Raimon U-15 emblem

Raimon U-15 (雷門(らいもん)U-15) is a game exclusive team introduced in Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone.


  1. Sugimori Takeshi (GK)
  2. Tsunami Jousuke (DF/captain)
  3. Teres Tolue (DF)
  4. Bjorn Kyle (DF)
  5. Milan (MF)
  6. Saginuma Osamu (MF)
  7. Nice Dolphin (MF)
  8. Choi Chang Soo (MF)
  9. Julien Rousseau (MF)
  10. Suizenji Chiita (FW)
  11. Edgar Valtinas (FW)
  12. Mouri (GK)
  13. Raa (GK)
  14. Yokohama (MF)
  15. Oishi (FW)
  16. Kaoru (FW)


  • U-15 stands for "Under 15", as most of the players are either that age or younger than 15.
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