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Mikage Sennou (御影専農(みかげせんのう)) is a team that appeared in Inazuma Eleven Ares no Tenbin.


They participate once again in the Football Frontier preliminaries, in Kanto Block A. If they stopped to brainwash their players, Mikage Sennou still uses their own datas combinated to the new technologies developed like the Eleven Band, to create strategies and tactics. The new coach uses a lot of the function to communicate with his players on the pitch also.


  1. Oma Nao (GK)
  2. Hiroyama Yuu (DF)
  3. Hanaoka Tsuyoshi (DF)
  4. Murobushi Kyou (DF)
  5. Inada Nori (DF)
  6. Segawa Den (MF)
  7. Fujimaru Kei (MF)
  8. Enami Michiru (MF)
  9. Yamagishi Seri (FW)
  10. Oobe Shin (MF)
  11. Shimozuru Arata (FW/captain)


Inakuni Raimon VS. Mikage Sennou

In the start of the match, Oma Nao managed to stop Fire Tornado with his Shoot Pocket, leaving the back of Raimon open. However, Hiyori Masakatsu managed to cut a pass with his new hissatsu, Shooting Cut. Shortly after, Asuto scored Inakuni Raimon's first goal with a normal shot. After Umihara Norika showed off her new hissatsu, Uzumaki The Hand, to stop Shimozuru Arata's Patriot Shoot, Raimon launched a new attack. In this attack, Inamori Asuto used his new hissatsu, Inabikari Dash, to get past one of Mikage Sennou's members. Kozoumaru then proceeded to score the 2-0 for Inakuni Raimon. Immediately after this goal, it was half-time. In the second half, due to the instructions from Zhao Jinyun, Goujin managed to score the 3-0. Inakuni Raimon never got in trouble in the second half and won in the end with 4-0.

Mikage Sennou is sponsored by Vegemech (ベジメック, Bejimekku, dub: Vegemech Biotech).



  • Mikage Sennou is the only team who changed its dub name between Inazuma Eleven 1 and Inazuma Eleven Ares no Tenbin (from Brainwashing Junior High to Anima Sana).
    • Its dub name is Latin for "healthy soul" or "healthy heart".


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