with Raimon about who was the so-called "genius player" from Arakumo; Nebuchi Umitomo, Mazumi Hiroshi or Sata Tosamaru, as he think that it would be one of them. Later, moments before the match, Tenma found out later that Taiyou plays with this team and cared about him in the match. At the end of the first half, he was seen surprised to what Tsurugi said.

In episode 39, he was still thinking about what Tsurugi said. But later in the second half, he made a comeback and reveal his Keshin Evolution, Majin Pegasus Arc and scored the third goal for Raimon. Later, he, Shindou and Tsurugi reveal their Keshin Fusion, Matei Gryphon and scored the last and winning point for Raimon. At the end of the episode, he was shocked when Shindou collapsed on the ground.

In episode 40, Endou selected him as the temporary captain of Raimon. Tenma first thought that he wasn't capable of becoming one, but after his teammates and friends encouraged him he accepted the position. After the training he lost the courage of being captain and visited Shindou to tell him that he shouldn't be the captain. Shindou disagrees and gives Tenma the courage to try it again.

In episode 41, he is training for the creation of the Fire Tornado DD with Tsurugi. During the match against Seidouzan, he found a way to score. He used Soyokaze Step, passed Kurosaki and then passed the ball to Tsurugi, who scored, making a tie.

In episode 43, he used his keshin many times and made a keshin shoot, but it was stopped by Senguuji Yamato's King Fire easily. Later, he, Hikaru, Hayami, Hamano, Shinsuke and Majin Pegasus Arc where beaten by Senguuji's shoot. At the end of the episode, he was seen crying about being Raimon's captain.

In episode 44, Shindou encouraged him. After the match restarted, he was badly beaten by many Dragonlink's Keshin but always recuperated the ball. Later, he and Tsurugi used Fire Tornado DD and it scored the third goal.

Then he used Mach Wind which evolved into Shin along with Tsurugi's Death Drop G3 and scored the final goal to Raimon. So they won the match at the end of the episode. Afterwards, he was seen talking to Shindou and he told him to let's play soccer again.

In episode 45 he along with Aoi are having flashbacks about their childhood and about when they first met each other they were actually watching a few kids playing soccer and until Gouenji came and talked to Tenma.

In episode 47, he was happy since Endou is seen giving a speech about the old days of Raimon at the end he along Endou promised each other that they will play soccer together another time.

Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone

Tenma goes back to Okinawa after Holy Road to spend time teaching young kids soccer as part of Gouenji's Soccer Education Program and comes back to Raimon to see that all of his teammates are in different clubs, and the soccer club didn't exist in the first place. Also, the whole Raimon soccer club (except Tsurugi, since his existence was still a mystery, and Aoi since they were childhood friends) didn't know who he was. Later, he went to his usual soccer place and there he met Alpha, who brought him back in time and stopped the shoot which Gouenji shot to save Tenma. Eventually, he began to lose his memories of loving socccer. Nevertheless, Tenma refused to hate and not remember soccer, which caused Alpha and Protocol Omega to attack him with the soccer he so dearly loved. Fei Rune came to save Tenma from the finishing shot, stating that soccer is necessary and initiating battle with Alpha. Later, alongside Fei and the Tenmas team, he played as captain against Protocol Omega. When Wonderbot arrived, Tenma became baffled as to why there was a talking bear and Raimon's caravan.

In the episode 2, he used Wonder Trap to steal the ball from one of the adverse members, then Aggressive Beat to pass through two of Alpha's team members. As the game ended, Fei taught Tenma about time traveling and the reason why Alpha tried to attack Tenma without warning: they wanted to erase soccer. In order to protect soccer, Tenma, Fei, and Wonderbot went back in time to battle Protocol Omega, as they targeted young Endou and Aki after the two friends had begun the soccer club.

In the episode 3, he used again his two new hissatsu and then Shin Mach Wind to score a goal and succeeded, beating Zanou's Keeper Command 03. He also used his keshin and his keshin armed with Yuuichi. He made a mighty shoot which scored the final goal, giving Tenmas the victory 2-0.

Tenma Armed.

At his return to Raimon, he was afraid if the soccer club still didn't exist. Aoi said that the practicing started and Tenma answered Practicing for... calligraphy club? which made Aoi answering What are you talking about? The soccer club!. But, he was surprised to see that Tsurugi wasn't in the team and that Yuuichi was their former ace striker.

In episode 4, he used his Keshin Armed another time to past through some members of Protocol Omega. He was sad when he bore witness to Yuuichi disappearing. When he saw Tsurugi Kyousuke entering the soccer club in the normal timeline, he was happy alongside Shinsuke. At the notice of soccer being banned, Tenma was shocked and confused at what had happened.

In episode 5, they time-traveled back in time, 1 year before to a friendly match of Japan and America. Raimon switched with America's team and Protocol Omega 2.0 kept attacking with vicious and violent attacks. Tenma tried to summon his Keshin Armed but it failed. The reason for this is that his keshin armed before was the result of Yuuichi's alternate timeline, so he couldn't use keshin armed anymore.

In episode 6, Tenma continued trying to use his Keshin Armed, but without any success. Despite this, he tried to stop Beta, who was advancing through Raimon's field, with his keshin, but he failed due to her mighty shoot, which scored the second goal to Protocol Omega 2.0. He later used his keshin again and Justice Wing, but it was easily stopped by Beta. When the game was declared over, the rest of the Raimon team was bruised and battered, and Beta began to put Fei into her sphere device. Tenma was unable to help when watching Endou protect Fei with God Hand V and get sucked up into the compressed dimension himself. Along with those who had keshin, Tenma was unaffected by Beta's mind control.

In episode 7, Tenma thought about Coach Endou, who had been imprisoned in the compressed dimension by Beta. He then went, with the remaining members of Raimon, to the club room when it was still forbidden to play football. In the soccer room, they find out that Endou had died one month ago in a car crash by Haruna who shows them a news article, and convince her Endou is still alive. After they meet up with Gouenji, who revealed he had a Time Bracelet given to him by Supporter X and therefore unaffected by time changes, they follow his advice to train at God Eden. Tenma and the others began trying to use Keshin Armed, but ended up with no success. They were cornered by Team A5, and easily beaten until Ankoku Shin Dark Exodus appeared, saving them and bringing the remaining members to another place at God Eden.

Tenma Mixi Maxed with Shuu.

In episode 8, he used Mach Wind to create a chain shoot with Nishiki's Bushin Renzan, but it failed due to Zanou's Keeper Command 03. He also tried with Shinsuke to stop Einamu's Shoot Command 06 but failed. He was later Mixi Maxed with Shuu and passed most of the members of Team A5. He then recupered his own form and used Majin Pegasus Arc to fuse with it, and succeeded due to Shuu. He scored a goal with a mighty shoot which broke Zanou's catch hissatsu and scored the first goal to Raimon.

In episode 9, Tenma went to the future where Fei and Wonderbot came from. He weaved around the lasers protecting Daisuke's notebook, and he was able to retrieve the notebook and pass it to Fei before the alarm went off. During the battle between the robots, he used Majin Pegasus Arc and fused with it to score a goal.

In episode 10, like the others, he wasn't able to read Daisuke's notebook. He used Wonder Trap in order to steal the ball from Einamu. He also called his Keshin and fuse with it but it failed with an unknown reason. After Daisuke was turned into a Chrono Stone, Tenma listened intently to his instructions of where to find the Ultimate Eleven.

In episode 14, Kinoshita give him a ball, so Tenma began to play soccer, while the others members of Raimon were dancing or playing the flute and Nobunaga watching him. Then, the others began to play soccer too, Nobunaga being surprised of that. Like the others, he got arrested when Shindou failed to Mixi Max with Nobunaga and Beta accused them of trying to kill the man.

In episode 15, Nobunaga makes a trial for Raimon, and Shindou manages to help Raimon. Later, Tenma trains Tasuke and his 2 other friends, then at the end of the episode Protocol Omega 2.0 challenges Raimon.

In episode 19, he was surprised by the fact that Nanobana stated that he used to call her 'Kinako'. Fei said that they needed to be more careful not to cause more time paradox, Fei then later asked Tenma to make a Combination Hissatsu with him, something that Fei was thinking by sometime, which he agreed. He also suggested everyone to practice soccer, in which Jeanne also ended up participating in.

In episode 20, he suggested to practice in the France area.

In episode 21, after Gamma scored a goal against Shinsuke with Jinrou Lycaon, he lifted the spirits of the team, saying to them that the match had just begin and that they still have much time. He was later supported by Kinako, who said that he is right and to the team plays their best.

In episode 22, he was seen happy after Taiyou appeared. Later, he was chosen to go to the Three Kingdom era . At the era, Raimon met Ryuu Gentoku and help him to push his canon out of the mud. Then, he, some Raimon members and Ryuubi challenged some members of Zanark Domain, Chouhi and Kanu to a soccer battle. When Ryuubi left the Raimon goal opened, all the Raimon members including him were shocked.

During the Shogunate Era in episode 26, he went to search Sakamoto Ryouma along with half of the team, which he asked Sakamoto Ryouma about his ambition. In episode 27, he taught Sakamoto soccer after Ryouma requested along with the others, which he specifically taught Sakamoto Ryouma passing. He also played against Zanark Domain with the whole team. During the soccer battle before the match and during the match. he comforted Okita Souji when Okita was feeling uncomfortable.

In episode 28, he was shocked to see Okita dribbling faster and passing some members in Raimon while Fei explained that Zanark has given more power again.

In episode 30, he and Fei were seen training against some Dupli. As they advanced through the field, he dribbled Manto and Drill before made a pass to his teammate.

When Raimon arrived to the Stone Age Era in episode 31, he went to explore the area along with his other teammates. When a dinosaur was about to attack Shinsuke when he was enraged, Tenma protected him, but was saved by Torb who scared it away. He also visited Torb's home with the help of a few dinosaurs. After that, he and his teammates met Tochan. He also had lunch with Torb and the other teammates and helped Fei to train in order to Mixi Max with Big. He also went with Torb to search for Big in order to gain its aura.

In episode 33, he and Fei practiced for Extreme Rabbit, which needed a bit more practice. In the match against Perfect Cascade in episode 34, they were able to pull of Extreme Rabbit while Keshin Armed mode successfully, though during the match, Tenma looked at Shindou and Taiyou, thinking that Shindou was indeed better at leading others. When Raimon needed to leave the Jurassic era, they said their goodbye to Big and he comforted Fei.

In episode 35, he and the others return to their timeline and listen eagerly to the stories of King Arthur and decided to go to that era, but problems occur and when he wakes up, he finds himself in a cabin of a woman, strangely just like in the story, he walks around and encounters a barbarian but Fei saves him. Both of them go to the castle and see King Arthur, and shockingly find out the other members of Raimon were a part of Entaku no Kishidan.

In episode 36, he successfully used Aggressive Beat 改 against Nishiki Ryouma in the match against Shindou's team. He also scored with his Keshin Armed shoot against Shinsuke. After the match, Tenma and Fei were told they had passed the commitment test. When Nanobana Kinako was captured by Master Dragon, he and Fei used Extreme Rabbit against Master Dragon but, it failed.

In episode 37, Tenma bacame pessimistic about him being a captain and asked Shindou if he mind to be the captain. In the Master Dragon cave he watched King Arthur fought Master Dragon, then a dark knight appeared and revealed himself as Rei Rukh, then they fought the Perfect Cascade.

The match with the Perfect Cascade continued in episode 38, he regained his will to be the captain. After this he got Mixi Maxed with King Arthur and used Ou no Tsurugi.

After the match Saryuu Evan introduced himself to him and Aoi, but when he was about to say something, a Route Craft teleported him and his teammates away before they could speak anything with the mysterious boy Saryuu.

In episode 39, he was shocked when he found out about the Second Stage Children. Later he was chosen by Gouenji to be the captain of El Dorado Team 03.

In episode 40, he did not believe that SARU is actually the emperor of the Second Stage Children.

In episode 41, he tried everything to prevent Fei from joining the Second Stage Children, but Fei went back to his evil organization. Tenma became really sad and also very angry.

In episode 44, he was sad about Fei and was talking to Wonderbot. Then Kinako encouraged him. He was shocked to see Fei as the captain of Garu. He asked him to come back, but he disagreed. In the match, Fei scored the first goal which shocked Tenma. Then, he came in front of Fei to not let him shoot. Then, Fei shot with the ball Tenma which shocked everyone. He stood up and used Wonder Trap to steal the ball. Then he used Aggressive Beat but it failed.

In episode 45, he was also shocked like the others to see Zanark helping them. He pleaded many times at Fei to turn back to the soccer which they loved, but Fei did not agree. When Roko tackled Hayami, he helped him from being blown away. Shinsuke passed the ball to him, but Fei intercepted the pass. He finally got hold of the ball from Fei and made a pass to Reiza.

In episode 47 he was seen along with the other Chrono Storm members in the locker room. After Fei told Kinako that he could not go back, because everyone had trusted him and he betrayed them. and so that if he would leave Freida he had no one, Tenma said then that Fei has a home. Namely by Tenma and his friends. When at the end of the conversation Fei walks aways, Tenma then says that they will be waiting on Fei. Later by the welcome back surprise, he explained who's idea it was an encourages the rest of the group to bring Fei feelings over to SARU by soccer. At the end of the episode, Tenma is happy when he hears that Fei took the chrono stone in wich Endou Mamoru was sealed away back from Feida and finally Tenma is emotional when Endou Mamoru is turned back to normal.

In episode 49, he used God Wind armed for the first time in the anime after creating the Hissatsu tactic Grand Luster. The score against The Lagoon was 4-3.

In episode 50, he used Saikyou Eleven Hadou for the first time and Tenma scores the 4-4. The fifth goal is made by Fei, who also used Saikyou Eleven Hadou. After Chrono Storm wins the match with 4-5 he and SARU shake hands and Tenma explains to SARU what friends are and how you become friends. When they wanted to come back in their own time, Tenma and the rest of the Raimon team say goodbye to Fei Rune, Clark Wonderbot, Zanark Avalonic, Nanobana Kinako and Torb. At the very end of the episode, Tenma went to the past to bring his congratulations to Endou for winning the Football Frontier and proposes a match with them.

In episode 51, Tenma (together with Nishizono Shinsuke and Sorano Aoi) talk about what they have experiences throughout the Chrono Stone season. Later on, Kino Aki joins them and the subjects changes to the Football Frontier International. Tenma and Shinsuke were overjoyed about it, but they were also shocked to hear that girls can now participate in the tournament as well. Finally, at the end of the episode, Tenma looks up the sky and wonders if the whole adventure was a dream, but he commented that if it was a dream, it was definitely a good dream. And after everything, he states that soccer is indeed back.

Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy

In episode 1, he was waiting alongside the other teams for the choosing of the members of the new Japan's national team for Football Frontier International Vision 2, Inazuma Japan. He then talks to Shindou about how far they've gotten and that now, they're going to face the world. Then Tsurugi tried to tease him and said that as if he was sure that he was gonna be chosen.

When Kuroiwa Ryuusei called out his name, Tsurugi's and Shindou's, he was certain that Shinsuke was gonna be chosen too, but when Kuroiwa started calling the new members and Shinsuke wasn't chosen, he felt sorry for him.

After being chosen, Kuroiwa revealed that they were gonna have an exhibition match, and he was surprised that they were gonna be up against Teikoku Gakuen. When they went to change in the changing room, Shindou asked him if he was gonna be able to lead the other members of Inazuma Japan since they just met and he said that things will work out.

When the match started, he passed the ball to Shindou, and he passed the ball to Tsurugi, who was blocked and the ball went back to Tenma. Tenma used Aggressive Beat to pass two Teikoku members, but failed when they used Sargasso V2. When Shindou used Kami no Takuto FI and no one follow his order, he was shocked to see that the other members of the new Japan's national team didn't know how to play soccer, but he was surprised when he saw how fast Matatagi Hayato is, and how Ibuki Munemasa catch Mikado Haruma's shoot without a hissatsu. When Teikoku Gakuen continuously scored against them and the score was in 10-0, Shindou started to get angry and asked why the other members were chosen, but Tenma tried to tell him not to give up, Tenma used Kazaana Drive to get pass a member of Teikoku, then he and Tsurugi Kyousuke scored a goal with Fire Tornado DD. Just as they celebrated the goal, the match ended. At the end, they lost with 10-1, and when he was shaking hands with Teikoku members and Mikado told them that he was disappointed, he looked depressed and kind of embarrassed.

In episode 2, he was about to leave when Aki told him to do his best in FFIV2, to which he replied he would and said goodbye to Aki and Sasuke. When he arrived, he got hit by Nozaki Sakura's ball and he told her it's okay when he got up. As Sakura told them, the soccer trio saw that the other rest of members have already come to practise, only that they're not practising soccer. Tsurugi and Shindou were grumbling to themselves about the members, while Tenma rushed to the others and said good morning, and told everybody to work well togeher, to which the others do not have any response. During the self-introductions of the eight members, Tenma got surprised at multiple times for what they did before joining the team. After that, Kuroiwa came in and introduced the managers: Mizukawa Minori and Aoi, much to Tenma's surprise and he was happy that Aoi became a manager for Inazuma Japan.

Tenma then started lecturing about soccer, which Minaho Kazuto interrupted, saying that Tenma should lecture them about hissatsu instead. Tenma explained that they can develop hissatsu after they have a specialty, in which Minaho interpreted in another way. Tenma therefore re-stated that they should start with basic training, and Minaho agreed. Tenma then started the training with running. During break time, Tenma had a little talk with Matatagi about running and hissatsu. After the break time, Tenma started lecturing about ball control.

After the training ended, Tenma and Aoi walked to his room when Shindou asked Tenma to come with him. Tenma put down his bag, and he started wondwering about Shinsuke, but he instantly shook off the feeling. When night fell in, Tenma and Tsurugi came along with Shindou, who came to talk with Kuroiwa about letting only the trio to play in their first match, and Tenma was shown to be uneasy about his proposal.

In another place, Tenma saw Matatagi training more on running. They had a short talk about hissatsu, but Matatagi obiviously was not interested. The next day the training resumed after the coach announced their first opponent Fire Dragon. Tenma and Matatagi trained together in which Matatagi is able to pass the ball away from Tenma. Tenma and Tsurugi were shown to be training while others have a break. As the practice ends, the trio talked again and Shindou stated the plan for tomorrow in which Tenma was saddened at the fact that Shindou still doesn't believe at them.

FFIV2 started the next day. Tenma was still arguing with Shindou about the new members, saying that they have improved a lot, in which Shindou disagreed, but their argument was brought to an end when Tsurugi told them there was a problem in the locker. As Manabe Jinichirou and Minaho continued to argue, Tenma cut it out, saying that the match would soon start and they should stop arguing. Manabe then revealed that actually all eight members were getting paid to play in the FFIV2, along with several members' motives, much to the trio's shock. The match then started, with Matatagi failing to go up the field, Sakura not getting the ball at the right time and Tetsukado Shin and Manabe unable to stop Lee Chung-Yun. Tenma asked the members to remember the training. After Shindou stopping Lee Chung-Yun's shoot, Ibuki glared at Shindou but he ignored it, making Tenma worried about the two. Tenma then shouted some words to encourage the team.

In episode 3, Tenma was shocked that Matatagi got the ball of the throw-in, but it got easily stolen again. He was also shocked that Shindou blocked the shoot for the second time, and he remembered Shindou saying that he would handle all Fire Dragon's shoots. Shindou then passed the ball to Tenma, who used Kazaana Drive and he passed it to Tsurugi, who passed it back to Tenma, refusing Matatagi's interference. The two continued to dribble up the field until Tsurugi got blocked by Jibashiri Kaen. After Shindou blocked the ball the third time, Tenma dribbled up but he got tackled. When the trio discussed about how to dribble up the field successfully, Matatagi asked them to teach him soccer, to which Tenma agreed instantly. Tenma taught Matatagi not to rely too much on running quickly. After Tsurugi threw the ball to Tenma, he passed it to Matatagi, who kicked the ball too far, to Tenma's shock. After he passed the ball back to Tenma, he passed it to Tsurugi. After seeing Sakura and Tetsukado's efforts, he told himself that the team was trying their best now. After Manabe starting to tell the others not to pass the ball to Matatagi, Tenma started wondering why the others did not pass to Matatagi, and when he turned around and saw Manabe, he realized that the team still did not believe Matatagi because of Manabe's accusation.

During half-time break, Tenma wondered what he could do about this, but his though were intruppted when he heard Yuuta and Shun arguing with the guard, and the two siblings rushed to Tenma, and asked him why didn't they pass to Matatagi. After Matatagi told his two brothers to go back to the stadium, Matatagi told Tenma about his family past and why was he framed for theft. Tenma was shocked at these facts. During the second-half, Tenma made a sliding, which allowed Matatagi to get the ball in time. Tenma once again saw the others not coping up or passing to Matatagi, at this point, he shouted to the others and asked them why they couldn't see how hard Matatagi was doing. The others started listening to Tenma, and after seeing Tetsukado receiving Matatagi's pass, the others started dribbling up again. After Matatagi passed the ball to Tenma, he used God Wind and scored a goal against Dai Bakuhatsu Harite. After Shindou passed the ball to Tenma, he used Z Slash, his new hissatsu,and passed it to Tsurugi, who scored Inazuma Japan's final goal with Devil Burst.

In episode 4, Tenma was shown encouraging other members but it seemed like the others do not have any response, and Tenma remembered Manabe saying that all eight members are paid to play, even though Tenma told himself that everything will be fine.

The next day, when Tenma and Shindou both walked to the field for practising, they were both shocked that only Matatagi, Sakura and Tsurugi, in addition of Tenma and Shindou, have come to the practise. After Sakura and Matatagi told the trio about the condition of the contract that after winning the match the others no longer need to come to practise, the trio was shocked. Although Shindou tried to gain answer from Kuroiwa, he instead told Tenma to start the practise, and when he asked him what would be the training menu, he told Tenma to decide for himself. Tenma intended to get the other six members to practise, in which Sakura suggested that they started practise first, and Aoi volunteered to find the other members.

During practise, Sakura did a pose of rhythmic gymnastics, and Tenma remembered that rhythmic gymnastics need using ball as well. In addition of hearing that Sakura liked soccer a bit now, Tenma suggested that she could possibly find inspiration of hissatsu from her moves, which Sakura misunderstood and touched the ball with her hands instead. Tenma then suggested that Sakura could possibly tried goalkeeper, but she said that she was scared of catching Tsurugi's shoots, which Shindou concluded that she can't be a goalkeeper. Tenma therefore encouraged her that her flexibility would be useful in soccer. At Tsurugi's suggestion, Tenma taught Matatagi his zigzag dribble (red-blue-red-blue) as a dribble practise, although he did it in the way of kicking further again. Matatagi practised more and Tenma encouraged him, and Sakura also asked him to teach her the same type of practise. As Shindou concluded that both Matatgi and Sakura's specialties can help out more in the match, Tenma thought about how if the rest of the team came, but Aoi returned and told him that none of the six members were in their rooms.

During evening, Tenma asked the six members to practise, at least just watching. In Aoi's flashbacks, Tenma told Aoi about his thoughts that even though the other six members were under contract, being forced to play soccer is sill hard for them. He told her that he would try to provide them an opportunity to like soccer.

The next day Tenma was shocked that the other six members still didn't come to practise. He asked Shindou to cover Matatagi and Sakura's practise, as he wanted to head out and search for the other members.

As Tenma respectively found Tetsukado, Kusaka, Morimura, Manabe and Minaho, they conjured up some reasons for not practising (such as disacknowledging their influences, have their own solutions to play soccer, etc.), much to Tenma's dismay. As Tenma returned to the centre, he met Aoi, who concluded that Tenma was unsuccessful. Tenma told her it was only for today, and he will continued until the six members come to practise. Aoi gave him a can of soft drink, and he drank it up, telling himself that he would continue until the others gain interests. Kuroiwa and Minori suddenly appeared behind him, saying that they have no time for this.

During evening, Tenma took Matatagi and Sakura to the Inazuma Tower, where they admired the views here. Tenma also told them that Endou was the one who introduced him about this place, although not mentioning his name. When Sakura asked him about how he would make everybody come to practise, he simply told them that they will surely come tomorrow, leaving the two wondering.

The next day, everybody appeared, and Aoi asked Tenma why all of them appeared, Tenma told her that Kuroiwa told him to write an e-mail to everyone who wanted to leave the team, to Aoi, Shindou and Tsurugi's shock.

In episode 5, Tenma explained to Sakura about what is a PK-match, as it was the withdrawal test, and he was shocked about how that the withdrawal test will only be passed when they miss five shoots, instead of shooting a goal. He tried to persuade Shindou that the team can work well together, but was sad when six members, except Matatagi and Ibuki, decided to take the withdrawal test.

In the waiting room, Tenma wondered to himself as how he could get everybody stay in the team. When both Tsurugi and Matatagi held the same point to let them go, he went out with the others to the stadium. In the process, he met the six members again and asked them if they won't regret it. But all six members simply ran to the stadium.

As all members arrived the stadium and realized there were spectators, Tenma rushed to ask Shindou why, and he answered that Kuroiwa was the one who assembled the news reporters and other audience, as he tried to showcase Inazuma Japan's abilities.

During Tetsukado's test, Tenma was shown to try to change his mind, and he also wondered why he must pass the test. He also eye-contacted with Tetsukado as if asking him if that was really what he wanted. After that Tetsukado changed his mind and shooted a goal, much to the other's shock, but Tenma and Aoi were happy about it. As the others all made a goal, Tenma was happier and he thanked Tetsukado for that, in which a shocked Tetsukado retorted, but he remarked that Tenma reminded him of what Tetsu-san, his boxing mentor once told him. After seeing Morimura's shoot miraclously went into the goal, Tenma, Aoi and Tsurugi were all shocked, but he was happy that all eight members truly stay in the team for sure.

In episode 6, Tenma watched the others training and was happy that the others were paying efforts, but was worried about the strain relationship of Shindou and Ibuki, although Sakura told him to not worry about it. After Manabe presented the data of Big Waves, he stated that the team needed to strengthened defence.

Before the match started, Tenma was shown to be practising passing with Matatagi. After the kickoff, he was fighting for the ball with Cole LaRuze. After receiving Matatagi's pass, he passed the ball to Tsurugi, who scored first goal of Inazuma Japan with Bicycle Sword, much to Tenma's surprise. After the second kickoff, he stole the ball with Wonder Trap and passed it to Shindou, who used Kami no Takuto again. When four Big Waves members attempted to use Suck Out on Tenma, he kicked it out but it got stolen by Cole instead. Tenma therefore stated that no matter what offensive measure they took, it is ineffective against Suck Out. As Shindou remarked that it was entirely different with the data, Tenma confirmed that the two styles were indeed different.

After Sakura walked out of the field, Tenma noticed Minaho observing her, and asked him what was wrong. After listening to his theory, Tenma grew worried about this. When Sakura argued with the others, Tenma also noticed something wrong with her.

During second-half, Tenma made a pass to Matatagi, which was interrupted by Sakura, much to the two's shock. When the others were suspecting Sakura, Tenma told Sakura that she looked painful, as soccer is supposed to be happy, in which Sakura retorted, and Tenma noted that it's better if he simply thought too much. After Ibuki successfully stopped Megalodon with Wild Dunk, Tenma was shown to be happy about Ibuki's success, and he said that he entrusted Inazuma Japan's goal to him, in which Ibuki happily replied yes.

In episode 7, he was shown to be a little worried about Sakura. Later on, he asked Shindou to take a look on the team, as Ibuki's hissatsu fired up the others. When Shindou stated that however Kami no Takuto was totally locked up, he replied that Shindou, Tsurugi, him and Matatagi would work together to bring up the ball, and he encouraged the others.

After the match resumed, Shindou made a pass to Tenma, only to be interrupted by Sakura, who tried to use hissatsu to showcase herself. Tenma was shown to be watching her and remembered their earlier conversation, and realized that Sakura was indeed in pain. When Sakura failed several attempts to dribble up and pass the defence, Tenma told her to that she was too anxious and she should calm down. He was also shocked that Sakura crashed into Konoha, and Tsurugi told him that they could only change positions, and Tenma reluctantly agreed.

When Sakura thought of herself disappointing her parents, Tenma asked her if she felt happy when doing rhythm gymnastics, and when she replied yes, Tenma told her to remember the happy feeling, because she didn't look like she really like soccer. While she wondered about Tenma's saying, Shindou told him to return to his position, and Tenma told her to try her best from now on. Afterwards, he made a pass to Matatagi, who suffered from Suck Out again. Later when Matatagi successfully scored a goal with Parkour Attack, he rushed to congratulate him. While Sakura was still thinking, Tenma rushed to tell Sakura that it was also thanked to Sakura's pass. When Sakura was about to object her assistance, Tenma told her that soccer is a sport that requires teamwork, so the goal was scored equally with everybody.

After Sakura was captured by Suck Out as well, she told Shindou to use Kami no Takuto, Tenma also persuaded him to use, although he reclutantly agreed. When Sakura failed, Tenma tackled the player to keep out the ball. When Sakura blamed herself, Tenma told her it was because of failing that succeeding is a happy thing. When Sakura asked to try again, Tenma persuaded again to let her try, and he was happy when Sakura succeeded. He was also shown to be surprised when Manabe scored a goal, and congratulated him and Sakura. Tenma also told Sakura that it would be happier that everybody win together, to which Sakura silently agreed.

In episode 8, Tenma was shown to be looking at the preliminaries table, and thought to himself that they must go on to the world stage. During the practise, Tenma asked the whole team to divide into defence group and offence group to train in a more realistic match. During the match, Tenma complimented about Sakura and Matatagi, and was also happy that team was trying to mend their differences, and commented that this team could work well. When Kusaka did not receive the ball well, Tenma commented that it was well enough. During the break, Aoi told Tenma that the team seemed to be much better, and Tenma also stated that the team could go to the world stage. When Shindou objected, Tenma put out examples like Matatagi's speed, Sakura's passing and Ibuki able to defend the goal. When Shindou pointed out that the abilities of Manabe, Minaho and Morimura remained unknown, and that Kusaka still not yet able to receive the ball, Tenma tried to argue but Shindou stated that the world stage is not as simple as Tenma thought, which discouraged Tenma. Tenma was also shown to be a little shocked when Kuroiwa announced that they could have extracurricular activities after announcing their next opponent, Shamshir.

Just as Kusaka was about to leave, Tenma asked him if he would like to come to practise, but he rejected. Tenma then was shown to be watching a tape about Shamshir, but was interrupted when Aoi came in and told him that Kusaka was arrested for fighting with other delinquents. Aoi recalled that during the exhibition match with Teikoku Gakuen Kusaka has beaten up some Teikoku players as well. Tenma asked Kuroiwa to take him to the police station as well, and he boarded the taxi after Kuroiwa replied that it was up to him.

After Tenma returned to the training centre, he saw that actually all the members have gathered. Tenma asked them why all of them were there, and Manabe and Minaho started to tell the others about Kusaka's background story. Tetsukado also said that Kusaka was likely to leave the team, much to Tenma's dismay. Tenma stated that he must stop this, and Shindou was shocked that Tenma helped Kusaka so much, but Tenma did not respond and just rushed to stop the co-coach.

When Tenma was about to arrive, Kuroiwa came out and told him that Kusaka could stay in the team, which shocked Tenma a little but he was relieved. Before the match started, Tenma told Kusaka to do his best, though he did not reply. When the match started, Tenma was shocked about Shamshir's power, and was even more shocked when Oil Rush quickly went into the goal, but was more determined to win. After Kusaka regretted of hitting Shamshir's players, Tenma asked him if he would really want to quit soccer. Morimura walked to Tenma and told him that Kusaka was fearing that if he could not become strong, the others will leave him, and she could understand.

In episode 9, after listening to Morimura, Tenma asked Kusaka about what did she mean, but he refused to answer. Shindou told Tenma not to let him play in the next half-match, which shocked Tenma. After Shindou explained about the situation, Tenma tried to explain that Kusaka himself should know this already. Tenma got even more worried when seemingly the other members all agreed to Shindou's option, and he promptly stated that he hoped all eleven players to play this match, because he wanted to play this match with everybody. After unable to answer Shindou's demand of whether this enable them to win the match, Tenma stated he understood.

In the next-half, Sakura passed the ball to Kusaka, only to discover the ball was actually meant for Tenma, who passed the ball to Tsurugi. After the ball got interrupted and passed to their part of field, Tenma told the others to back up. After the match resumed, Tenma received a pass from Tsurugi, and used Z Slash to dribble pass Kasim Bador, but got blocked by Said Ashraf. When Kusaka almost lose his tempter again, Tenma told him to calm down, and to endure this. When Tenma got blocked by a Shamshir member, he found out that everybody was blocked and practically no one could help him. Tenma ran out to help, only to be blocked by Bador again.

When Kusaka finally lost his temper, Tenma ran out to block him, convincing him that this is not what he meant by being strong. When a gang of bullies(opposing Kusaka's gang) came, Tenma tried to defend on Kusaka's behalf, but Kusaka rejected his help. When Kusaka tried to fight the gang, Tenma went up and got punched instead. Tenma tried to talk out the problem, but Kusaka turned into his Berserker Mode instead. Tenma told him that he is not truly strong, that a really strong guy is someone who faces what they're scared of (which became the proverb of episode 9). When Kusaka eventually understood what he meant, Tenma offered him his badanna, and he was happy that Kusaka could finally play soccer.

When Kusaka successfully passed through Shamshir's defense, Tenma told him to pass the ball to Matatagi, who used Parkour Attack and scored a goal. After Tsurugi evened the score with Bicycle Sword, Tenma decided to end the match with God Wind, but did not score the goal due to Shamshir's defense and Sultan Karam's Dry Blow. After Kusaka scored the goal with Kyoubou Head, Tenma congratulated him, and became even happier when Kusaka told him that soccer is pretty good.

At night, while everybody was having curry, Kusaka suddenly cried out, and everybody was shown to be nervous at this point. However, Kusaka lied that he loved curry, and Tenma let out a laugh.

In episode 10, Tenma was shown to be training with the other rest of the members on the pitch. He was happy to see that Shindou gave advises to Tetsukado.

In the next morning, the whole team went to the Black Room, a virtual reality training facility. He was asked to reach Kuroiwa in a further spot, which he was unable to do so as the grass was moving, demonstrating its use. They were then transported to an urban street, which Kuroiwa introduced to be ''bringing the ball to the goalpost while avoiding falling steel frames''. Tenma volunteered to be the first one to try, as he stated that he wanted to win, therefore he was willing to pass the trainings, but got scared off a little when three steel frames fell right in front of him, and continued, raising everybody's determination to train, except Manabe, Minaho and Ibuki, who were put in other training sections. He was shown to be training in the section involving mountainous region, and falling to the other side. Toward the end, he was shown to be training in the urban city again, and thought to himself that they could not lose to Mach Tiger, their next opponent.

In episode 11, Tenma oversaw the other eightmembers' running practise and was reminded by Shindou that Konoha was absent from the training. Aoi told Tenma to continue training while she went out to search for her.

The next day, Okatsu found Konoha's letter in her room saying that she no longer has the confidence to stay at the team, and Tenma was shocked that Kusaka said that Konoha would probably leave the team. After Kusaka finished his speech about Konoha, Matatagi, Tenma and Tetsukado all volunteered to search for Konoha, but without any luck. Tenma, Kusaka and Aoi then bumped into a girl who was headig to the zoo, and realized that it was the most possible place for Konoha to go.

After they found Konoha, Tenma suggested Aoi to talk with Konoha, but Aoi told him that Konoha was scared of girls, possibly having some bad memories about them. At this point, Tenma tried to talk with her first, but was unsuccessful as he could not convince her that nobody on the team held the same opinion the bullies (as she had mentioned) told her.

After Konoha accidentally saved the cat with her dashing, Tenma also encouraged Konoha to continue playing soccer, saying that he hoped she would like soccer.

In episode 12, Tenma trained with Kusaka in passing, but he lost concentration because he was thinking of a way to apologize to Konoha, and Tenma agreed that he should apologize to her as soon as possible.

The next day, when the match with Mach Tiger started, he received a pass from Shindou and passed it to Tsurugi, but was blocked by Napa Ladam. Afterwards Shindou started Kami no Takuto FI, and Tenma rushed forward but was shocked by Napa's defense. He then passed the ball to Shindou.

While Tenma was giving orders on defense, Kusaka talked with him about helping Konoha, which Tenma misunderstood as covering for her. Kusaka told him that he had something to tell her, and Tenma agreed, saying that scould not run away from the field. However, when Kusaka instead confessed his feelings to Konoha, everybody was shocked. After Konoha succeeded in using a hissatsu, she passed the ball to Tenma, who told Shindou to use Kami no Takuto FI again, and he passed the ball to Sakura. Later, Tenma passed the ball to Matatagi, who was blocked by Death Scythe Middle again. Tenma, like the others, were also a bit shocked when Konoha told Kusaka that she couldn't be his girlfriend. After the break ended, Tenma encouraged the team to win.

In episode 13, Tenma tried to steal the ball from Bark Sepakro but failed. He passed the ball to Tsurugi, who was blocked by Death Scythe Middle. Later in the match, Tenma received a pass from Sakura but was stolen by Sarit Charat quickly. He was shown to be worried when Tsurugi crashed into Bark Sepakro, but was interrupted when Manabe started arguing with Minaho, and he asked them what they were doing in the middle of the match. He was shocked to know that actually Minaho's dad had passed away a long time ago, and he told Manabe that he really didn't want him to give up, and that he believed the duo could find the solution to victory.

Later, he tried to block a pass but failed due to its changing course. He was surprised that the duo developed hissatsu. Thanks to Manabe and Minaho's strategy, the team successfully connected passes and Tenma received a pass from Tsurugi, and scored the last goal with God Wind.

In episode 14, he has a talk about the eight members with Aoi. He told her that in the beginning he was really worried, but he still told them it will work out. He was a little bit uneasy when both Aoi and Matatagi told him that he is a good captain.

The next day, before the practice match with Resistance Japan, he was shocked to see Hakuryuu and the members, being previous opponents they encountered during Holy Road. When the match started, he was targeted by Hakuryuu, Minamisawa and Namikawa, and in a hurry he passed the ball to Sakura, and he told her don't force herself. He was shocked to see Tetsukado unable to move when Shindou passed the ball to him. After Tsurugi gave a speech to Tetsukado, Tenma told him that he started to understand the meaning of the match. After the match resumed, he received a pass from Shindou and passed the ball to Tsurugi, who scored the only goal with Bicycle Sword. After the match ended, Tenma thanked Hakuryuu and his team for the match, but he was shocked to hear that it was Kuroiwa who ordered them to crush Inazuma Japan. After seeing the eight members all excited to start training, he started to think about the big problem ahead of them.

In episode 15, he, Shindou and Tsurugi are the only members who have trained on the pitch, as all the others went to train in the Black Room instead. He was shocked to hear from Aoi about this, but he told Tsurugi and Aoi that he felt like something was missing, even though he still didn't figure it out. While watching the eight training, Tenma was still thinking as what was wrong. Tenma was also shown to be worried about the strain relationship between Ibuki and Shindou.

Later, Tenma and Kusaka gave some Onigiri to Ibuki as dinner. While the two tried to convince him to get some rest and not to practice solo, Ibuki refused. While the others continued to practice, Tenma commented to himself that indeed, if all the team members trained like this, their individual abilities would increase, but he still wonder if that was really alright. In the evening, Tenma and Aoi met Shun and Yuuta, who just talked to their older brother. They informed Tenma and Aoi that Matatagi told them they didn't need to watch their match anymore, because they probably won't win. Both Tenma and Aoi thought that they heard the wrong thing, as they were still very young and Tenma believed that Matatagi wouldn't say something like impossible to win.

In episode 16, he received a pass from Matatagi and passed it to Sakura. Even though the team made successful attempts at blocking the Storm Wolf players, Tenma still felt like something is wrong. After realizing Mitya Eremin and Sergei Chernov were going to use Rolling Cutter again, he told Matatagi, who was holding the ball, to pass to him, but Matatagi ignored him and was blocked by Rolling Cutter. He was frustrated to see the second goal against the team, but nonetheless encouraged the team to score one goal back. He was happy to hear Shindou saying that he would join the offense and the others remembering the importance of teamworks. After Ibuki blocked Gold Fever, he received a pass from Sakura and used Z Slash to get pass Yuri Averin and passed the ball to Tsurugi, and Tsurugi scored a goal using Bicycle Sword. He also laughed at the "compliment" Ibuki gave to Manabe and Minaho, and encouraged the team for the next half.

In episode 17, Tenma is shocked that the Storm Wolf's players' improved their movements. After seeing that the others were starting to be dispirited, he tried to encourage them, but without avail. Tenma then told the team that he didn't want this to be their last match, which shocked the others as they realized that if this become the last match, they would go their separate ways. They then recalled their memories of the matches they have played so far, and all agreed that they wanted to go further, which made Tenma happy. Tenma was also happy for Sakura after she used her hissatsu, Beautiful Hoop. Afterwards, Tenma told Minaho to steal the ball back and he tried to score a goal using Shin Mach Wind, but failed against Twist Reach.

After the team became desperate again because of the fourth goal, Tenma suggested that they could score two goals together, which Manabe and Minaho agreed that it was possible. After Tetsukado used Footwork Draw, Tenma received a pass from him and scored a goal with God Wind. When Konoha stopped a player with an incomplete Soul aura, he and all the others were shocked. He then used Z Slash to get past Yuri Averin and passed the ball to Matatagi, who scored the final goal with Parkour Attack. While the team was cheering for their victory, they saw yellow lights appearing in the sky that put the audience to sleep and revealed Storm Wolf's players to be aliens impersonating the real players. Tenma then realized the grey object in the sky is a spaceship.

In episode 18, he along with the other members of Inazuma Japan, heard about the truth of moon's disappearance and FFIV2, which was revealed to be the preliminaries of Grand Celesta Galaxy A Block. He was shocked to hear about Inazuma Japan would become Earth Eleven, the representative team of Earth in the intergalactic soccer tournament. After Bitway Ozrock departed with the aliens who have impersonated Storm Wolf's players, the team returned to Odaiba Soccer Garden and heard Kuroiwa's explanation of how he survive his "supposed death", when he was still known as Kageyama Reiji. During Kageyama's explanation of Soul, Tenma also realized that the aura that appeared around Konoha when she tackled a player was Soul. Afterwards, Shindou told Tenma that this time the fight will affect the future of Earth, and this is a fight that they must not lose. Tenma, at this point, told the team that they would go out to the galaxy.After Endou Mamoru appeared, Tenma misunderstood that Endou was the backup member, but Endou instead revealed Ichikawa Zanakurou, whom Tenma commented, looked familiar.

In episode 19, he along with the other team members watched Zanakurou displaying his abilities in soccer, and was impressed. Later he returned to Aki's and met Shinsuke as well, who congratulated Tenma for their victory. However, feeling conflicted, Tenma told Aki and Shinsuke the truth, that they are actually going to space to participate in Grand Celesta Galaxy, a tournament that decides every planets' fate. Shinsuke then decided to join Earth Eleven, to which Tenma agreed, and said that they could go to Kuroiwa to convince him.

The next day, the two went to Kuroiwa to convince him to let Shinsuke join the team, but Kuroiwa refused. Tenma then decided to play soccer with him before they leave, and later Raimon and Earth Eleven also joined, and they played a match. After the match, the team went to board Galaxy Nauts Gou, their train spaceship and left Earth.

In episode 20, he went off to investigate some weird sounds along with his teammates, and was glad to know it was Shinsuke, who followed them on board. He formally introduced Shinsuke to his teammates, who were instantly fond of Shinsuke, except Matatagi. When they arrived at Sandorius, he, Shinsuke and Aoi explored the streets together, but found some of their teammates getting lost with them. They then met some hostile Sandoriusians that provoked Tetsukado to start a soccer-battle. During the match, Tenma, Tetsukado and Kusaka were injured by the Sandoriusians' rough play. Even though, Shinsuke tried to help, Tenma told him to go back to guard the goalpost. The Sandoriusians then revealed their true intentions: to injure all of them so that Earth Eleven can't play against Sandorius Eleven. However, before the Sandoriusians could attack Matatagi and Shinsuke, Kazerma Woorg, the captain of Sandorius Eleven came and stopped the match. He greeted Tenma and the others, saying that even though losing means their planet will get destroyed, he will play fair in the match.


Inazuma Eleven GO the Movie: The Ultimate Bonds Gryphon

Tenma appeared in the GO movie along with the rest of the Raimon's team members. They were surprised to see they were on God Eden, an island where the Fifth Sector trains SEEDs. After he was awake, a man called Kibayama Douzan appeared and introduced himself and his team, Unlimited Shining to Raimon. The two teams fought in a field near to the place where they woke up and Raimon was badly beaten and lost 12-0.

In the forest of the island, he met Shuu and had a match with his team, Ancient Dark. During it, one of Ancient Dark's players made a shoot which will hit a lamb, but Tenma saved it using Soyokaze Step.

During the match against Zero, Tenma tried to pass the adverse members using Shindou's tactic, Kami no Takuto, but failed due to Hakuryuu. He used his keshin, Majin Pegasus, to block Hakuryuu's keshin, Seijuu Shining Dragon, but failed again. He used it again to stop Hakuryuu's with Shindou's and Tsurugi's but failed another time because of White Breath.

Later, his keshin evolved into Majin Pegasus Arc and Tenma was able to beat Hakuryuu's keshin. He then passed to Shindou, who used Harmonics to Tsurugi, who then used Death Drop to create the chain shoot, and then Tenma completed it using a keshin shoot. It scored the third goal to Raimon, breaking Hebino's Serpent Fang.

Later, Shinsuke used Buttobi Jump, which Tenma used with Justice Wing to create a chain shoot and scored the fourth goal. During the fight of the keshin fushion of Raimon's Matei Gryphon was able to win against Sei Kishi Arthur because of Tenma beat Ankoku Shin Dark Exodus. At the end of the match, Tsurugi and Shindou used Joker Rains along with Tenma's Mach Wind to create Evolution but it was stopped by Shuu and Hakuryuu. At the end of the movie, he was seen shaking hands with Shuu, and they promised each other that they will play soccer again with each other.

Crossover movie

Tenma appeared along with his team, Shinsei Inazuma Japan, to play against Inazuma Legend Japan. Later he used Keshin Armed with Majin Pegasus Arc to try and stop Asta but failed to do so. He late use Fire Tornado DD with Tsurugi Kyousuke to help destroy the scoreboard to get rid of the LBXs. Later he and some other team members met Oozora Hiro and Yamano Ban and quickly became friends with them. They then later rescued Fran from a couple of LBXs.

Later they played against Asta's team, Destructchers. He used Kazaana Drive to get past some adverse members then used Fire Tornado TC with Tsurugi and Kinako to score the second goal for Shinsei Inazuma Japan. He later used Keshin Armed with Majin Pegasus Arc but got the appearance of the Keshin Armed Majin Pegasus Arc R. He battled with Asta and after a long battle he got back the ball. He used God Wind and broke through Asta's Asterisk Rock to score the final goal for Shinsei Inazuma Japan. He later, along with some members and LBXs users used God Hand W to stop Fran's Chaos Meteor.

Inazuma Eleven Chou Jigen Dream Match

Tenma was first seen arriving at the stadium early with Endou. They both ended up falling asleep there. Afterwards, Tenma is seen with the rest of Inazuma Best Eleven. During the match, Tenma uses Soyokaze Step against Fudou after receiving the ball from Shindou's Kami no Takuto FI. Later in the match, during the second half, Tenma uses Arashi Tatsumaki Hurricane to score the second goal for Inazuma Best Eleven. Tenma later uses Soyokaze Step once more against Bitway Ozrock. Tenma is seen talking to Endou and the rest of Inazuma Best Eleven after the match. He is last seen practicing by himself.

Game appearance

Character sprite and avatar

Front sprite Back sprite Avatar
Casual (Kid - Inazuma Eleven 3) Young Tenma sprite.png Tenma Back.png Tenma sprite0.png
Casual (Kid - Inazuma Eleven GO 2) Cs tenma young sprite.png
Raimon's uniform Tenma Soccer Uniform Front Sprite GO Game.png Tenma Soccer Uniform Back Sprite GO Game.png

Tenma's Raimon (GO) Sprite.pngTenmagk.png

Tenmas' uniform Tenma game.png
Inazuma Japan/Earth Eleven's uniform Tenma's 2D Sprite (taisen route only) Tenma Shinsei Inazuma Japan Galaxy Sprite.png
Mixi Max form; King Arthur Matsukaze Tenma -Mixi Max.png
Mixi Max form; Shuu Tenshuu.png
Raimon jacket Tenma Raimon Jacket Front Sprite GO Game.png Tenma Back View Raimon Jacket GO Game.png Matsukaze casual.png
School uniform Tenma School Uniform Front Sprite GO Game.png Tenma School Uniform Back Sprite GO Game.png Tenma School Uniform Avatar GO Game.png
Time Travel clothes Tenma sprite CS Clothing1 from official site.pngTenma Arthurs Era Armor Sprite.pngTenma Cave Man Talk Sprite CS.png

Wii avatar

Choice screen Tenma Small Icon Wii.png
Soccer uniform Tenma 1st Half Raimon Wii Sprite.pngTenma 2nd Half Raimon Wii Sprite.pngTenma Tenmas Wii Sprite.png
Mixi Maxed Tenma Mixi Max Shuu Raimon Wii Sprite.png

SD avatar

Shinsei Raimon SD Avatar Matsukaze Tenma (Shinsei Raimon).png
Drink SD Avatar Matsukaze Tenma (Drink).png
Short-term Study Abroad SD Avatar Matsukaze Tenma (Tanki Ryuugaku).png

Character view

Front overview Back overview Front close view Back close view
Raimon jacket Tenma casual front full.png Tenma casual back full.png Tenma casual front.png Tenma casual back.png
Raimon uniform (R GO) Tenma 3D (1).png (R GO) Tenma 3D (2).png (R GO) Tenma 3D (3).png (R GO) Tenma 3D (4).png
Keshin Armed (Majin Pegasus Arc) (Arm. Pegasus Arc) Tenma 3D (1).png (Arm. Pegasus Arc) Tenma 3D (2).png (Arm. Pegasus Arc) Tenma 3D (3).png (Arm. Pegasus Arc) Tenma 3D (4).png
Tenmas uniform (T) Tenma 3D (1).png (T) Tenma 3D (2).png (T) Tenma 3D (3).png (T) Tenma 3D (4).png
Raimon uniform (Miximax form; Shuu) (R GO) Tenma 3D (5).png (R GO) Tenma 3D (6).png (R GO) Tenma 3D (7).png (R GO) Tenma 3D (8).png
Raimon uniform (Miximax form; King Arthur) (R GO) Tenma 3D (9).png (R GO) Tenma 3D (10).png (R GO) Tenma 3D (11).png (R GO) Tenma 3D (12).png
Shinsei Inazuma Japan uniform (SIJ) Tenma 3D (1).png (SIJ) Tenma 3D (2).png (SIJ) Tenma 3D (3).png (SIJ) Tenma 3D (4).png
Keshin Armed (Majin Pegasus Arc R) (Arm. Pegasus Arc R) Tenma 3D (1).png (Arm. Pegasus Arc R) Tenma 3D (2).png (Arm. Pegasus Arc R) Tenma 3D (3).png (Arm. Pegasus Arc R) Tenma 3D (4).png
Inazuma Japan
Earth Eleven
(EE) Tenma 3D (1).png (EE) Tenma 3D (2).png (EE) Tenma 3D (3).png (EE) Tenma 3D (4).png
Soccer uniform (Child form) (Child) Tenma 3D (1).png (Child) Tenma 3D (2).png (Child) Tenma 3D (3).png (Child) Tenma 3D (4).png

SD character view

Front overview
Drink SD 3D 50707.png


Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy

Mixi Max - Shuu

Tenma Mixi Maxed with Shuu can be randomly dropped by a special Gacha Machine in Sandorius that is liberated after Ixal Fleet is defeated in the story mode. Additionally, the following requirements are needed:

  • Item: Fusion of Light and Darkness (光と闇の融合, randomly dropped from Ancient Dark at Haruna's taisen route)
  • Item: Exceptionally Rare Hourglass (世にも珍しい砂時計, randomly dropped from Team Champ (チームチャンプ) in Lost Galaxy)
  • Topic: Clean Beach (きれいなビーチの話題, obtained at Inazuma Town's Shopping Area back alley)
  • Record: Revolution Route Rank-S (革命ルートのSランカー, S rank in all matches on Otonashi Haruna's taisen route)

After this, he can be scouted.

Mixi Max - Arthur
Child form


All stats are at level 99 and untrained.

Inazuma Eleven GO
  • GP: 181
  • TP: 161
  • Kick: 91
  • Dribbling: 167
  • Technique: 98
  • Block: 115
  • Speed: 108
  • Stamina: 89
  • Catch: 69
  • Lucky: 103
  • Freedom: 95
Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone
Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy

All stats are fully upgraded.

Inazuma Eleven Strikers
  • TP: 150
  • Kick: B
  • Guard: B
  • Body: A
  • Speed: B
  • Control: A
  • Catch: C
Inazuma Eleven Strikers 2012 Xtreme
Inazuma Eleven GO Strikers 2013

Inazuma Eleven SD

All stats are at S-rank, level 50, limit break 10, fully upgraded, all skills learned and all kizuna unlocked.

Shinsei Raimon

  • GP: 217
  • TP: 100
  • Kick: 46
  • Dribble: 56
  • Block: 36
  • Catch: 24


  • GP: 212
  • TP: 109
  • Kick: 45
  • Dribble: 58
  • Block: 33
  • Catch: 24

Short-term Study Abroad

  • GP: 229
  • TP: 104
  • Kick: 52
  • Dribble: 57
  • Block: 35
  • Catch: 24


Manga only
Inazuma Eleven GO
Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone
Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy
Inazuma Eleven Strikers
Inazuma Eleven Strikers 2012 Xtreme
Inazuma Eleven GO Strikers 2013
Inazuma Eleven AC: All Stars
Inazuma Eleven SD


Inazuma Eleven GO
Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone
Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy
Inazuma Eleven Strikers 2012 Xtreme
Inazuma Eleven GO Strikers 2013

Keshin Fusion

Inazuma Eleven GO

Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone

Inazuma Eleven GO Strikers 2013

Keshin Armed

Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone

Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy

Normal form

Mixi Max form - Shuu

Mixi Max form - King Arthur

Inazuma Eleven GO Strikers 2013

Mixi Max

Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone

Best Mixi Max match

Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy

Best Mixi Max match

Inazuma Eleven GO Strikers 2013


Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy

Game exclusive teams

Inazuma Eleven GO

Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone

Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy


Tenma's appearance in the Danball Senki WARS game.