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Rose Griffon (ローズグリフォン, Rōzu Gurifon) is the representative team for France in the Football Frontier International.


Their uniform consists of blue shirts, with a red curve in each side and near the collar, which is blue, and white shoulder stripes. The same goes for their shorts, which have both blue and red stripes at each side and a white overall design as well. The goalkeeper uniform is similar, but is black rather than blue and with 3 stripes on the sleeves. The second uniform, as seen in the game, has the inverted colors, save for the red sections.


Rose Griffon FFI EP 85

Rose Griffon in the opening ceremony for the FFI.

  1. Ladji Paara (GK)
  2. Pierre Godin (DF/captain)
  3. Miguel Arron (DF)
  4. Franz Puyol (DF)
  5. Kevin Pinot (DF)
  6. Laurent Pérec (MF)
  7. Ronnie Weiss (MF)
  8. Stéphane Henno (MF)
  9. Julien Rousseau (MF)
  10. Jérôme Eloi (FW)
  11. Alain Failliot (FW)
  12. Émile Razzano (GK)
  13. André Panzo (DF)
  14. Jean Jetin (DF)
  15. Claude Moreau (MF)
  16. Michel Morin (FW)

Hissatsu tactics

Inazuma Eleven 3: Sekai e no Chousen!!


Rose Griffon vs. Orpheus

In episode 68, Rose Griffon was seen playing in a match against Orpheus (as part of Fideo Ardena's introduction). The score of this match is unknown.

Rose Griffon vs. The Kingdom

Although here is limited information on their match against The Kingdom, most members seemed to look exhausted during the match. Afterwards, The Kingdom concluded the match with their hissatsu tactic Amazon River Wave and Rose Griffon were completely overcome by the tactic. Mac Roniejo then made a hat-trick with Strike Samba since Ladji was unable to stop it. They lost the match with a score of 3-0.

Rose Griffon vs. Ogre

In The Ogre version of the game, Rose Griffon have an ill-fated match with Ogre. Before their match began, Pierre had an argument with their captain Baddap Sleed. Ogre managed to win the match, with an impractical score of 36-0. When the match ended, Pierre declared to Baddap that his plays were not human and then escaped with his team.


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