Rockstar (ロックスター, Rokkusutā) was a dinosaur that appeared in the Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone series. 


Rockstar had an average dinosaur's body. She had small hands similar to a T-Rex. Her outside skin was dark blue in colour and her inside skin was a creamish colour. She had purple eyes, sharp jaws and two scars on across her left eye.


CS 32

Rockstar confronting Taiko no Senshi Jaggerwock.

Rockstar made her debut in episode 32, where Rei Rukh used his Sphere Device to brainwash her. Because of this, when Torb and Raimon found her, Rockstar began to attack all of them. Torb found this strange, as she wasn't supposed to use this much energy. He later tried to stop her by using Taiko no Senshi Jaggerwock and tells her to calm down, but the dinosaur just threw him to the side.

Finally, Tsurugi, Tenma and Taiyou made her come to her senses by using their soccer skills and hitting her with Death Drop. As she was more calm, Torb asked her what happened and Rockstar replied that she was attacked by someone using a soccer ball much like the one that Tenma was holding, which Shindou quickly related to El Dorado.

Rockstar died

Rockstar deceased.

Seeing that the dinosaur was exhausted, Kinako asked what was wrong with her. Torb answered that Rockstar had not much time left, and was going to die soon. Hearing this, Shinsuke asked what they could do to help her, but the Jurassic boy replied that they can't do anything as this was the normal flow of life. As Big appeared, Torb explained that he was Rockstar's son and the only reason for Rockstar to stay alive. Rockstar later used the last of her energy to protect Raimon, Torb and Big from Death Horn, dying shortly after that, but not before she entrusted Big to Torb.


Rockstar's first appearance CS game

Rockstar's first appearance in the Chrono Stone game.

  • Her dub name along with her Son's may be a reference to Big Boss from the Metal Gear franchise.
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