Murata Keisuke (村田(むらた) 圭介(けいすけ)), also known as Kayson (ケイソン, Keison), is a defender for Epsilon.


Inazuma Eleven 2: Kyoui no Shinryakusha

  • "This obtuse character chooses not to believe a word anyone tells him."


He has short green hair with a bang covering his right eye. He has pointy ears, a pale complexion, wears a black beret and his jaw looks somewhat sewed onto his face. He has a black sclera (probably due to the meteorite's effect) and a reddish-orange iris.


Season 2

During matches, he was mostly seen defending together with Tanba Taiji, trying to stop Fubuki Atsuya although every time they failed. In the first match, he and Tanba tried to slide on Kazemaru Ichirouta but they failed. In the second match he and Tanba wanted to stop Atsuya but Saginuma commanded them to let him go because he would be 'the main dish. Tanba also covered Urabe Rika so Murata could get the ball but Atsuya got the ball instead. When Epsilon became Epsilon Kai, they had a third match against Raimon. In the match, Tanba and Murata tried to stop Atsuya, but he got easily past them. When Urabe tried to get the ball that Domon Asuka stole from Segata Ryuuichirou with Killer Slide, Tanba covered her so Murata could get it. He and Tanba also charged through Megane Kakeru and Urabe when they tried to get the ball. When Gouenji Shuuya returned, he scored with Fire Tornado against Segata's Wormhole. After that, Murata and Tanba tried to cover him and when Kidou Yuuto passed to Gouenji, Tanba and Murata thought that the ball was aimed at them but it was a trick ball so Gouenji could get it and shoot. Eventually his team lost, and he and the team were banned by Gazel.

Season 3

Murata Sun Garten

Murata in Ohisama En.

He appears in Hiroto's flashback. Keisuke is shown happily playing soccer with the others from Epsilon, Gemini Storm, Diamond Dust, Prominence and The Genesis.


Character sprite and avatar

Front sprite Avatar
Soccer uniform Epsilon player 4-2 Epsilon player 4EpsilonKai Sprite 4

Character view

Front overview Back overview Front close view Back close view
Epsilon uniform (E) Kayson 3D (1)

(E) Kayson 3D (5)

(E) Kayson 3D (2)

(E) Kayson 3D (6)

(E) Kayson 3D (3)

(E) Kayson 3D (7)

(E) Kayson 3D (4)

(E) Kayson 3D (8)


All stats are at level 99 and untrained.

Inazuma Eleven 2

Epsilon form

  • GP: 162
  • TP: 84
  • Kick: 67
  • Body: 65
  • Control: 68
  • Guard: 60
  • Speed: 68
  • Stamina: 70
  • Guts: 64
  • Freedom: 15

Epsilon Kai form

  • GP: 154
  • TP: 85
  • Kick: 63
  • Body: 61
  • Control: 64
  • Guard: 65
  • Speed: 68
  • Stamina: 67
  • Guts: 68
  • Freedom: 11
Inazuma Eleven 3


Inazuma Eleven 2: Kyoui no Shinryakusha

Aliea form

Epsilon Kai form

Inazuma Eleven 3: Sekai e no Chousen!!

Aliea form

Epsilon Kai form

Game exclusive teams

Inazuma Eleven 2: Kyoui no Shinryakusha


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