Sabine Nojima (ザビーネ・ノジマ, Zabīne Nojima) is the assistant coach for Eternal Dancers.


Sabine has a dark yellow afro, orange eyes and wears blue eyeshadow. She wears an aubergine suit and a yellow shirt underneath her blazer, as well as big, circular, golden earrings. She has a medium skin tone and is tall in height.


Sabine seems to be calm and serious person, she can control her emotions most of the time. She notices the weak sides of her team as well as the strengths of the opponentes.


Before the match against Inazuma Japan started she was talking with Adam Sanchi about what could happen on the field. He was sure that Inazuma will be powerless against Uzbekistan's team abilities. But Sabine denied and stated that Japan won their earlier matches because they were able to find out what were the weak points of their opponents. Because Eternal Dancers were famous for their infinite stamina, it was obvious that Inazuma have already prepared some strategy to win. That's why Uzbekistan couldn't uderestimate them.

Inazuma Japan were losing after the first half of match ended but when Nosaka Yuuma returned to his team, they easily scored their first goal. Sabine said that Japan's team movement have remarkably improved. She stated that now Uzbekistan should eliminate all the obstacles and they started to play rough. After Inazuma Japan used their Grid Omega version 2.0, Eternal Dancers lost their infinite stamina. Even then Sabine didn't lose her cold blood unlike Adam did. When Uzbekistan's team wasn't able to finish their new hissatsu tactic, she realized that they were caught in a trap and for the first time she seemed to be really shocked. The match ended with Inazuma Japan scoring another goal, making the score 4-2.


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