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Orpheus (オルフェウス, Orufeusu) is Italy's national team. They are also considered a championship favorite of the FFI.


Their team jersey consists of a long-sleeved royal blue, collared shirt with a yellow and red vertically striped badge (similar to Italy logo) in the middle. This is fitted with dark grey shorts, dark gray socks with a blue streak and gray cleats. The goalkeeper wears a red, long-sleeved shirt and red shorts instead of blue. The gloves are red and black. The captain's mark is colored yellow.


  1. Gigi Blasi (GK)
  2. Vento Gagliano (DF)
  3. Ottorino Nobili (DF)
  4. Anton Gattuso (DF)
  5. Marco Maseratti (DF)
  6. Angelo Gabrini (MF)
  7. Nakata Hidetoshi (MF) (ex-captain)
  8. Giorgio Giannini (MF)
  9. Dante Diavolo (MF)
  10. Fideo Ardena (FW/captain)
  11. Raffaele Generani (FW)
  12. Daniele Sanctis (GK)
  13. Enrico Olivier (MF)
  14. Alessandro Rossa (MF)
  15. Giuseppe Cannavaro (DF)
  16. Gianluca Zanardi (MF)


  1. Endou Mamoru (GK)
  2. Fudou Akio (MF)
  3. Kidou Yuuto (MF)
  4. Sakuma Jirou (FW)


Hissatsu tactics


Rose Griffon

In episode 68, when Fideo is introduced, Orpheus played in a match against Rose Griffon. However, the outcome of the match is unknown. We see also Fideo strike against Rose Griffon in the game, and the cutscene leaves to understand the victory of Orpheus.


In the manga, it can be seen that Orpheus won against Unicorn, the battle was never show how Orpheus won against Unicorn. Though in the anime, their match ended as a draw. They won in the game.

Inazuma Japan

At the beginning of the match, Orpheus did not play as a team since Fideo advised them to listen to their coach's orders. Though in the second round, Orpheus' former captain Nakata returned and the team was able to finish their tactic Catenaccio Counter. However, it all ended up in a draw since Kidou was able to break through it. At the end of the match, Nakata returned the position of captain to Fideo and left the team once again. They lost against Inazuma Japan in the game.

Little Gigant

Orpheus lost to Little Gigant in the semi-finals of the FFI, with a score of 8-0.



  • Orpheus was a legendary musician, prophet, and poet in Ancient Greek religion and myth.
  • Although Nakata was the captain of Orpheus, he only plays one match in the FFI, which is against Inazuma Japan. In episode 116, he leaves the captain's band to Fideo.