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Red Matador (レッドマタドール, Reddo Matadōru) is Spain's national team.



In order to have a match with Red Matador in Inazuma Eleven 3 after beating the game, go to the Raimon Institute (Main building 2F) and talk to Mr. Raimon. The team is challengeable in his upper route, as the third team.


They wear red uniforms with yellow stripes. The shorts and socks are black. Queraldo Naval assumes the captain's band, which is white. The collars have a black section similar to Fire Dragon. The goalkeeper's uniform is black-sleeved with a yellow stripe, over a pale blue background. The shorts are black and the socks are pale blue.


  1. Fermín Sánchez (GK)
  2. José Costa (DF)
  3. Rafael López (DF)
  4. Antonio Galius (DF)
  5. Queraldo Naval (DF/captain)
  6. Joan Nadal (FW)
  7. Igor Freire (MF)
  8. Mikel Pereiro (MF)
  9. Pedro Moreno (MF)
  10. Samuel Mayo (FW)
  11. David Peroqui (FW)
  12. Juan Zubeldia (GK)
  13. Isaac César (FW)
  14. Laudelino Sastre (DF)
  15. Carlos Arroyo (MF)
  16. Federico Rubiera (FW)


Red Matador Vs. Inazuma Japan (Practice match)

In episode 102, Red Matador had a practice match with Inazuma Japan because they were both in the same situation for the preliminaries. Although both sides equally played well and skillfully, the match ended up as a tie. In contrast with Inazuma Japan, who managed to win their matches, Red Matador lost against Brockenborg and were eliminated from the FFI.



  • Red Matador ended up as the third position in Block B of the FFI.
  • Matador is Spanish for "killer" and is used to call a bullfighter who makes the final passes and eventually kills the bull.
    • While "matador" is a reference to Spain's culture, "red" is a reference to Spain's national football team, who are also nicknamed La Furia Roja (The Red Fury).
  • In the manga, Samuel Mayo and Endou Mamoru had a duel.

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