Navy Invader Emblem

Navy Invader (ネイビー・インベーダー, Neibī Inbēdā) is the representative team for America in the Football Frontier International in Inazuma Eleven Orion no Kokuin.


Initially, all members were from New York City. They were poor children who used to play street soccer. One day, Bahat Descom came, offering them money and becoming Disciples of Orion. But instead of playing football at first, they followed an intensive army training. They became very loyal to their coach since they had to obey him, but they were unable to play without following his orders. Navy Invader has a very rough play style. Their hissatsu and tactics are able to injure the opponents and their gameplan is based on the willing to inflict serious losses on the other teams. They also never communicate verbally but with handsigns. All members have the Mark of Orion on the back of their necks.


They wear a gray T-shirt with light sky-blue sleeves. On the left side, there is a white symbol. The collar and sleeve borders are also white. The sides of the sleeves also have a black stripe. The shorts and cleats are black and the socks are gray. The goalkeepers' uniform consists of a black shirt with purple sleeves  that feature a sky-blue and black stripe on the sides. Their gloves are black and blue, their shorts and socks are purple and their shoes are black. The captain's band is green.


  1. Bigman (GK)
  2. Gentleman (DF)
  3. Diver (DF)
  4. Smokey (DF)
  5. Judge (DF)
  6. Hunter (DF)
  7. Yoga (MF/captain)
  8. Cobra (DF)
  9. Shakey (MF)
  10. Convoy (FW)
  11. Lion (FW)
  12. Horn (GK)
  13. Magician (MF)
  14. Jack (FW)

Temporary members

  1. Domon Asuka (DF)
  2. Ichinose Kazuya (MF)
  3. Mark Kruger (MF)

Hissatsu tactics



  • Navy Invader is the first team in the series to have every member be a Disciple of Orion.
  • They are the first team that challenged the actual national team and succeeded in winning, resulting in them taking their place in the running tournament.
  • Their Eleven License's design is the same as Star Unicorn, but with a darker background (dark grey instead of a light one).
    • When Domon, Ichinose and Mark enters the pitch in episode 32, they still have their Star Unicorn Licence despite being members of Navy Invader.
  • They are the first major team from the season without any Eleven License commercialized.


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