Sazanaara (サザナーラ, Sazanāra) is a planet in the Faram Dite planetary system. The planet's representative team in the Grand Celesta Galaxy is Sazanaara Eleven.

Inhabitants' appearance

The inhabitants of Sazanaara are humanoids with blue skin. They are differentiated by the two strands pointing upward that resembles a horn; in different lengths and shapes. The tips of their hair have different colour. Their hair also seems to be somewhat related to health, as in episode 25, after Hilary Flail drained Powai Pichori's lifeforce, her hair was slightly paler. 


They have the ability of seeing "azur" (dub. Aethyr), the shape of people's hearts. According to Van Tareru, "azur" is seen as an orb of light that hanged up a person's head that represents their owner's emotions through the colour and shapes

It was first shown when some resisdents of Sazanaara had a soccer battle against Earth Eleven in episode 24. They were able to read Matatagi's "dark side" heart during the match.

Sazanaara Eleven also used this ability during their match with Earth Eleven, intercepting the Earth team's passes easily. They could also see the "azurs" of Earth Eleven. 


Earth Eleven arrived to this planet in episode 24 and had a tour through the planet by the guide of Ishigashi Gorham. Unlike Sandorius, Sazanaara seems to be very quiet and tame. The citizens weren't welcome Earth Eleven at all and glanced at them with unfriendly eyes. Later, some citizens of Sazanaara challenged Earth Eleven to a mini-match with five people. They were able to block Earth Eleven's passes and took an interest on Matatagi for unknown reason. They easily won the match and one of them, Guraami, came up to Matatagi and insulted him as a "lonely person" who doesn't have someone to care about him.



  • This planet's prominent element is water (Wind).
    • Most of their hissatsu are Wind-attributed.
  • The planet's dub name is a reference to the Naiads, water nymphs of Greek myth.

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