Mo'habbot Zark (ムハバート・ザーク, Muhabāto Zāku) is a midfielder of Eternal Dancers.


Muhabbat is a tall, muscular guy with fair skin. He has bright yellow eyes with green-gray markings around them. His hair goes past his waist, is coloured purple and very curly. He also wears a headband patterned with light green and dark green triangles.


Right after the beginning of the match Onakhon Ims quickly stole the ball from Japan and passed it to the trio Mo'habbot Zark, Farhad Gilik and Sarybek Nahar. They kept passing the ball between them, approaching to the Japan's goal. After they passed without any interruptions to Dost Gales, he scored the first goal for Uzbekistan. The trio were looking at Inazuma Japan and seemed to be amused for what happened. In the second half of the match, Mo’habbot and his teammates, were trying to use their tactic Eternal Run but they weren't able to finish it due to the damages they got earlier from Grid Omega version 2.0.



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