Seidouzan emblem

Seidouzan (聖堂山(せいどうざん)) is the finalist of Holy Road tournament in Inazuma Eleven GO.


Seidouzan's formation GO 41

Seidouzan's formation.

It was said in episode 37 that this team is the favourite team of the Holy Road.

In episode 40, they are seen playing against Senbayama in the 1/2 finals in the Holy Road in the Cyclone Stadium, and won by a terrifying score of 16-0.

They faced Raimon in episode 41 in Amano Mikado Stadium. In episode 42 at the end of the first half, the score was tied with 2-2. Later, they were switched out for the second half with Dragonlink because Senguuji Daigo wanted to defeat Raimon.

In episode 43, Saginuma Osamu, Kurosaki Makoto and Masaki Teiya were watching the match along with Kira Hitomiko.


The general uniform for Seidouzan is an orange short-sleeved shirt with a white stripe on the sleeve. The collar is gray, and the shirt has a white cross on the front near the collar. The shorts are gray, with white stripes on the sides. The socks are mostly gray, with gray, orange, and white stripes on the top. Team Seidouzan's cleats are predominatly yellow, but also have gray and white patches. The captain's armband is yellow. For the goalkeeper, the uniform is the same except for color differences. The goalkeeper's shirt is turquoise blue instead of orange, the shorts are dark blue instead of gray, and the socks are blue. He also has white gloves with a gray patch on the patch.


Seidouzan game formation (GO & CS)

Seidouzan's game formation (GO and Chrono Stone English version)

  1. Masaki Teiya (GK)
  2. Munemori Hidetoshi (DF)
  3. Kurei Yudai (DF)
  4. Iyabe Satoshi (DF)
  5. Hozumi Shinpei (DF)
  6. Amase Reia (MF)
  7. Hyuuga Rion (MF)
  8. Okegawa Yukimori (MF)
  9. Kurosaki Makoto (MF/captain)
  10. Koizaki Io (FW)
  11. Tsutsumi Tomo (FW)
  12. Temizu Kenji (GK)
  13. Furou Akisada (DF)
  14. Arino Omi (MF)
  15. Atou Ran (FW)
  16. Asou Kurehito (MF)
Seidouzan game formation

Seidouzan's game formation (Galaxy).

Seidouzan 43 GO HQ

Seidouzan watching the second half.

Hissatsu tactics

Inazuma Eleven GO


  • All of their Keshin are fire element. This is probably because their coach, Ishido Shuuji wields the fire element.
  • According to Tsurugi Kyousuke, their formation is to seal the opponents' passes.
  • Most of the members' names come from Greek Titans.
    • The teams dub name also comes from the Mount Olympus, the residence of Gods in Greek mythology.


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