Natasha (ナターシャ, Natāsha) is a minor character appeared in Inazuma Eleven Ares no Tenbin.


Natasha is a slender, beguiling young woman with tanned skin complexion and brown, smooth hair reaching her shoulders. She is characterized by her peculiar, exotic appearance and heavy use of make-up - particularly pink blusher on her cheeks, thick black eyelashes and purple lipstick.

She wears a pink, sheath dress decorated with two, white hibiscus and several golden bracelets adorning her arms, giving her a typical "Hawaiian appearance", as pointed up by Kameda Yukinori.

As an Interpol agent, she wears a bordeaux jacket above a purple blouse and matching bordeaux pants.


Inazuma Eleven Ares no Tenbin

Natasha made her debut in episode 21, making herself unintentionally protagonist of an awkward, coincidence of events: she, in fact, interrupted Zhao Jinyun's goodbye speech to the members of Inakuni Raimon, in a tense mood due the upcoming match against Tonegawa Tousen, uncovering the true reasons behind the coach unexpected leaving: a trip to Hawaii, presented previously by him as a "family emergency".

Despite the awkwardness of the moments, Zhao immediately ran to her with Li Kobun following him, while Natasha greeted him with the title of "president" and asking him to hurry. This situation caused great disappointment among Inakuni Raimon members, criticizing his irresponsible choice of prioritizing his vacations over preparing the team for the upcoming challenge.

Inazuma Eleven Orion no Kokuin

Natasha reappeared again in episode 4 in a video clip, recorded during Zhao's vacation in Hawaii, showed erroneously to Inazuma Japan members during their meeting for the upcoming match against Australia's national team. This awkward coincidence showed how Zhao's real vacation was not properly in Hawaii - but more in an Hawaiian-themed resort.

In the episode 21 Natasha along with Zhao Jinyun and Li Hao went on a cruise, before Inazuma Japan left to Russia for the FFI tournament.

In episode 47 she, along with Pampietta Scoglio and Pampietta Melania, was revealed to be an Interpol agent. She helped Shinjou Takuma and Fubuki Shirou to escape from Orion Foundation agents who were trying to catch them after the two stole secret informations from the company's database.


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