Midorigaoka ((みどり)()(おか)) is a team in Inazuma Eleven Ares no Tenbin.


They were supposed to play against Seishou Gakuen for their sixth and last match of the preliminaries of the Block A of Kanto for both teams. They forfeited before the beginning of the match because all of Midorigaoka members had caught the flu before the match.


Midorigaoka's field uniform is made of different shades of green. A darker one at the center, a slightly lighter one at the sleeves, and a bright green is used for the lines between center and sleeves area, and also for the logo of their school. Their sponsor, Nanahoshi, is written in white. The short is plain orange and the socks has the same tone of green as the sleeves of the uniform with a bright-green hoop at the top. The goalkeeper uniform is grey with light-grey sleeves, a yellow collar with a spike pattern at the bottom and the sponsor and the school's logo in dark-grey. The short is plain yellow.


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