Raimon B (雷門B) is an exclusive team in the anime.


Raimon VS Raimon B IE 126

Raimon A vs. Ramon B

Their uniform is the Raimon away uniform with a light yellow T-shirt with blue streaks on sleeves, a collar, black team mark, fitted along with blue shorts. Socks are white, and cleats are green. The goalkeeper uniform is light blue with black sleeves, long-sleeved with blue steaks, black team mark fitted along with black shorts, white gloves, white socks and brown cleats.


  1. Tachimukai Yuuki (GK)
  2. Tsunami Jousuke (DF)
  3. Kogure Yuuya (DF)
  4. Urabe Rika (FW)
  5. Zaizen Touko (MF)
  6. Fubuki Shirou (DF)
  7. Utsunomiya Toramaru (MF)
  8. Domon Asuka (DF)
  9. Kidou Yuuto (MF/captain)
  10. Ichinose Kazuya (MF)
  11. Yamino Kageto (FW)


  • Most of the members are the people who were introduced in season 2, except for Kidou Yuuto, Ichinose Kazuya and Domon Asuka, who joined in season 1, and Utsunomiya Toramaru, who joined in season 3.
  • Even though Aphrodi joined Raimon temporarily in season 2, he's not part of the team.
  • All the members are either Wood or Wind-attributed.
  • Although Kidou is the captain, he doesn't wear the captain band.
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