Sarybek Nahar (サリベク・ナハル, Saribeku Naharu) is a midfielder of Eternal Dancers.


Sarybek is tall in height, with a muscular build and a medium skin-tone. He has shoulder-length, curly, dark-purple hair, and small, orange eyes. He also wears a thin, white headband.


When the match against Inazuma Japan began, he was running with his teammates Farhad Gilik and Mo'habbot Zark towards the opponent's goal, passing the ball between each other. Sarybek said that they would show Japan power of the Rampaging Triple Stars. After that he passed the ball to Dost Gales who easily scored their first goal for Uzbekistan. When the second half of the match started, Sarybek kicked the ball again to Dost who immediately started to counterattack but was easily outsmarted by Nosaka Yuuma, which helped Japan to score their first goal. After that Sarybek, Dost and Onakhon Ims were talking about Nosaka being now their main target and Sarybek stated that he must be removed. He passed the ball to Ichihoshi, who cooperated with them, because they wanted to catch Nosaka in a trap. However their strategy didn't succeeded. He, Dost and Onakhon were trying to foul Nosaka but he again outsmarted them. After Inazuma Japan used their Grid Omega version 2.0, Sarybek participated in Uzbekistan's tactic Eternal Run which didn't succeeded because of the injuries that players got from Grid Omega before.



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