Red Bison Emblem

Red Bison (レッドバイソン, Reddo Baison) is the representative team for South Korea in the Football Frontier International in Inazuma Eleven Orion no Kokuin.


They encounter Inazuma Japan for the first match in the FFI. They are known for having an aggressive play style defensively and offensively and liking rough play. They even attack players who don't have the ball.


Red Bison's uniform consists of a red shirt with a blue collar and sleeve border. On the sleeves there is a blue pattern which looks like a castle crenelation. Their shorts are plain black and their socks are red with the border being blue. Their spikes are white and blue. The goalkeeper uniform is black with a blue collar with the same crenelation blue pattern on the sleeve. The major difference is that from the middle to the end of the sleeve, they become blue and the borders are black. The socks are black as well and the shorts, gloves, and spikes are white.


  1. Shin Rae-Won (GK)
  2. Hwang Do-Yun (DF)
  3. Kim Yeon-Woo (DF)
  4. Song So-Ah (DF)
  5. Park Yu-Hwan (DF)
  6. Yeon Ji-Hun (MF)
  7. Lee Seung-Jin (MF)
  8. Seok Min-Woo (MF/captain)
  9. Park Ji-Won (MF)
  10. Baek Shi-Woo (FW)
  11. Lee Dong-Hyeok (FW)
  12. Ho Eun-Chan (FW)
  13. Son Min-Soo (MF)
  14. Ha Jeong-Pyo (DF)



  • After Seok Min-Woo's injury, Red Bison finished their match without anybody on the pitch being the captain.


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