Petronio Patti (ペトロニオ・パッティ, Petoronio Patti) is a forward and captain for Guardians of Queen.


Petronio has messy hair that is colored purple on the right side and teal on the left side. His eyes are colored teal, purple and black and have diamond-shaped pupils. He also has pale skin.


Petronio is a pretty calm person but he knows how to command a team and also that he needs to take risky actions at certain moments.


Petronio first appeared at episode 44 playing as the captain of the Guardians of Queen against Inazuma Japan. In the match Petronio and the other players gained the advantadge thanks to the supports given to them by Irina. Quickly, the team scored two goals using the Unbalance Pisa in which Petronio was a key player to execute. Later after the match was paralyzed and returned, Petronio kept playing normally. However, he noticed the supports the team had were giving damage to them and after hearing Inamori Asuto's words, he decided to lie to the team in order for them to leave the supports behind. They played a bit without the supports but Irina and Vladimir appeared and made the team get back their supports. During the conclusion of the match, Petronio revealed himself to have the ability to use the Last Resort in a new version named Last Resort D which he used to deflect Kozoumaru Sasuke's shot. This action took too much of Petronio, who blew up his supports and was unable to play anymore. After the match ended, Petronio thanked the Japanese players becoming an rebel against Orion. Later at the Football Frontier International finals he was chosen to be part of the Zhao Jinyuns, a team that could face Orion's elite players (Shadow of Orion).




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