Nosaka Yuuma

Nosaka Yuuma (野坂(のさか) 悠馬(ゆうま)) is one of the three protagonists in Inazuma Eleven Ares no Tenbin, along with Haizaki Ryouhei and Inamori Asuto. In most of the season, he acts like an antagonist but later that it reveals his role is an actual anti-hero. He's a forward and captain for Outei Tsukinomiya. He's also a midfielder and the secondary captain for Inazuma Japan in Inazuma Eleven Orion no Kokuin.


Nosaka has pale skin tone and is quite tall in height. He also has a messy, spiky, reddish-pink hair that is swept to the left, dreary lightless-gray eyes and a burn scar that looks like a crown on his back. His casual clothes consists of a black short-sleeved t-shirt, dark-blue pants and white shoes. He's also seen wearing a pendant around his neck and a black bracelet on his right wrist.


Nosaka is shown to be a cool and calm character, but also sarcastic, dares to play ruthlessly and use any means to achieve his goal. At first, he's calculated and depended on the Ares system to think of his strategy, prefer quick and effective result than the fun and enjoyment of playing soccer. However, as the series goes on, it's revealed that his goal is to help children who are in the same situation as him. He was abandoned by his parents, which results in his existence dilemma. He sees his existence as meaningless and tries to give himself a reason to live by following the Ares system. Deep inside, Nosaka really longs for affection, but he doesn't want to admit that himself, so he acts as if he weren’t interested in interacting with other people. However, meeting Inamori Asuto and Haizaki Ryouhei has changed him, made him realize the joy that soccer can give people and that it's not only the tool for him to achieve results. In the end of the Ares season, he's seen to be more playful and friendlier to his friends.



When Mikado Anna went to see Nosaka after the match between Outei Tsukinomiya and Seishou Gakuen, Nosaka told her a bit about his past, that his mother had a breakdown and his father was always busy with work. They decided to leave him at a childcare institution, saying to Nosaka that he would have a better life there, but he knew that his parents just wanted him out of their lives. Some years after he was abandoned by his parents, an apartment went up in flames and despite the huge flames, Nosaka still went in to save a little girl. He wasn't able to go back down due to the flames, so he decided to jump down from the balcony which caused him some injuries and he also burned some parts of his back, but managed to save the girl when he jumped. He was brought to the Municipal General Hospital to get treated and he revealed to Nishikage Seiya that he lived in an institution after his parents left him.

Inazuma Eleven Ares no Tenbin

Nosaka was watching the match between Inakuni Raimon and Seishou Gakuen, alongside Nishikage. After Kozoumaru Sasuke scored Raimon's first and only goal with his Fire Tornado, he said that their eyes made it look like they were having fun while playing soccer. Nishikage then replied that it was impossible, to which he agreed. After Inakuni Raimon lost by 1-10, Nishikage said that the result was as expected and Nosaka agreed with him, but asked him if he could investigate Inakuni Raimon a little for him. At the start of the match between Inakuni Raimon and Minodouzan, he was seen in the stands with Nishikage and they met Haizaki Ryouhei there. After a small conversation about their interests in Inakuni Raimon, they went to their own way. He was later seen watching the match between Seishou Gakuen and Kidokawa Seishuu, commenting over the match about the actions of Haizaki and Kidou Yuuto. After the match, he visited Miyano Akane and presented her flowers, which she accepted. He then talked to her about the match he watched that day and said that it was worthwhile since there were things that caught his interest. Sometime after the match between Inakuni Raimon and Mikage Sennou, Nosaka and Nishikage stopped at an ice cream shop and Nosaka bought ice creams for both of them, giving Nishikage the larger ice cream. While eating their ice creams, they were talking about Teikoku Gakuen's data that Nishikage obtained. The duo later watched the match between Inakuni Raimon and Teikoku Gakuen, Nosaka said that it was going to be an interesting one since both coaches were hiding their unknown abilities.

The duo later went to watch the Seishou Gakuen match and while looking for seats, they met Haizaki and Inamori Asuto. Nosaka said that Takemi Kousuke was at his limits, but there was no reason to be worried about him since he could easily be replaced. Haizaki overheard the conversation and became angry at Nosaka, also giving him the blame to what happened to his childhood friend Akane. Before they parted ways, Nosaka stated that it was impossible for Haizaki to beat him at the level he was. Because the opponents of Seishou Gakuen and Inakuni Raimon withdrew from their matches, both teams ended up facing each other again and the duo went to watch that match as well. Inakuni Raimon ended up winning the match and Nosaka was looking forward to see both teams at the nationals. Nishikage got a message about Takemi causing trouble and he told Nosaka that he was going to head back first, to which Nosaka responded to take care of it. When Nosaka tried to stand up, he fell down and Anna ran towards him as she saw him falling down, asking if she needed to call an ambulance. He replied that he was fine, stating that he just felt a bit dizzy and he asked her name before he left. He went to the Municipal General Hospital and visited Akane again after Haizaki left, saying to her that everything went according to plan and that she had to play along a bit longer.

Three days before the opening ceremony, Nosaka was showering, revealing a burn mark he has received some years ago and was thinking about the match between Inakuni Raimon and Seishou Gakuen. When he went outside, Nishikage came to him and said that Takemi had escaped. They managed to capture Takemi and Nosaka wondered what he was doing. He gave Takemi another chance by devoting his life to the team, but Takemi refused since he didn't want to be a part of the Ares no Tenbin program anymore, stating that he wanted to see some girl he loves. Thinking back at the encounter that Nosaka had with Anna, he let Takemi go, stating that he was useless to the team and letting him stay wouldn't change a thing. A day later, Nosaka went to Raimon and watched Inakuni Raimon train while having some thoughts. Anna saw him and he thanked her once again when she helped him back then. Goujin Tetsunosuke became angry at him for spying on their training, but Michinari Tatsumi stopped Goujin before he could do anything wrong. Nosaka stated that they didn't understand his soccer and said that the soccer they were playing was just an eyesore when Asuto started to talk to him before leaving.

Outei Tsukinomiya was present at the opening ceremony of the Football Frontier national block and Nosaka had an interview where he stated that they didn't do anything special to win and that they'll show how wonderful the Ares no Tenbin program is. Their match was against Seishou Gakuen and their coach stated that they were going to monitor every movement of them and anyone doubting the Ares no Tenbin program or disobeying orders would be punished. The match started and Nosaka quickly stole the ball and scored the first goal after the kick-off. When Haizaki became mad at Outei Tsukinomiya playing dirty, Nosaka stated that it was just logical strategy by aiming the ball for the legs to prevent them from running. After Outei Tsukinomiya scored their third goal, Nosaka stated to Haizaki that he won't be able to beat them and that he'll be changing the world with his own hands. Haizaki was able to steal the ball from Nosaka and Kidou revealed that he figured out their attack pattern, saying that Nosaka should show his abilities too. Nosaka then responded that he was not playing around, not having any seconds to waste and a flashback happened where a doctor revealed that Nosaka only had three months left to live to which he responded that it was enough to achieve his goal. During half time, the coach wasn't satisfied with the three goals they scored, saying that they should be able to score more. Nosaka then asked if Seishou Gakuen was just a normal team, but the coach didn't respond and the team returned back to the field with Nosaka stating to Nishikage that his coach was the normal one here. Nosaka decided to use their forbidden tactic, Grid Omega, which caused Seishou Gakuen's coach, Kudou Michiya, to forfeit the match for the safety of his players, causing Outei Tsukinomiya to be victorious with 3-0.

After the match, Anna went to Nosaka asking if that was his soccer and he left with Nishikage after saying to Anna that it was his real soccer. He later encountered Haizaki who was angry at him for what he had done and Nosaka stated that the world needed to be changed for what happened to the children who grew up in loneliness, remembering what had happened to himself. The next day, Anna went to see Nosaka, still wondering about how he played that match and said that she could see that he loved soccer like the players from Inakuni Raimon. It made Nosaka laugh since he couldn't see himself that way and told Anna something about his past and the Ares no Tenbin program. The childcare institution he was left at used the Ares no Tenbin program to raise those children to make them high-level people with advanced abilities, having an easy life with nothing to care about. He then revealed to Anna and Asuto as well who was overhearing their conversation, that his time was running out since he had been diagnosed with a brain tumor, but that he'll accomplish his goals before his time was up.

After the match between Outei Tsukinomiya and Seishou Gakuen, Nosaka and Nishikage went to watch the match between Inakuni Raimon and Hakuren. Nosaka bought some food and shared some with Nishikage. He also wondered if Inakuni Raimon was able to figure out the strategy Hakuren was using for their coordinated teamwork. Inakuni Raimon won the match and faced Eisei Gakuen next, the duo watched that match as well. Kira Hiroto didn't show up at the start of the match and Nosaka stated that the team still shouldn't have any problem since Hiroto didn't get along with his team. After Kiyama Tatsuya injured his ankle, Nosaka wondered why he kept going despite his injury and the possibility to make his injury worse. He also wondered why both teams were getting so heated up when the end of the match was near and he was surprised that the rest of his team showed up. Sometime before the match between Inakuni Raimon and Tonegawa Tousen, Anna asked Nishikage about Nosaka's illness after seeing him leaving a store, but Nishikage stated that he had nothing to tell her since he didn't know anything about that. Nosaka visited the doctor once again and the doctor told him to not play soccer anymore due to his illness, but Nosaka refused saying that his next match will be the last one. After returning from the hospital, he ate some of his medicine while Nishikage was watching him from afar. Nishikage later confronted Nosaka about his illness, but he responded that he shouldn't be concerned about it since he'll play until the end. Nosaka went to speak with Midouin Munetada and said if Outei Tsukinomiya wins the next match, they should be allowed to leave the Ares program, reflecting back to when his team went to see him during the match between Inakuni Raimon and Hakuren. In the end, Midouin agreed with his suggestion and he stated that Outei Tsukinomiya better win their match. Nosaka made a surprise visit to Raimon, surprising the Inakuni Raimon members and he gave them the data of Outei Tsukimoya's players to make it fair for their final match. Before he left, Asuto stated that Inakuni Raimon will defeat Outei Tsukinomiya to which Nosaka responded that he was looking forward to. Anna went to him to ask if he was going to play in the match and he said that he's the captain and asked Anna to watch his final plays.

The day of the match arrived and Nosaka gave a speech to his teammates to win the match for their freedom. Before leaving the dressing room, his illness hurt him and caused him to scream. Nishikage waited for him and he said that he'll stay with Nosaka till the end to which Nosaka responded that he was counting on him a bit longer. The match then started with Nosaka's kick-off. Nosaka wanted to use Grid Omega, but Haizaki prevented it by stealing the ball. Nosaka quickly stole the ball back and used Grid Omega once again. With the whole opponent team being affected by Grid Omega, Nosaka scored the first goal for Outei Tsukinomiya, but he was surprised how quickly Inakuni Raimon got up. Outei Tsukinomiya revealed their new tactic, Rogue Press and Nosaka was able to bring the ball near Inakuni Raimon's goal net before it was stolen by Asuto. Haizaki got the ball and clashed several times with Haizaki before getting a headache from his illness. He was brought off the field and continued to suffer from his headache with Anna at his side. He later returned to the field and warned Nishikage about the feint shoot, but Nishikage failed to react on time, causing Inakuni Raimon to tie the score 1-1. Nosaka later approached Inakuni Raimon's net and used King's Lance, breaking through Iwato Takashi's The Wall and Umihara Norika's Mermaid Veil, scoring the second goal for Outei Tsukinomiya. The first half ended and Asuto gave a speech to Haizaki and Nosaka about their plays, causing them to think about it and Nosaka went to talk to Midouin and later to his team. The second half started and Nosaka used Sky Walk to dodge Okuiri Hiro. He used King's Lance twice, but both attempts were stopped with the first attempt by Norika's Mermaid Veil and Haizaki, the second one was by Asuto and Kozoumaru's Counter Drive. When Goujin was about to use his hissatsu, Nosaka stole the ball, but Asuto recovered the ball and passed the ball back to Goujin, who scored the winning goal for Inakuni Raimon with his Fire Lemonade. Outei Tsukinomiya lost the match and Nosaka went to see Midouin again, saying that the Ares program will stop with all the data he had obtained. Exiting the room with Haizaki, Anna confronted Nosaka about his illness, but he stated that she had nothing to worry about since he was going to have the surgery. Asuto, Haizaki and Nosaka then went to a nearby tower and promised each other to play soccer again.

Inazuma Eleven Orion no Kokuin

Asuto and Haizaki visited Nosaka in the hospital sometime before the ceremony where the members of Inazuma Japan were announced. While Nosaka was packing his bags for heading to America for his surgery, he was selected as a midfielder of team, with Nishikage as a goalkeeper as well. He later parted ways with Nishikage at the airport. Nosaka flew back to Japan, saying that his surgery was successful and went to the stadium where the match between Inazuma Japan and Eternal Dancers was held. He went to his locker room where he changed his clothes into Inazuma Japan uniform. While he was slowly walking towards through the tunnel, he met coach Zhao Jinyun, who said to him he should start warming up, before he entered the field. The team was very excited, when they saw Nosaka. The coach told him that he would replace Endou Mamoru during this match. Anna approached to him with captain's band in hand, which Nosaka took with smile. Haizaki asked if he was alright and Nosaka ensured that he was ok now and could play. When the match was resumed he comforted Nishikage who was worrying about conceding two goals. He started to give instructions to his teammates and the quality of their play increased significantly. With Nosaka on the field the team easily managed to score their first goal. Eternal Dancers knew that he was team’s current pillar of support and destroying him would break down the team, their morale would fall as well. They started to attack him but Nosaka easily avoided all rough plays, stating that he was used to that kind of game, besides he watched the first half of a match and knew what should expect of them. In his flashback he was seen talking with his doctor in the hospital. It was revealed that his surgery was succeeded but now he couldn't overwork his body because he wasn’t in the same condition anymore. The doctor advised him to give up participation in the tournament. Nosaka was seen later at the park, sitting at the bench worrying about his play and thinking that the team would manage somehow without him. Suddenly he noticed a rolling ball and a young boy who apparently was a patient in this hospital as well. They started talking about playing soccer and the boy said that despite his illness he didn’t give up soccer, he loved to play and he knew that one day he would again enjoy the real game. He loved to watch Japan’s team and decided to support them while playing. Thanks to the soccer, he didn’t lose hope for healing. Nosaka snapped his pessimistic thoughts. He loved soccer and wanted to play as well, despite the illness and restrictions imposed on him. Nosaka started to train hard to be again in good form to join his team and fight for victory. As he said, he didn’t have to be an emperor, he just wanted to play soccer and enjoy it.

When Nosaka back to reality, he was able to create new hissatsu technique Gekkoumaru Tsubame Gaeshi and scored the third goal for Japan. The hard game of the Uzbekistan began to be troublesome for Inazuma Japan, they were slowly loosing strength instead of Eternal Dancers who were known for their infinite stamina. When Dost Gales was trying to shot again with Diamond Dust, Nishikage managed to create new technique Artemis Ring and easily stopped the ball. When Eternal Dancers kept pressure on Inazuma Japan, Nosaka asked Kazemaru about special training he requested. It was revealed that Nosaka called earlier to Kazemaru and asked him for favour to conduct a special practice with the team. According to the training, they initiated a new tactic that turned out to be Grid Omega version 2.0. Uzbekistan’s players were swallowed by powerful air whirls and then thrown to the field. Nosaka kicked the ball gently which was rolling slowly and no one was able to stop it. Inamori Asuto seemed to be stunned by what happened, the same as Haizaki. Nosaka explained that if they knew that they were training for the Grid Omega, they wouldn’t be putting it in practice. In this situation it was the only solution. Onakhon Ims was overwhelmed by their tactic and considered it unfair. He was looking for help from the referee, but the previous one was changed after the coach's intervention. Nosaka explained that with his own hands would change the world and was ready for anything if someone attacked his country.

When the match was resumed, the Uzbekistan initiated their Eternal Run tactic but they were unable to finish it because of their exhaustion. Asuto got the ball and scored the fourth goal for Inazuma Japan. After the match ended everyone praised Nosaka for his play, he humbly thanked because he didn’t think it was only his merit. Later, he talked to Asuto in their locker room, when suddenly a man from the FFI office appeared and said he must check his locker. When he found only a small box with chocolate candies, Nosaka revealed that he liked to eat something sweet after match ended. Later he confronted with Ichihoshi Mitsuru who kept asking what he’s done. Nosaka explained him that he accidentally put candies into Ichihoshi’s locker but somehow he found it later in his locker. He wanted to share candies with Ichihoshi, but he was furious. When Endou came back from the arrest, Nosaka greeted him, stating that it was a honor to meet him finally. He said that would really try to become a player like Endou was, which irritated Haizaki because he didn’t think he was someone who played up to seniors. But Nosaka responded that everything what he said was sincerely. Later coach Zhao revealed to the team true about the Orion Foundation and the tournament. He confirmed that Ichihoshi was like a spy sent to Inazuma Japan. Nosaka understood that if they kept winning the Orion organization would begin to come apart. When the team agreed that Ichihoshi should be eliminated from them, Endou revealed them that Ichihoshi lost his father in a car accident and the Orion Foundation took care of him. That’s why he was now unable to go against their wishes. The team was divided, some wanted to help Ichihoshi, and others disagreed stating that all what he’s done so far was unforgivable. Then Iwato Takashi revealed that Ichihoshi had a younger brother who was serious ill and Ichihoshi cooperate with the Orion Foundation to cure him. Nosaka agreed that there were different ways to help his brother for example set up a fundraiser to cover his surgery. Now they should focus on saving Ichihoshi’s soul, but in the way that wouldn’t raise suspicions of Orion, otherwise they could target on Ichihoshi. Nosaka stated that he had an idea.

Before the match with Saudi Arabia's team Phoenix Army of Arab started, Nosaka and Nishikage prepared training with the special device, so the team could learn how to avoid fouls. Nosaka revealed to Kazemaru Ichirouta and Fubuki Shirou that there was an important role that he wished for them to play in the next match. During the meal he was interested in coach’s home made fried rice. He was wondering how it tasted since Li Kobun didn’t like it at all, saying it was nasty. Then Nosaka put a portion on his and Nishikage’s plate. When the match began, Saudi Arabia’s players started to play rough and quickly injured Kazemaru and Fubuki. They had to be replaced by Iwato and Mansaku Yuuichirou. Despite all of the troubles Inazuma Japan managed to score their first goal. Ichihoshi couldn’t believe what was going on, he thought that team would immediately fall apart after they lost two players. Nosaka looked at him and thought that Ichihoshi was the only one who fell into a trap.

The match was resumed and Nosaka was watching at Ichihoshi who seemed to be more and more impatient and struggling with his doubts. He stated that Ichihoshi would be the only one who decided how this scenario ended. Later he passed the ball to Asuto, saying that he could change Ichihoshi. When Ichihoshi got the ball, despite himself started to run towards the goal. However he didn’t score which caused him more frustrated. After that he got new orders from Andreas Bebo that he should now target Nosaka and aim at his head. When Nosaka stole the ball from the opponents and used an overhead, the team was surprised because it wasn’t something usual for Nosaka. But Hiura Kirina revealed that if Nosaka got more hits at head, he might not be able to play anymore. Ichihoshi heard their conversation and felt like he was trapped. When later Nosaka jumped into the air to catch the ball, Ichihoshi approached him with his leg really close to his head. He kicked the ball and they both fell on the field. Nosaka came to Ichihoshi with his hand and smiled, saying that he chose to face with his real self. He had so many feelings hidden inside, now he should be honest with his heart and it would show him the right path. Ichihoshi felt relieved and with Nosaka’s help stood up. Hiura explained to Asuto Haizaki that Nosaka’s plan was to give Ichihoshi choice. He could kept lying himself and played corrupt soccer or be honest and pursue real soccer. Nosaka trusted Ichihoshi, that was why he risked and put his own life at stake. Coach Zhao stated that it was something what could be expected from the man who wanted to change the world.

Later when Ichihoshi got hit by the falling meteors from Red Hot Chili Meteor, Nosaka with Asuto helped him to leave from the field. While Ichihoshi was worrying that he was trying to hurt people, Nosaka stated that he didn’t hurt anyone, in any case not during this match. When Kazemaru and Fubuki appeared at the team, everyone was shocked. It was revealed that they had special training prepared by Nosaka, so they could pretend that got injured if they were fouled. Nosaka thanked Ichihoshi that he protected him earlier and revealed that he didn’t need to worry about him because he bluffed about problems with his head. It was the part of his plan to change Ichihoshi. When Kira Hiroto proposed that his father would loan money for surgery of Ichihoshi’s brother, Nosaka stated that it wouldn’t be necessary and coach Zhao revealed that in a hospital, where Ichihoshi’s brother supposed to be, there was nobody. Nosaka explained to the team that Ichihosi had older brother earlier and Zhao added that he died with their father in a car accident years ago. Kudou Michiya revealed that now Ichihoshi had a dual personality, which shocked Iwato who was wondering with whom he was writing letters. Nosaka said that it was Ichihoshi himself, who behave like younger brother Hikaru while he was in a hospital, and outside the older brother Mitsuru was taking control. The team decided that Ichihoshi would play in a match in order to help him. Everyone were trying to pass ball to Ichihoshi and protected him from the opponent’s players. While he was playing, he managed to resign himself to the thought that his brother was dead and united with him. Nosaka smiled and said that he finally met Ichihoshi Hikaru. He stated that with his true abilities Ichihoshi was able to figure out all features of his opponents and their weak points. The match ended when Inazuma Japan scored two goals and the team celebrated their winning. In the evening Ichihoshi disappeared and was found by Asuto and Haizaki while he was going to leave the camp. Nosaka came to him, stating that he was interested in Ichihoshi and because he caused a lot of trouble to his team, now he should take responsibility for that. That was why Nosaka, as an tactical emperor, wanted Ichihoshi to be his supporter. He admitted that Ichihoshi had an extraordinary abilities of analytical thinking and it was necessary and very useful for the team.

Nosaka gave an interview to Kimura Yousuke, who was going to prepare special feature for the Monthly World Soccer. Kimura asked him to mention about the best three that left the biggest impression. Because Nosaka liked to walk around places and eat something good with his teammate Nishikage, Kimura asked him about the best outdoor gourmet foods. Nosaka listed ice cream with unusual flavor of habanero pepper, sweet rabbit manjuu and yakisoba with sandwich set. The second question concerned three best hissatsu techniques that he wanted to object to. Nosaka mentioned five: Overhead Penguin, Moja Catch, Mokkori Oka no Moai, Flash Dance and finally Fire Lemonade. Before Kimura left, Nosaka told that he was looking forward to reading his article.

During the meeting before the match with Chinese team Soccer Acrobatic Troupe, coach Zhao revealed to the team true identity of Li Kobun. In fact he was Li Hao, a forward from the Chinese team and Zhao’s supporter since he became the coach of Inakuni Raimon. When Nosaka heard that he said with smile that this certainly involved a lot more than mere spying. Li explained that his intention was to level up the Japan’s team and they had bigger goal than winning the FFI tournament. Later he told the team about his past and when he left Nosaka kept asking what was their main goal, that Li mentioned before. Coach Zhao confirmed that they wanted to destroy the Orion Foundation from the roots and free soccer. Nosaka together with Ichihoshi were preparing for the upcoming match with China, analyzing data about that team. Nosaka praised Ichihoshi as an emperor supporter, to his teammates. Everyone was really impressed of his current work and deeply commitment.

Nosaka and Ichihoshi watched Goujin who was very excited before the upcoming match with China. When Ichihoshi was worrying if he should pushing himself like that, after Goujin felt pain kicking with his leg, Nosaka confirmed this with smile, stating that his abilities were necessary. Later when Nishikage and Saginuma Osamu entered the field and were trying to protect the goal with three players, Nosaka had to kick the ball off because their technique wasn’t completed yet. Nishikage said sorry for that but Nosaka didn’t mind. He promised Endou to watch them until they succeeded. Nishikage wasn’t sure about that, stating that Nosaka wouldn’t be able to participate in attacks if he focused on protecting the goal. However Nosaka explained that in that situation the more important than attack was preventing points. He did as he said and helped them several times until they finally united and created new hissatsu technique The Asura, thanks which they blocked Li Hao’s shot. Now Inazuma Japan could concentrate their efforts on the attacks. Tao Lu was trying to steal the ball from Nosaka, but he passed her easily and kicked it to Haizaki. However The Penguin God & Devil was blocked by Kung Fuche and his technique Ryuujin Tessen. Li Hao passed by Nosaka stating that all their hissatsu have been accounted for, what first seemed to affected Nosaka, but later he smirked.

When Chinese team used their tactic Shourinji Kousoku Juuhachijin Nosaka started to worry how to outsmart them. He stated that this technique caused optical illusion due to the enormous speed of the players. According to Nosaka, they had to train in kung fu and thanks to that they sharpened their abilities on master level. When Ichihoshi wasn’t ready with his analysis and asked for more time, Nosaka agreed but at the same moment he wasn’t sure if it wouldn’t determine the match’s fate. Nosaka was seen later in Goujin’s flashback, when he was about to enter the field. Nosaka told him that Fire Lemonade indeed had its speed and the explosive power but there wasn’t weight in it. It wasn’t enough to beat the world players as well. When Goujin was wondering how to improve it, Nosaka revealed that he had a plan. He told Goujin that he should climb the Mount Fuji while dribbling and had 10 hours to do it, before the sunrise. After the match resumed and China used again their tactic Shourinji Kousoku Juuhachijin, Nosaka told Asuto to use his Inabikari Dash to mark the Chinese captain. Thanks to this the illusion disappeared. When Goujin scored a goal for Inazuma Japan using his Fire Lemonade Rising, Nosaka gathered with the others and watched Goujin’s joy with smile.

When China used their tactic Minna de Jiangshi which completely blocked Japan, Nosaka looked at Ichihoshi who kept analyzing Chinese team. Later they used again Minna de Jangshi and Nosaka ordered to the team to gather around Asuto. Although they didn’t understand his plan, they did what he said. Thanks to his strategy they managed to score second goal, after Ichihoshi ran away and passed the ball to Fudou Akio. Later Ichihoshi informed Nosaka that his analysis of the Chinese team was completed, making Nosaka happy. When China used again Mouko Shuurai Japan initiated their new tactic The General with Ichihoshi sending all data to Nosaka who passed it further to players, leading them through the exact path. This strategy was succeeded and Inazuma Japan scored the 3rd goal with Haizaki’s new shot Shark The Deep. Everyone was excited but the match wasn’t over yet. Chinese team attacked one more time and Li managed to steal the ball from Goujin, using with Zhou their new technique Tenhou Chiretsu. The power of this shot started to push Endou through the goal. Nosaka, Asuto and Haizaki immediately came to him and supported the three goalkeepers to protect Japan’s goal. The match ended with Inazuma Japan winning with a score 3-2. Later both teams thanked each other for play, with Nosaka stating that soccer they played was really satisfying and honest. At the end he told that they would never forget this match.

The team was invited for the send-off party on the luxury ship, held by the World Soccer Association. Japan's managers, Kino Aki and Kazeaki Yone dressed up and made a huge impression on the players, who were used to their sportswear and casual clothes. Nosaka smiled and praised them for their resplendent look, which made Anna blushed. Later Nosaka joined Kidou and Gouenji while they were talking about Gouenji’s injury and his shot Last Resort. When Kidou denied possibility to inherit Gouenji’s shot by the other player, Nosaka explained that it could be done by three people.

When coach Zhao told the team to back to their schools before the departure to Russia, Haizaki asked Nosaka what was he going to do since Outei Tsukonomiywa had no longer a soccer club. Nosaka stated that he would think about what to do next, after Inazuma Japan finish playing. Later while they were on the bus, Nishikage asked what was the point of going back to school. Nosaka replied that in fact, since the school doesn’t have a soccer club, the return is irrelevant. Instead, they should go to the restaurant in the area and eat something good. Than he looked at Nishikage and asked with smile if that was the meaning of his question. Nosaka explained that they were still Outei students, no matter if there was soccer club or not, they should come and say hello to the old teammates. When they came at the stadium Nosaka stated that this was the only place that they could come back to. When Nishikage told that only thanks to Nosaka Outei became one of the top teams in Japan, Nosaka didn’t agree that it was his merit, stating that the team achieved everything thanks to their special skills and abilities. He added that would like to play with them again. To their much surprise suddenly the whole team appeared before them. Mitchiba explained that the soccer club was rebuilt since Midouin lost his position and Ares system was cancelled. Now they could play like the other teams, without any restrictions. They warmly welcomed Nosaka and Nishikage and congratulated them their winning in the preliminaries. Michiba Atsunori asked about Nosaka’s health and he confirmed that everything was good now. Unexpectedly Takemi appeared saying sorry to Nosaka for his return to the team. He explained that he couldn’t restrain himself since he heard that the team was different now. Nosaka stated that gaining power at the expense of our own humanity didn’t make sense and Takemi Kousuke was right before. It was now Nosaka's duty to apologize him first. Later watching the players practicing, Nosaka stated that now the team finally discovered its true self. Nishikage was wondering if the same happened to Nosaka, who was the only person that could change the world. Nishikage promised to support him in every matter he would take and Nosaka smiled that if necessary he would use his help.



Inazuma Eleven AC: Dream Battle


  • He's known as The Emperor of Tactics or The Tactical Emperor (戦術(せんじゅつ)皇帝(こうてい), Senjutsu no Koutei).
  • Nosaka ​(野坂​) means field (​野) and hill (​坂​), which is based on Outei Tsukinomiya's name motif nature, as well as other players in his team.
  • According to Nishikage Seiya in episode 1, his most favorite is watermelon.
    • In Yokai Watch: Puni Puni, his favorite is ice cream.
  • According to Inazuma Walker, Akihiro Hino revealed that his weird sitting posture is not an original concept, but from a random sketch of an animator staff.
  • According to Akihiro Hino's interview in Animage November 2018, Nosaka probably started playing soccer in early elementary school, as a part of the lessons taught at Outei Children Center. Nosaka is good at everything he does, so the higher ups probably made him play soccer, the most popular sport.