Perfect Spark Emblem

Perfect Spark (パーフェクトスパーク, Pāfekuto Supāku) is the representative team for Russia in the Football Frontier International in Inazuma Eleven Orion no Kokuin.


According to Froy, none of the members are Disciples of Orion, though it is later revealed that everyone except him was under pressure to obey Orion, forcing them to act similar to them if necessary. All members are able to play any position, though they have a main position that they normally play.

During their match against Inazuma Japan, Froy left the team as protest against Bernard's orders, with Viktor joining him. The two were replaced by Lus Kasim (under the identity of As Inam) and Malik. Froy and Viktor later returned to the team, at least since the semi-finals.


  1. Goran Vecilia (GK/MF)
  2. Alexei Trepov (DF)
  3. Labi Eremenko (DF)
  4. Gennady Zakharov (DF/MF)
  5. Simon Zitov (MF)
  6. Karl Senirov (MF/DF)
  7. Shamil Trubetskoy (MF/DF)
  8. Viktor Sedov (MF)
  9. Froy Girikanan (MF/FW/captain)
  10. Zaur Salenko (FW/DF)
  11. Yuri Rodina (FW/GK/second captain)
  12. Lasker Vagner (FW/MF)
  13. Lus Kasim (MF/FW/also played as "As Inam") 
  14. Malik Kuabel (MF/FW)

Hissatsu tactics



  • There were the only team which was able to defeat Inazuma Japan.
  • The team name was originally their nickname, though it was later used as the team's official name.
  • According to Animage October 2019, Hino explained that Perfect Spark being the final team was a reference that World Cup 2018 was hosted in Russia. 
  • Also in the same issue, it is known that the team isn't Disclipes of Orion since they are more 'special' but still being under the pressure of Orion.


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