Park Yu-Hwan (パク・ユファン, Paku Yufan) is a defender for Red Bison.


Park is tall and muscular boy, he has black eyes with grey eyebrows and square jaw, his hair are grey and spiky at the bottom and black, shaved on both sides of his head.


At the beginning of the match, after Seok Min-Woo steal the ball from Haizaki Ryouhei, Park was seen running with his teammates towards the goal. Korea's attempts to shoot, didn't succeeded and they finally decided to play rough, to overwhelmed the opponent. Later Park was trying to protect defense line against Haizaki but he managed to pass him. When at the end of the match Inazuma Japan started their counterattack, Park tried again to block Haizaki but he outsmarted him and kept running towards the goal. The match ended with Inazuma Japan winning with a score 3-2.



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