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Red Team is a team formed by some Inazuma Japan players and some players from the other FFI teams (and Touko). In the game, this team is known as Endou Reds (円堂レッズ).


This team can be challenged at Onigawara Gengorou's route as the penultimate team in the upper route. It only appears in the Ogre version of the game. The members' levels range from 69 to 84.


Red Team formation

Red Team's formation in the game.


VS Tenkuu no Shito

They had a match against Tenkuu no Shito and won with a score of 2-1. Tenkuu no Shito scored the first goal with Sein using Heaven Drive. Fideo scored with Odin Sword and made the score equal. Edgar scored the final goal by absorbing Sein's Heaven Drive and using Excalibur to score the final goal for Red Team.


  • All the members of Raimon are in their Neo Raimon form.

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