Pampietta Melania (パンピエッタ・メラ―ニア, Panpietta Meraania) is the guide for Muteki no Giant in Inazuma Eleven Orion no Kokuin.


Melania has light brown hair tied in a bun, big round green eyes with light brown eyebrows and fair skin tone. She is dressed in a dark purple shirt and gray-green pants, she wears also green flower-shaped earrings.


In her behavior Melania looks very much like her brother Scoglio. She is overly cheerful, effusive and unnaturally excited.


Melania appeared in episode 24, at the restaurant where Inazuma Japan was eating a meal. As it turned out, she was a guide for the Spanish team Muteki no Giant and Pampietta Scoglio’s sister. Indeed, they behaved in the same manner, they had a lot of energy and spoke with enthusiasm and excitement. Later they received some money from the staff what suggested that they were bribed to bring players to the restaurant.


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