Mikage Sennou Emblem

Mikage Sennou (御影専農(みかげせんのう)) is a team introduced in the first Inazuma Eleven game/season.


They were controlled by their coach and he told them what to do, under the orders of Kageyama. Since their goalkeeper Sugimori Takeshi joined they haven't lost a single point, and thus haven't lost any game, up until they faced Raimon. They analyzed their opponents with statistics to use it against them. It was mentioned that this team is at the same level as Teikoku Gakuen.


Their uniform is a light gray t-shirt with gray streaks, gray sleeves and gray team mark, fitted along with gray shorts. Socks are gray with lighter streaks, and cleats are dark purple. The goalkeeper uniform is gray, long-sleeved with brown streaks, brown sleeves, white team mark and gray shirt under it fitted along with brown shorts, white gloves, gray socks with lighter streaks and dark purple cleats. Captain's band is blue with white streak.


  1. Sugimori Takeshi (GK/captain)
    Mikage Sennou

    Mikage Sennou formation in the game

    Mikage Sennou Anime-Formation

    Mikage Sennou's formation in the anime.

  2. Hiroyama Yuu (DF)
  3. Hanaoka Tsuyoshi (DF)
  4. Murobushi Kyou (DF)
  5. Inada Nori (DF)
  6. Terakawa Iwao (MF)
  7. Fujimaru Kei (MF)
  8. Sangou Baku (MF)
  9. Yamagishi Seri (FW)
  10. Oobe Shin (MF)
  11. Shimozuru Arata (FW)
  12. Mashimo Toboshi (GK)
  13. Tsuzuki Shizuka (MF)
  14. Hirao Jin (MF)
  15. Nagatomo Sou (FW)
  16. Mizubuchi Nashi (DF)
  17. Yamino Kageto (FW/dub only)
    Mikage Sennou pitch


  • In the first game, they can be called a special team, because they don't need any TP to use a hissatsu.
    • Also in the game, most of the members are called by their given names instead of surnames.
  • In the manga, it is said that the members never smiled.
  • In the game some of players have wires on their heads and some don't, while in the anime all of them have wires at the beginning, but remove them after realizing that soccer is fun.


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