Shin Sekai Senbatsu symbol

Shin Sekai Senbatsu (真・世界選抜, lit. True World Selection) is a game exclusive team in the Inazuma Eleven 3: Sekai e no Chousen!! game.


This team can be challenged if you talk to Rushe after you beat the game. After doing this, the team will be the last on her route, but this only applies to the Ogre version of the game.


  1. Rococo Urupa (GK/Captain)
  2. Mzonge Ledwaba (DF)
  3. Teres Tolue (DF)
  4. Pierre Godin (DF)
  5. Domon Asuka (DF)
  6. Leonardo Almeida (MF)
  7. Vento Gagliano (MF)
  8. Ichinose Kazuya (MF)
  9. Fideo Ardena (FW)
  10. Edgar Valtinas (FW)
  11. Dylan Keith (FW)
  12. Ladji Paara (GK)
  13. Mark Kruger (MF)
  14. Queraldo Naval (DF)
  15. Alexander Hausen (DF)


  • This team is made up of at least one member from those teams who participated in the FFI.