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The Resistance (レジスタンス, Rejisutansu) is an alliance formed against Fifth Sector. Their main goal was to return soccer as it was 10 years ago and to replace Fifth Sector's current leader Ishido Shuuji with their leader Hibiki Seigou.




The Resistance made their first appearance in episode 18. They stated that their goal was to return the value of soccer prior to the rise of Fifth Sector and replace its leader Ishido with Hibiki. It was later revealed that Kidou's return to Teikoku was also one of their plans. They also tried to find some information on Kaiou, Raimon's opponents in the regional finals, since they speculated that the team was affiliated with Fifth Sector.

Later, at the end of the match between Raimon and Gassan Kunimitsu, Hibiki obtained many votes due to Raimon winning the match with a score of 3-2.

In episode 40, it's revealed that Kiyama Hiroto and Midorikawa Ryuuji were also members of the Resistance. At the same time, they were trying to find some hidden information for the finals of the Holy Road tournament.

In episode 44, Raimon finally won the Holy Road finals and the Resistance's plan succeeded. After being elected, Hibiki gave a speech about soccer which inspired everyone.

In the end, the Resistance's goal was able to come true. Soccer went back to the way it was, with everyone being able to play "real soccer".