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Shindou Takuto
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Shindou Takuto (神童(しんどう) 拓人(たくと)) is one of the main protagonists of the Inazuma Eleven GO series. He was a forward in the past, midfielder and also the captain for Raimon. After he got hospitalized, he decided that Matsukaze Tenma should become captain for Raimon.

In the Chrono Stone series, he became a defensive midfielder for Raimon, Entaku no Kishidan, El Dorado Team 02, also being captain for the team, and for Chrono Storm.

In the Galaxy series, he was chosen to be a defensive midfielder of Japan's team, Inazuma Japan. After the truth was revealed behind the FFIV2, he became a midfielder for Earth Eleven.


Inazuma Eleven GO

Japanese version

  • "The captain of the Raimon Soccer Club. A genius game maker known as the Baton of God."

English version

  • "Captain of the Raimon football club. A genius known as the "Virtuoso"."
Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone
Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy
Inazuma Eleven Strikers


Shindou has short, wavy, grayish-brown hair and brown eyes. His casual outfit consists of a white and black flannel shirt, black pants, and brown shoes.

Shindou Mixi Maxed with Nobunaga.

In Chrono Stone he is shown wearing various disguises depending on the era visited.

Mixi Max

When Mixi Maxed with Nobunaga, both his eyes and hair gain a red hue. His hair becomes longer and wavier and is tied in a high ponytail at the top of his head.


Shindou deeply cares both about soccer and his team, and he takes his responsibility as the captain seriously. He is openly very emotional, he gets angry and frustrated easily and has been shown crying numerous times.

Even when following Fifth Sector's orders he displayed a degree of personal integrity, as shown when Hitofude Hayato's mother from Eito tried to bribe him to pass the ball to her son.

In Chrono Stone, his personality is still the same as in GO but now, he seems to be more determined to succeed his Keshin Armed and Mixi Max with Nobunaga when he was in the Sengoku Era. He also seems to be a little jealous as Shinsuke succeeded his Keshin Armed and he didn't yet. He might also have some feelings for Okatsu when Raimon had to departed and Shindou was seen crying in the Inazuma TM Caravan. Later, he cares more about Kirino when he became injured and Shindou said that he will cover him, talked and kept an eye on Kirino in the France Era, showing his friendship with Kirino. When the Ragnarok Tournament started and he was chosen to be captain of El Dorado Team 02, he was seen to be more worried when the Protocol Omega members in the team don't listen to his orders and kept playing with their own teammates.

In Galaxy, his personality changed into his personality at the beginning of GO, being angry. Most of the time, he is angry because his new teammates in Inazuma Japan couldn't play soccer and weren't in the soccer club before they joined the team. Determined to win every match, he stands for the goal to block every shoot and every opponent. He also has a rivalry with Ibuki Munemasa.

Shindou loves music and is shown playing the piano he keeps in his room many times. When El Dorado caused a timeline without a soccer club at Raimon to be created, Shindou was part of the music club instead.


Before Inazuma Eleven GO

Shindou was appointed as the captain of Raimon as a first-year student, something highly unusual, for his ability to direct the team. Initially unsure, he was convinced to accept the position by Sangoku Taichi, who was the captain at the time.

Inazuma Eleven GO

He first appeared with all the team members of the Raimon, after stopping a ball, which was shot by Tsurugi, from hitting Matsukaze Tenma. Then he introduced himself as Shindou Takuto, the captain of the Raimon Eleven team and afterwards helps the second team that got attacked by Tsurugi Kyousuke.

In episode 2, Shindou told to Tsurugi not to be convinced as he defeated the whole second team, to which the SEED replied that he was just playing a little with them. He became surprised as Kudou points that Tsurugi may have been sent by the Fifth Sector. Afterwards, the Raimon team had a match and is getting badly beaten, Tenma asked Coach Kudou to be placed in to help. He helped but it wasn't enough, though determined to help Raimon, he dashed fastly against the opponents and he didn't want to past the ball because he didn't want that Raimon got injured more which surprised everyone and Shindou. Though it wasn't enough when Tsurugi used Kensei Lancelot. He got badly beaten too. After Shindou saw what had befallen his team, he got angry and cried and is shown to successfully brings out a Keshin to put a stop to it; in which he successfully stole the ball. Later, he was fatigued and was sent to the infirmary. His friend Kirino sat by his side, and worried about him.

Because of what had happened to Raimon, many members and managers quit the Raimon team. Afterwards Tsurugi came in and said that he's gonna join the Raimon team which made Shindou surprised as well as angry. Afterwards Tenma tried for the Raimon soccer team but is having a hard time when Shindou was the one controlling the ball but Matsukaze managed to get it and pass the test. Afterwards they have a match against Eito but it was bribed and unfair again. Tenma cannot believe what was happening and kept on passing the ball to Shindou, making Tenma restless and injured but Shindou wouldn't respond until both of their feeling clashed and he shot a score against Eito, making it a 1-3 instead 0-3. After sometime, he releases his anger by playing in his piano. He was visited by Kirino to tell him about the new coach that is none other than Endou Mamoru to which he was surprised since Endou was known throughout Japan.

After sometime, he felt he should quit the team. He was also visited by Matsukaze who was surprised on how big his house was. Matsukaze visited him because Shindou quit being in the Raimon team, in which Matsukaze disagrees, and wanted to convince Shindou to come back. Matsukaze kept on talking and encouraging Shindou to come back and in the end, Matsukaze succeeded.

The next day, Tsurugi states that Raimon must lose against Tengawara, but during the match Shindou disobeyed the order and used his keshin hissatsu, Harmonics, which surprised Tengawara and Tsurugi, who thought in the bench that Shindou couldn't possibly use his keshin. After some time because of Shindou and Matsukaze's determination, Sangoku was able to stop a shoot of Tengawara. In the end, Raimon won against Tengawara.

Afterwards, their next match was against Mannouzaka and Shindou is still determined to win against Fifth Sector and get "real soccer" back. Though Minamisawa quit the team and Tsurugi joined the match against Mannouzaka into which Shindou couldn't understand why coach Endou would agree on adding Tsurugi when he's on Fifth Sector's side. In the day of the match against Mannouzaka, Tsurugi scores an auto goal to which Shindou was angry at Tsurugi, though after he realized that Mannouzaka's slide tackles would cause Matsukaze to break his leg and never play soccer again, which reminded Tsurugi of his brother, Tsurugi started helping out, and the other team members too along with Kurumada and the others. In the end, Shindou was able to shoot a hissatsu and won the match against Mannouzaka. After that, Shindou is worried about Kirino's foot because it got injured, though Kirino stated it was fine.

The next day, when coach Endou announced Raimon's opponent in the Holy Road semi-finals would be Teikoku, everyone was shocked and surprised, but Tenma tried to cheer them up and exclaimed that it'd be such an honor or an opportunity to fight against the famous Teikoku Gakuen. Right after Kurama said something against him, Shindou spoke up, and said that they would be still going against Fifth Sector.

Shortly after this, Shindou remembered a hissatsu tactic learnt from Coach Kudou, and brings up the idea to Endou. Endou agrees with it, and Shindou calls Hamano, Amagi, Hayami, and Kirino to perform the new tactic with him. However, it failed, and Shindou became discouraged. Kurama stepped up and volunteered to take his place, but in the end, he also could not do it. Shindou then thinks about Tsurugi, and notes on his superior kicking strength, as demonstrated by his Lost Angel shoot. Unfortunately, Tsurugi didn't arrive at the first half of the match, forcing Raimon having to play against Teikoku with only ten members

In the day of the match, Shindou had a hard time along with Kurama in finishing Ultimate Thunder and during the first half, Teikoku was leading, but then when Tsurugi came back in the second half, they were able to finish Ultimate Thunder and regained confidence to the team. Shindou's Sousha Maestro, was able to break through Mikado's keshin. In the end, Raimon won the match with 3-2.

In episode 18, he laughed when Kurumada said 'shupoo'. After that, he spotted Ichino and Aoyama who were watching their practice. Later he saw Ichino and Aoyama playing soccer. He went talking with them about the Teikoku match. Ichino asked if he wasn't scared for the Fifth Sector. Shindou replied with that he will say that he isn't scared but he didn't wanted to lie about his feelings to soccer.

In episode 19, Shindou spotted once more Ichino and Aoyama during their practice. Later the day in the training, he was seen looking at the place where he spotted Ichino and Aoyama earlier the day. Later the day of the match, Ichino and Aoyama wanted to join the soccer club. The most members were not sure but Shindou agreed them to join the soccer club and said he was waiting. He also said that they couldn't built a revolution on their one but that they need everyone who loves soccer to build it.

In episode 20, he got past Nagisawa and he used Presto Turn against Saruga Souma. Shindou also scored the third goal with Fortissimo against Kaiou. At the end, Raimon won with 4-3.

In episode 21, he and Raimon soccer club got a new member named Kariya Masaki. They also played against Akizora Challengers. They won with a final score of 1-0.

In episode 22, he and the others go to the Nationals. They must first play against Gassan Kunimitsu. He saw Minamisawa Atsushi in the other team and Shindou was shocked to see him. Later, he has a match in the Cyclone Stadium. He also used the Kami no Takuto in the match but it failed against the cyclones. But in the end, Gassan Kunimitsu was in the lead with 1-0. Raimon finally won 3-2 with Tsurugi's help at the end.

In episode 25, Shindou showed an old photo of the Raimon team and points out Nishiki. Shindou stated that Nishiki was coming back after playing in the Italian soccer league to which Tenma was amazed. Shindou knew that Nishiki would come back, because of an air mail that he received from him.

In episode 26, Shindou and the others fought against Hakuren. They didn't know how to play in the stadium because of the ice. Later, they knew it and they used Double Wing and it was successful on their part, though the other part with Tenma, Hayami and Kariya didn't go well.

In episode 27, when Hikaru joined the hissatsu tactic Double Wing, Shindou and the others were finally able to break through Zettai Shouheki. Then he used Kami no Takuto and scored the third and final point with his Keshin hissatsu, Harmonics.

In episode 29, he was seen talking to Kirino about the past of Raimon. When he heard that Raimon's next opponents is Kidokawa Seishuu, he had a flashback to the previous Holy Road final with Kishibe. In the training, he was alse seen thinking about Kishibe but Kirino said that he should concentrate on the training. Later, he and Raimon played against Kidokawa Seishuu.

In episode 30, he used Presto Turn to get past Kishibe Taiga and used his new hissatsu tactic, Flying Route Pass.

In episode 31, he used Kami no Takuto to help the others in the match and he also shook hands with Kishibe after the match finished with Raimon winning with a score of 3-2.

In episode 32, he was seen in casual clothes talking about soccer and how to get a Keshin with Tenma and Shinsuke. He also commented that he was previously talking with Kita Ichiban and Isozaki Kenma and that they, after seeing Raimon's matches, remembered true soccer. He has also some flashbacks with Tenma and Shinsuke about the past matches.

In episode 34 and episode 35, he passed many times one of the midfielders of Genei Gakuen, Douhara Teijin. He used his keshin and Harmonics too but failed against Shoubushi Diceman. He also used Kami no Takuto. At the end, Raimon won with 4-3.

In episode 36, he visits Tenma at his house, in attempt to cheer Tenma up from the shocking news received about Fifth Sector's doings. Later, he is practicing in order to help Tenma gain back his confidence.

In episode 37, he was happy when he saw Minamisawa visiting Raimon. He helped Shinsuke for being goalkeeper and he was surpised that Shinsuke has a keshin.

In episode 38, He and th others were seen playing in the Desert Stadum against Arakumo Gakuen. In the match, he shot with Fortissimo but it was blocked by Sata's keshin. Later, he used Kami no Takuto to help the others to get past the players of Arakumo. After that, he released his Keshin and marked a the first goal with his keshin hissatsu. At the end of the first half, when Nishiki passed to him, he released his Keshin again but he used it as a decoy to pass the ball to Tsurugi.

In episode 39, after the changed members of Arakumo, Shindou quickly stole the ball from a member but when he appeared in the front of Taiyou, Taiyou released his stronger Keshin version and send Shindou flying. Later, Shindou along with Tsurugi and Tenma released their Keshin fusion Matei Gryphon, and scored the final winning goal for Raimon. After the match, Kirino was seen talking to Shindou but he didn't replied at all. When Kirino was about to leave, Shindou collapsed to the ground, unconscious.

In episode 40, he was seen having a surgery at the hospital as his leg was broken. In episode 41, he was shown watching the Raimon vs Seidouzan match on TV in the hospital . Before the match, he was seen having a talk with Tenma. He said that he was sad about that he can't play the finals with the others but Tenma said that he will be with the others in the finals in their heart.

In episode 42, he was seen watching the match of Raimon against Seidouzan. He was happy when Raimon made it tied. But when Seidouzan gets switched out with Dragonlink and their forwards released their Keshin, he was very shocked about it.

In episode 43, he decided to go to Amano Mikado Stadium, but Fuyuka didn't let him. Finally, they both went to the stadium and Shindou started to call Tenma.

In episode 44, he encouraged Tenma for being captain. He said that he should use his feelings for soccer and share it with the others. When Raimon won the match with 5-4, Tenma came to him and told him that he was happy that he met Raimon and Shindou. He was also happy that he played for Raimon with the other members of Raimon which Shindou was seen crying. Tenma also told him "Let's play soccer again!" which made Shindou say yes to Tenma.

In episode 45, he returned to Raimon and which made everyone happy. Tenma asks him if he will return to play soccer with them, which Shindou replies that, according to his doctor, he can practice if he goes calmly. Kirino also said that he shouldn't overdo it which Shindou replied that he shouldn't worry about it.


In the match against Arakumo, he was sliding tackled hardly by Nebuchi and he was injured by him. At the end of the match, he collapsed on the ground, unconscious. Later in the game, it was revealed that he stayed at the hospital and didn't fight with Raimon in the finals, since he lost his ability to walk and that's what made Tenma become the new captain. He was seen in the hospital watching the match but when Raimon was not in the lead and was going to lose, he could not sit still so he decided to go to the match. However, when he was about to go, Fuyuka did not let him go because he was injured but he refused since he was so worried about Raimon. At the end when Raimon won the final Holy Road match he was seen crying since he was happy that Tenma came to him telling him that Raimon had won the match. He told him 'let's play soccer again' which made Shindou say yes.

Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone

A New Threat

He was first shown playing the piano in the music club, after Shindou went out, Tenma said to Shindou Captain, which left him confused. Later, Tenma aksed him where the soccer club was to which Shindou replied in a short response that there's no soccer club and he doesn't recognize Tenma at all and introduced himself. This ends the short conversation. It is then revealed that he joined the music club.

In episode 3, he appeared alongside with the Raimon soccerteam. They remembered their memories for soccer again but they didn't know who Tsurugi Kyousuke was. He agreed to help Tsurugi Yuuichi, Tenma and Fei Rune to bring back the soccer and stop the plans of El Dorado. He was surprised that the Inazuma Caravan could fly and about Wonderbot.

In episode 4, he traveled with Fei, Tenma, Yuuichi and Shinsuke to 7 years into the past, where Kyousuke and Yuuichi were playing soccer in their young form. Later, they were interrupted by Alpha and he fought against Protocol Omega with Fei, Tenma, Yuuichi and Shinsuke and with some Duplis. He was surprised that Yuuichi and Tenma could use Keshin Armed. At the end of the match, Raimon won with 1-0. Shindou was seen to be sad after Yuuichi disappeared and returned to their timeline and he was shocked when he heard that soccer was banned.

In episode 5, he was still surprised that soccer was banned. Haruna explained that it was because of the soccer match last month, which Tenma, Shindou and Shinsuke were happy and said that it was a great match, while the others were looking confused to them and Haruna said that it was the worse match that they have ever seen. Raimon watched the match and Tenma, Shindou and Shinsuke were shocked about it since they remembered that it was a great match and then Dr. Crossword appeared and explained that it was because of the parallel world. While the most members didn't understand it, Raimon travelled one month back in time and played as the American team against the Japan team, who were Protocol Omega 2.0. In the match, he ordered Kirino and Amagi to stop Beta but it failed.

In episode 6, the match continued and Shindou was shocked when Kurama was injured by Beta and the second half ended. He encouraged Tenma, who couldn't use Keshin Armed anymore, with saying that they still have Keshin. Shindou, Tsurugi, Nishiki and Shinsuke stood clear for the goal and called their Keshin but it failed to stop Shoot Command 07. At the end of the match, Raimon lost and Beta brainwashed the Raimon members and tried to seal Fei away and Shindou was shocked. Endou used God Hand V to protect Fei but instead, he was sealed away. Shindou ordered the other to get into the Inazuma TM Caravan and returned to their timeline. He was shocked that the Raimon members without a Keshin left the team and was more surprised when it was explained that the others were brainwashed into leaving the team. He was mad that Beta brainwashed them in order to hate soccer.

In episode 7, Shindou and the other remaining members went to God Eden to train for their Keshin Armed. He also tried to get Keshin Armed with his keshin but failed. In the match against Team A5, he got hurt by Shoot Command 06.

In episode 8, he talked with Tsurugi, stating that he was surprised that even people from the future have feelings as he saw that Einamu wanted to bring back Alpha. Shindou then used his new hissatsu, Olympus Harmony and he also used his Keshin and tried to fuse with it but failed during the rematch and lost the ball. He was happy when Tenma finally succeeded to use his Keshin Armed and the match ended with 1-0, resulting Raimon's victory.

In episode 9, he with the others were stealing the Hasha no Seiten in the soccer museum 200 years in the future. When they arrived by the abyss, he said that they must use teamwork to reach the ladder. He standed on Nishiki's shoulders and Tenma standed on his shoulders. When Shinsuke got out of his balance, Shindou, Tenma and Nishiki hanged above the abyss. He also played against the Soccer Robots with the others and won with 1-0. They went back to the Inazuma TM Caravan and returned to their timeline and went after that to Tenma's house.

In episode 10 and episode 11, Shindou and the others travelled to the time where Daisuke still lived. They wanted to ask him what was in the Hasha no Seiten but they got interrupted by Protocol Omega 2.0. Shindou with the others played against Protocol Omega 2.0. They revealed their new hissatsu tactic, 3D Reflector, as Shindou and Kidou realized what Daisuke meant by 3D. He was tackled hardly by Einamu after Beta used Ghost Mixi Max. At the end, Raimon lost with 5-3. He was shocked when Daisuke turned into the Chrono Stone. Daisuke explained the Hasha no Seiten and Shindou, Tsurugi and Nishiki went to Shindou's house to search some information about Nobunaga and went to the Sengoku Era after they got an artifact.

Sengoku Era

In episode 12, Raimon went to the Sengoku era. He met Okatsu, who threw some water on Shindou. Okatsu said that he should let his clothes dry at her house. Shindou and Okatsu were seen talking at Okatsu's place. In the evening, Daisuke revealed that Shindou is the first one of the Strongest Eleven In History and that he must fuse with Nobunaga's aura. The next morning, he was surprised to see Nobunaga, but then Nobunaga asks the Raimon team if they are the enemies because they were not from this country, but Shindou bowed down and explained. Shindou then successfully proved himself and the others that they are not enemies and Nobunaga says that Shindou's eyes weren't lying, after that, Nobunaga stopped a horse. Shindou failed to Mixi Max with Nobunaga because the energy levels were different, so Shindou has to train in order to fuse with Nobunaga.

In episode 13, he along with Raimon fought against Shiroshika. Shindou also used his Keshin and also tried to Keshin Armed but failed. He asked to himself why it failed. Later, he lost the ball because the captain of Shiroshika released his Keshin and used his Keshin hissatsu. Shindou also used Kami no Takuto to help Tasuke and the others. When Shinsuke successfully Keshin Armed, Shindou glared to Shinsuke. At the end of the match, Raimon won with 10-2. In the night when everyone slept, Shindou wore his Raimon uniform and went out of the house. He was seen training and he was saying to himself that he must train to get Keshin Armed when even Shinsuke can use Keshin Armed and that he must train to Mixi Max with Nobunaga. Okatsu then visits Shindou at night when he is practicing and encourages him at the same time, she blushes, but then Akane appears in between the two and both Shindou and Okatsu are shocked to see her.

In episode 14, he was seen training in order to get Mixi Max with Nobunaga and to get his Keshin Armed. Okatsu brought some food to him and Shindou was seen eating it. Later, Fei joined Shindou's training to help him. Later, he got arrested like the others.

In episode 15, he explained to Nobunaga that they came from the future and he sad that Nobunaga will not rule in the country, which shocked everyone. At the training, he was trying to get Keshin Armed. It was better than first but he didn't succeed it. He also said that something was missing to use Keshin Armed.

In episode 16, he fought against Protocol Omega 2.0 with the others of Raimon. He was seen stealing the ball from Dorimu. He also tried to use Keshin Armed again but failed again. After that, he was seen flying awaybecause of Dorimu. At the end of the episode, Protocol Omega was in lead with 2-1.

Shindou Armed.

In episode 17, Shindou succeeded his Keshin Armed because Nobunaga gave him some advice. He scored the second goal for Raimon. Later, he succeeded to Mixi Max with Nobunaga and he got easily past the Protocol Omega 2.0's members. He used Setsuna Boost, which scored the third and final goal. Before he returned to the present time, Shindou was seen talking with Okatsu and Okatsu gave him a lunchbox. After Raimon departed, he was seen in the Inazuma TM Caravan. He opened the lunchbox and had a flashback of him and Okatsu. After that, he was seen crying about her.

France Era

In episode 18, he was seen along with the others returning to the present time. He was also seems to be shocked when Kinako entered the soccer club and that she revealed that she has won a match against Tsurugi for the ace striker's place. After that, He showed his Mixi Max power and also used Setsuna Boost and it scored against Sangoku. The next morning, he was selected to be one of the eleven who were going to the past. When Kirino said that he wanted to go to, Shindou turned around and said Kirino's name.

In episode 19, he was seen in the France era clothes. Shindou and the others met Jeanne and she asked who they are. Shindou answered that they came from the future, shocked himself and the others a bit, but the soldiers didn't want to believe him. After that, Shindou and the others went to Jeanne's city. They were seen playing soccer. He was happy that Kirino was at his side this time. After that Jeanne said that Raimon was sent by God, he told the true to Jeanne. It was seen in a flashback that Kirino asked if he can go with Jeanne to Charles and Shindou agreed with it and said that he was counting on Kirino and that he will stay behind.

In episode 20, he was happy when Kirino was back with the others and said against Kirino that he succeeded it. Later when a soldier told that Jeanne was going to fight against the enemies, Kirino went after Jeanne and Shindou called his name. Shindou and the others were seen fighting against Protocol Omega 3.0. Shindou and Tsurugi tried to stop Gamma but failed. At the end of the episode, Shindou told to Kirino that he should concentrate on the match and returned to his position.

In episode 21, Raimon continued their fight against Protocol Omega 3.0. He was seen trying to block Dhanna along with Kirino but Kirino let her pass. Shindou was also seen dribbling back and passed the ball to Kirino. In the second half, Shindou was seen stopping Einamu who was about to use Shoot Command 06 . He said to Kirino, who was injured, that he trust's Kirino's choice and that he will cover him. After that, he was seen trying to stop Orca, Bahamusu and Reiza. Later, he got tackled by Orca and blocked Orca with Kirino and he was surprised that Kirino's Keshin aura. Later, he stopped Bahamusu with Kirino and talked with Kirino after that. He was surprised that Kirino revealed his Keshin, Senkishi Brynhildr, and was happy. He was also happy when Kirino Mixi Maxed with Jeanne. After Kirino passed to Shindou, Shindou used Mixi Trans and used Setsuna Boost and scored the second and winning goal for Raimon. He along with Kirino unmixi maxed after the match. When Raimon was in the Inazuma TM Caraven, he was seen smiling after Kirino ate the candy.

Three Kingdoms Era

In episode 22, Shindou was seen training with the others of Raimon. He was seen to be surprised when Taiyou came and that he said that he knew Kinako. Shindou replied that it might be another time paradox. He was chosen to go to the Three Kingdoms Era along with ten other members. After they arrived there, they met Ryuu Gentoku and Shindou told that they came from the future and that Raimon needs Ryuu Gentoku and Shokatsu Koumei's power in order to save soccer. After that, they went to Shokatsu Koumei's house but in the house, they got interrupted by Zanark Domain and Shindou was chosen along with Tsurugi, Tenma, Kinako and Ryuu Gentoku to play a soccer battle against them. He explained to Ryuu Gentoku what he should do in the soccer battle playing as goalkeeper. He tried to stop Rasetsu but it failed. Shindou was surprised and shocked when Ryuu Gentoku ran ahead to the opponent goal and left Raimon's goal open.

In episode 23, he was seen stopping the ball and saving the goal because Ryuu Gentoku ran up and left the goal open. After that, he passed to Tsurugi and Tenma, who used Fire Tornado DD and scored the winning goal in the soccer battle against Zanark Domain. After that, Zanark Domain disappeared and Shindou and the others walked further to go to Shokatsu Koumei. Raimon pasted several tests and as final test, they had to beat Karakuri Heibayou. When Shinsuke was brought in as goalkeeper instead of Ryuubi, Shindou, along with Kirino, helped Shinsuke to protect the goal since Shinsuke wasn't able to do it. After Ryuubi encouraged Shinsuke, Shindou and Tenma encouraged Shinsuke too by calling his name, in which Shinsuke revealed his new hissatsu, Buttobi Punch, and stopped the Gear Drive. At the end, Raimon beat Karakuri Heibayou with 2-1. At the end, they met Shokatsu Koumei.

In episode 24, Shindou and the others met Shokatsu Koumei and Ryuubi asked her if she would join forces with him but she declined, leaving the Raimon members shocked. After they tried to convince Koumei, Zanark Domain appeared and challenged Raimon for a match. Raimon accepted it and started thematch with their kick off. They easily got the ball until Shindou received the ball. Shindou was hardly being tackled by Zanark, leaving Shindou a bit injured, and Zanark scored the first goal with Disaster Break. After that, Raimon had a hard time to score a goal and to get the ball. Shindou was seen to keep an eye on Taiyou since he didn't use his full power and Taiyou didn't even know why. Kurama asked what was wrong with him, which Shindou replied that Taiyou was afraid of breaking his body beyond repair. Near the end of the first half, Zanark Domain played their real soccer and injured the most members of Raimon. When Taiyou shouted that they wouldn't lose, Koumei released her Keshin and her Keshin went to Taiyou, who Mixi Maxed with Koumei after that, leaving Shindou and the others surprised.

In episode 25, the match continued with Taiyou scoring the first goal for Raimon. After that, Taiyou ordered Shindou, Kirino, Kariya and Kinako to run in the last circle to make Kimon Tonkou no Jin and successfully stopped Zanark. When Raimon got the ball, Zanark used his Keshin and Armed with it. Taiyou ordered Shindou and the others to use Kimon Tonkou no Jin again but Zanark broke fiercely through it, making the members injured and scored a point. After Ryuubi encouraged Shinsuke, Shinsuke successfully Mixi Maxed with Ryuubi, which made Shidnou and the others happy. Shindou was surprised that Zanark was out of control and when Koumei said that they should leave, Shindou replied what they should do about the match. At the end, they left and Raimon went back to their own timeline.

Bakumatsu Era

In episode 26, Shindou and the others went back to their timeline and saw that Hayami was excited. The ext morning, Daisuke said that they will get the 5th and 6th power in the Bakumatsu Era. Shindou was chosen by Daisuke and went to the Shogunate Era. There, they were dived in two groups, Shindou being in Nishiki's group. After a walk, they were knocked down by a man, who rolled down from a hill. After that, Zanark Domain challenged them for a soccer battle and Shindou and the others accepted the challenge. In the battle, Shindou ordered Shinsuke to stop the ball which succeeded. At the end, Raimon won with 1-0 because of Hikaru's Extend Zone. After that, Zanark Domain left and went with the man to his house. There, Shindou and the others discovered that the man was Sakamoto Ryouma after Shinsenguumi broke in.

In episode 27, Shindou and the others escaped from the Shinsenguumi and Sakamoto said that he wanted to learn soccer, so Shindou and the others went practicing. But while they were training, Okita interrupted them and wanted to kill Sakamoto with his sword. Shindou and the others got interrupted again by Zanark Domain who challenged them for another soccer battle but this time, Shindou didn't participate in the soccer battle and Okita joined Zanark Domain. After Raimon won the soccer battle with 1-0 because of Tsurugi scored in his Armed form, Zanark Domain left and left Okita behind, who was coughing heavily. Shindou walked to him and was worried about him. Shindou was also surprised when he heard that Okita won't live for long anymore because of his disease.

In episode 28 and episode 29, Shindou and the others went to Sakamoto's house to wait there for Sakamoto. After he arrived their, Raimon went training and when they were training, Nakaoka ran to them and delivered a briefcase to Sakamoto's but he didn't trust the briefcase and said that it might be a trap to kill Sakamoto, which shocked Shindou and the others. Then Fei came up with a plan to come with the Inazuma TM Caravan. After they arrived their, Zanark Domain appeared and challenged Raimon for another match. Shindou along with the rest of Raimon fought against Zanark Domain. Shindou got easily passed by some members of Zanark Domain, the same happened to the other members. When Kirino and Sakamoto were hit by Zanark, Shindou was worried about Kirino. Later, he used Mixi Trans Nobunaga and used Setsuna Boost. He scored the second point for Raimon and they became tied. At the end, Raimon won with 3-2.

Cretaceous Era

During the Cretaceous Era in episode 31, he stated no humans should be living in that era while questioning about the clothing for this era. He later went to explore the era with his other teammates. While travelling with Torb to his home, he commented Torb's movements to be abnormal. In Torb's home, he questioned about his existence in that era which humans are not supposed to exist, which Torb doesn't get a clue. He also introduced Torb about his and his teammates' goal in this era; to get dinosaurs' aura. He later went with Torb the next day to look for Rockstar along with his teammates.

In episode 32, he was still searching for Rockstar along with his other teammates. Later, when Death Horn appeared, Shindou used Fortissimo and hit Death Horn. The next morning, Shindou and his teammates fought against Perfect Cascade, who challenged them for a soccer match. At the end, Raimon lost and Rei Rukh was about to use his Sphere Device and the Mind Control mode but they were saved by some dinosaurs, who interrupted the teams.

In episode 33, after they escaped from the match against Perfect Cascade, Shindou commented that if wasn't for Dr. Crossword Arno who rescued them, Raimon would had fall under Rei Rukh and his Sphere Device's Mind Control. After that, he was seen training against some dinosaurs with his teammates and was surprised that Kinako had a Keshin. After that, Raimon was challenged again for a soccer match. In the match, Shindou ordered the others to use their Mixi Trans and Shindou used Mixi Trans Nobunaga. Shindou got beaten by Optical Fiber and was seen tired at the end of the episode.

In episode 34, Raimon continued their match against Perfect Cascade, with Shindou and the others being still in Mixi Max form. Raimon had a hard time to get the ball from Perfect Cascade. When Fei was about to get hit by Death Horn, he was really worried about him like the others. Later, Shindou stole the ball from one of the members and said to Taiyou that the sideline was open and ordered him to go there and Taiyou listened to him. When Fei released his Keshin, Shindou was surprised that Big released his Keshin too and defeated Death Horn. After Fei scored the first goal with Ouja no Kiba while being in Mixi Max and Armed form. Shindou, Tsurugi and Nishiki unMixi Maxed and Armed with their Keshin. Shindou was worried when Tsurugi was being hit by Rei Rukh but Shindou was later hitted as well by Rei Rukh. The match suddenly ended when Perfect Cascade left and Raimon returned to their own timeline as well.

King Arthur's Era

In episode 35, he was seen training with the other members of Raimon. He tried to stop Taiyou but it failed and said to Taiyou that it was good. Later, he ordered Aoyama to stop Kinako but it failed. After that, he gave advice to Aoyama. Shindou asked to Dr. Crossword how they can timetravel to a fiction world. Later, Shindou was chosen to go to King Arthur's era. When Shindou saw that there were 13 members chosen, he was shocked and asked it to Daisuke. Daisuke replied that they need more power and that the caravan can bring more members. Later, he turned into the leader of the Entaku no Kishidan because something went wrong while they timetraveled.

In episode 36, he talked with Tenma and Fei about what happened with the timetravel, after the accident happened. Later, he was seen as the captain of the Entaku no Kishidan. He said to Tenma that they should play a real match against each other since King Arthur wants a real match against Tenmas. He was seen interrupting the pass between Tenma and Fei. He first observed the field and then, he used Kami no Takuto to lead the others. The match ended with 1-1. After the match, Master Dragon appeared and Shindou ordered the others to protect King Arthur and Aoi. He shot the ball to Master Dragon but she easily stopped the ball. When Master Dragon took Kinako with her, Shindou was seen to be worried about Kinako. Later, he was seen talking to King Arthur with the rest and went to a place with the rest.

In episode 37, he went with the others of Entaku no Kishidan to the cave where Kinako was with Master Dragon. When everyone was tired, he encouraged them to go on. He was to be surprised when the snakes appeared. When the snaked went aside, he ordered the others to go the way the snakes made. After they appeared at a place that went into fire and King Arthur used his sword to make a way through the fire, Shindou ordered the others again to run to be safe. When they arrived by the cave, Shindou said that this was the cave. He was worried about King Arthur when King Arthur was fighting Master Dragon.

Before the match against Perfect Cascade, Shindou was called by Tenma and Shindou asked where Tenma want to talk about. He was surprised that Tenma said that he didn't want to be captain anymore and that Shindou should be the leader of Raimon and Entaku no Kishidan. Shindou disagreed and encouraged Tenma that he should be the captain because Shindou had chosen him to be captain and that he should lead to the team. Tenma was still unsure about it when the match started. He was surprised that Perfect Cascade were androids and that they changed to Hyper Dive Mode.

After the match started, Shindou ordered Kirino and Kinako to stop Perfect Cascade but it failed. Perfect Cascade easily passed Shindou and his other teammates. After the second half started, Shindou was shocked when Perfect Cascade and easily passed him. Shindou encouraged Tenma again for being the captain by passing the ball to him, and Tenma realized it. Shindou was seen to be happy when Entaku no Kishidan won. After the match, Entaku no Kishidan was transferred by El Dorado to their Route Craft, leaving Shindou and the others surprised.

Ragnarok Tournament

In episode 39, Shindou was seen in the El Dorado headquarters along with his teammates and the others who didn't go to the King Arthur Era. First, Shindou was surprised and a but angry when El Dorado transferred them to their headquarters but later, he understood their reason and agreed, along with his teammates, to help El Dorado to win of Second Stage Children at the Ragnarok Tournament, being held in the Ragnarok Stadium. Shindou was chosen to be a member and captain of El Dorado Team 02. Shindou was surprised that he was the captain but Alpha, Beta and Gamma were slightly angry that Shindou was the captain.

When El Dorado Team 02 was training for the Ragnarok Tournament, Shindou ordered Gamma to pass to Kariya but Gamma ignored his order and Amagi was angry about it. When the practice ended, Amagi and Kurama left the changing room angrily, leaving Shindou worried behind.

In episode 40, he was shocked that the Second Stage Children destroyed El Dorado headquarters and made the Ragnarok Stadium from its ruins. He was worried about Fei when suddenly he fell unconscious on the ground and waited for him to wake up in the hospital.

When El Dorado Team 02 had a team meeting, he was talking about that they didn't know Second Stage Children's skills but he was interrupted by Beta who said that the meeting wasn't needed if they have no information about the opponent and left with the rest of the Protocol Omega members. Shindou asked Sakamaki about it but Sakamaki replied with that he is the captain and he should know what to do, which left Shindou being more worried

When the match started between El Dorado Team 01 and Zan, Shindou was first surprised that the Zan players didn't do anything but when Fadam easily stopped all three shoots of Tsurugi easily, Shindou was surprised and shocked about their skills. When Tsurugi was injured by four Zan players, he was shocked too and worried about Tsurugi. When Fei scored an own goal, Shindou was shocked and surprised. When El Dorado Team 01 lost with 5-1, he was surprised that they lost and at the end, when they had a Captain Coach meeting, Shindou said that they need to win the next match, in which Tenma and Tsurugi agreed.

In episode 42, Shindou was seen along with the other Raimon members with their uniform, being surprised that it was the Protocol Omega uniform. When Daisuke told that Zanark was the eleventh member of the Strongest Eleven In History and that he will play in the match, Shindou was surprised and a bit angry. After he saw Meia and Giris being their opponent, Shindou asked himself what their skills were and went to the field with his team.

When the match started against Giru, he made several orders and also used Kami no Takuto but the orders and Kami no Takuto didn't work since the team wasn't working together and ignored Shindou's orders. When Meia and Giris released their Keshin, Shindou used his Keshin too and also Armed with it and tried to stop them but it failed and he was blown away, leaving Kirino worried about Shindou. After the second goal was scored, he was ordering Gamma for the ball and received it. He used Kami no Takuto again but it failed since Alpha and Beta bumped into each other, leaving him worried why it didn't work. After the third goal was scored, he was really worried and asked himself how to win this match. When Rujiku was brought injured away, and Mecha Endou was brought in as new goalkeeper, Shindou was surprised.

In episode 43, Shindou held a speech and said that Alpha, Beta and Gamma should listen to his orders in the second half. El Dorado Team 02 continued their match against Giru in the second half. Shindou used Kami no Takuto again. This time, it worked well until the pass to Gamma failed and went outside the field. Sakamaki Togurou called Shindou to come by him and said something to Shindou. After that, Shindou analysed Alpha, Beta and Gamma's passes and power. When he analysed all the data, he used Kami no Takuto FI and ordered Alpha, Beta and Gamma which this time succeeded. The Raimon members who were watching or playing were surprised by Shindou and Sakamaki answered that Shindou was able to do this because he is a good playmaker and can lead the team pretty well. Later, Shindou used Mixi Trans Nobunaga and used Setsuna Boost. It scored the second goal for El Dorado Team 02. Shindou ordered Beta to run towards the goal and Beta released her Keshin and used the Keshin hissatsu and scored the third goal. Shindou was surprised that Mecha Endou exploded after he called his Keshin and stopped Meia and Giris' shoot. He was also surprised after Zanark stopped Dead Future without any hissatsu. At the end of the match, El Dorado Team 02 won with 4-3. After the match, Shindou thanked Alpha, Beta and Gamma for listening to his orders and wished Tenma for a good luck before his match.

In episode 44, he, along with El Dorado Team 01 and his teammates, were watching the match of El Dorado Team 03 and Garu. Like the others, Shindou was shocked and surprised when he saw that Fei was the captain of Garu.

In episode 47, he was shown along with the other members of Chrono Storm in the locker room celebrating Fei's comeback to the team.

In episode 50, he was shown along with the other members saying good-bye to Fei Rune, Clark Wonderbot, Nanobana Kinako, Torb and Zanark Avalonic.

Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy

In episode 1, he walked the line set up in the front of Raimon. As Tenma and Shinsuke were both too excited, Shindou said that they should calm down and as Tenma said something, Shindou was looking back with flashback to the Eito match. Later, he was chosen by Kuroiwa Ryuusei to be a member of Inazuma Japan but he was surprised that only he, Tenma and Tsurugi were the only three that were chosen from Raimon and that they didn't know the other members.

Later, they went to the change room and changed to the Inazuma Japan uniform and said something to all the members. The exhibition match started against Teikoku Gakuen, Shindou received the pass from Tenma and passed it to Tsurugi. He also used Kami no Takuto FI but nobody listen to his orders and was surprised that the members couldn't play soccer was seen to be annoyed by it. As Tenma encouraged him, he used Kami no Takuto FI again to help Tenma and Tsurugi and they scored with Fire Tornado DD, making the score 10-1 for Teikoku. As Shindou, Tenma and Tsurugi were celebrating the goal, the match ended with the win of Teikoku which surprised them. After, they shook hands with Mikado Haruma, the captain of Teikoku, but Mikado was angry and said that they were worse, in which Shindou cried and said that this was worse team in which Tenma was worried about him.

In episode 2, Shindou, Tenma and Tsurugi walked to the place where they were going to practice and stay. As Shindou explained everything, they arrived at the practice and Shindou was worried about Tenma since he got hit by Nozaki's ball. After that, the other members introduced themself and when Shindou heard that all the members haven't played soccer once, he got annoyed and angry and asked the trainer why this members were chosen if they can't even play soccer in which the trainer replied that he should ask the coach, who came in and introduced the managers, Mizukawa Minori and Sorano Aoi. Tenma started to explain what soccer was, in which Minaho said that his hissatsu was his brain in which Shindou put his hand against his head and couldn't believe it.

After that, they started practicing and having a break after practicing a bit, Shindou was seen resting out as well. After the break, Tenma explained more about soccer like dribbling and control where Shindou was just listening to Tenma. When Tenma was done, he was seen shooting balls to Ibuki, who couldn't stop them in which Shindou looked at him and started to think. When practice ended and everyone was tired, he was seen to be angry again as his hand turned into a fist and walked away which made Tenma worried about him. When they were in their rooms, Shindou asked if Tenma could go with him after he is done in which Tenma agreed. With Tsurugi and Tenma, Shindou went to Kuroiwa and asked why those eight players were in the national team. As Kuroiwa replied to him, Shindou said that they will play with only them three, Tsurugi as forward, Tenma as midfielder and Shindou himself as defender and when the opponent shoot to the goal, he will block the ball in which he was angry again and made Ibuki angry as well, who was about to practice when he heard the conversation.

As Kuroiwa somehow agreed and walked away, Tenma asked Shindou if it will be alright with playing the match with three members, in which Shindou replied that the coach didn't understand soccer. Ibuki started to yell at him and said that the Japan goalkeeper was him, in which Shindou replied that he couldn't keep at all. Ibuki said that he will able to do it with practicing and asked Tsurugi to shoot at him, so he can stop it in which Shindou disagreed and said that he will shoot at him. Shindou used Fortissimo and Ibuki failed to stop it and became injured by it in which Shindou said that he is worse and Ibuki said that he should go on.

The next day, they continued to practice again after they heard that their first opponent was Fire Dragon. After practice, Shindou talked with Tenma and Tsurugi about the upcoming match, in which Tenma still disagreed with playing with only them three and said that he felt that the other were improving, in which Shindou replied that he didn't feel it at all. The next day, Tenma tried to talk with Shindou again and tried to change Shindou's mind but failed to do so and made Shindou more angry and became also angry at Tenma and said that this were the nationals, so they should play their very best. The match between Inazuma Japan and Fire Dragon started with Shindou being placed as defensive midfielder. As the match started, Shindou became annoyed again when Matatagi dribbled ahead and when the ball was stolen from him. When the opponent charged ahead to the Inazuma Japan goal, Shindou stood for the goal which made Ibuki angry. Lee Chung-Yun shot and Shindou blocked the ball which made Tenma happy at first. Ibuki was angry and Shindou saw it but he didn't care at all which left Tenma worried about both of them.

In episode 3, after he blocked the shoot, Ibuki was still angry at him. Shindou was surprised that the shoot had much power but that his timing was perfect to stop it. As Tsurugi had a flashback, Shindou was seen in the flashback saying that they will play with only them three. When a member of Fire Dragon shot at the goal, Shindou stopped the shoot again, which made Ibuki angry again. As Shindou was standing there, Tenma had a flashback about the previous night. Shindou said in the flashback that Tenma and Tsurugi should bring the ball up and that he will protect the goal. Tenma was surprised in which Shindou stood up and said that he will stop Fire Dragon's shoots. Then, the flashback ended and Shindou passed the ball to Tenma. When Tsurugi lost the ball, Fire Dragon started to counterattack and Fire Dragon shot again. Shindou stopped it again which made Ibuki more furious. Ibuki said that said that Shindou should go out of the way but Shindou didn't listen.

When Tenma was sliding tackled by two members of Fire Dragon, Shindou was worried about him. After that, Shindou went talking with Tenma and Tsurugi. As Matatagi wanted to join them, Tenma and Tsurugi agreed which shocked Shindou. After all, Shindou agreed too because Tenma and Tsurugi agreed. When Lee Chung-Yun shot with his Rapid Fire, he let the ball go to Ibuki but Ibuki failed to stop the ball, making the score 1-0. As the second half started, Shindou stood for the goal again which made Ibuki furious again. As Matatagi finally passed to Tetsukado, Shindou was surprised that their teammates finally played alongside Matatagi. After Tenma scored the first goal with God Wind. Lee Chung-Yun shot again with Rapid Fire. Shindou stopped it this time with his new hissatsu, Einsatz, and passed the ball to Tenma. At the end, Inazuma Japan won with 2-1 with Tsurugi making the final goal with Devil Burst.

In episode 4, Shindou was watching the first match of Inazuma Japan again along with Tsurugi, Tenma and Aoi. Later, Shindou was seen standing behind Tenma along with Tsurugi when Tenma hold a speech. The next day, Shindou went along with Tenma to their training but only Nozaki Sakura, Matatagi and Tsurugi were there. Shindou asked where the others were in which Nozaki replied that they weren't going to practice at all and Matatagi added that it was because of the match. It surprised Shindou and Tenma and when Kuroiwa came, Shindou became angry again of forming this team. Later, they went practicing and Nozaki showed her moves. Then, Shindou recognized her as a world class gymnastics ace which surprised Nozaki that Shindou knew her. Then, Nozaki said that she will keep training with playing soccer to play in the best gymnastics team, in which Shindou was dissappointed. When Nozaki ran off to be keeper, Shindou began to wonder again why she left her gymnastics team and joined the soccer team. Nozaki was scared for stopping the shoot which made Shindou dissappointed again. And as Matatagi started to practice to dribble in which he made a long gap between him and the ball, Shindou was disappointed again and said that this was no use to dribble.

As both Nozaki and Matatagi went practicing there dribbling, Shindou said that Matatagi and Nozaki could be useful but it was still hard to be able to play in the match. As practice ended and Shindou and Tsurugi walked back, Shindou started a conversation with Tsurugi. Shindou went talking to Kuroiwa about his plan for the next match but Kuroiwa disagreed and Shindou left. The next morning, Shindou was at the training field already along with Matatagi and Nozaki. As Tenma went to search for the other members, Shindou started to practice with Matatagi and Nozaki. After practice, he went to talk with Gouenji Shuuya and asked for a back up team but Shindou disagreed. As Shindou left, the trainer came in and started to talk with Gouenji. The trainer said that he couldn't take it anymore and said that Kuroiwa was planning to take over the world with soccer. As the trainer said that and continued, Shindou overheard the whole conversation and began to wonder again.

The next day, finally the whole team was there, Shindou heard that Tenma had emailed them to come to the training field today and that was the reason why they were here. Then, Kuroiwa came and said that the members had to do a test if they wanted to leave the Japan team. After hearing that, Shindou was shocked and couldn't believe it.

In episode 5, while the eight members were considering whether to take the test or not, Shindou stated the eight members didn't come to play soccer, and told them to take the test and get out of the team, which irritated Ibuki. While Tenma still tried to persuade Shindou that the eight members could play soccer with them, Tetsukado stated that he would take the test and said that Shindou would be happier without them around. As Shindou had already prepared, he went to the stadium but he was shocked at the view in front of him.

When the others arrived the stadium and saw the spectators, Tenma rushed to his side and asked him why, to which Shindou replied that Kuroiwa was the one who called the audience and news reporters to watch the withdrawal test, as Kuroiwa actually called them to see the Inazuma Japan's abilities, and he ran up with the others to watch the withdrawal test, and he kept silent most of the time. In the end of the withdrawal test, Kuroiwa told Shindou that the successful shoots of each member showed the powers of supportive words from supporters and friend alike, to which Shindou did not reply at all.

In episode 6, Shindou oversaw the training and when a ball that Ibuki blocked out flew to him, Ibuki argued that he didn't need his help, in which Shindou retorted that he was only doing what was necessary for victory. While the others discussed about their strategy to use against Big Waves, Shindou stated they didn't have enough time for that.

While they were training before the match started, Ibuki blocked a normal shoot from Tsurugi and stated that he won't allow scoring anymore, to which Shindou retorted that it would be different when they are having a real match. When the match was about to start, Shindou stood in front of Ibuki, and he retorted that Shindou's position was too far behind, while Shindou stated that it was just the right position.

After seeing some efforts the team was paying, Shindou thought to himself that at least the team would work well for victories. He then called Tenma to pass to him, and used Kami no Takuto and commanded Sakura, Kusaka, Matatagi and Tenma to pass the ball and at the end, to Tsurugi, who used Bicycle Sword. He then used Kami no Takuto once again but it got cut off when Big Waves used Suck Out on Kusaka. Shindou was shocked, and Kuroiwa stated that it was Shindou's mistake for showing Kami no Takuto too early. Shindou ran back to the defence and stole the ball, and he used Kami no Takuto again, only to be cut off after Sakura passed to Matatagi, when Big Waves used Suck Out again. Shindou tried to use Kami no Takuto again, and failed again after Tenma's passing was cut off. The trio gathered to discuss, and Shindou stated that it was strange since Big Waves was supposed to be a highly offensive team, and concluded that Kami no Takuto was entirely locked.

When Big Waves broke Inazuma Japan's defence again, Shindou rushed back to block Cole LaRuze, but Ibuki shouted to him and distracted him. When Ibuki failed to block Megalodon, Shindou demanded him if he understand the difference between practice and match, in which Ibuki only gave out a frustrated grunt.

After the match resumed, Shindou blocked a ball and passed it to Tenma, who was about to pass to Matatagi but get blocked by Sakura, who failed to dribble up. Shindou blocked back the ball and told Sakura not to stand too far away from her position. When Kusaka passed to Sakura, a few Big Waves players targeted her, and she tried to pass to Shindou but got blocked. Shindou attempted to steal back the ball but it was passed to Cole, who scored another goal with Megalodon. When Cole was about to use Megalodon again, Shindou rushed towards him and kept on trying to block him, without any effort. Shindou was also shown to be little shocked when Ibuki pulled out Wild Dunk. When Ibuki asked Shindou if he saw his hissatsu, he said that it was only something the goalkeeper ought to do.

In episode 7, Shindou walked back to the defence position, which irriated Ibuki because Shindou still didn't acknowledge him. Tenma asked Shindou to take a look on the team, that the team has fired up, but Shindou told him that Kami no Takuto was totally locked, and asked him what he could do about it, and he agreed with Tenma's solution, saying that this is the only way.

After the match resumed, he received a pass from Ibuki, but stated that Ibuki's pass is still far from good. When he was about to get blocked, Shindou used Presto Turn V2 and passed the ball to Tenma, but the ball got blocked by Sakura, who tried to use hissatsu to showcase herself, but was blocked. Shindou tackled the ball out of the field and demanded what Sakura was doing. When Sakura told the others that she felt dizzy and was sorry that she caused trouble, and Tsurugi suggested that they could only switch positions, Shindou stated that they should have prepared substitute players, and glanced accusingly at Kuroiwa. After Tenma has a temporary conversation with Sakura again, Shindou told him to go back to his position.

When Cole commanded all his teammates except goalkeeper to offence, Shindou thought that just to keept their defence was already hard enough and what they should do, and he tackled a player but the ball got back to Big Waves again. Shindou was also shown to be a little shocked when Ibuki was about to block the normal shoot and Megalodon, but told Ibuki to throw the ball back to the field immediately after he blocked Megalodon. When Matatagi scored a goal with Parkour Attack, he was shocked that Matatagi used a hissatsu to score a goal. When Sakura got trapped by Suck Out, she asked Shindou to use Kami no Takuto. Shindou told her that it was impossible, but she insisted. Shindou used Kami no Takuto, but Sakura failed to reach it. Shindou scolded her that she may might be able to pass if she did not thought about jumping higher than his command. When Tenma encouraged Sakura, Shindou commented that it was truly Tenma's style. Sakura asked him to do this again, Shindou used Kami no Takuto FI instead, and questioned her if she could really follow the tactic, and was shown to be impressed when Sakura succeeded. After the match ended, Shindou wondered if the team actually possess horrifying potential, and looked to Kuroiwa for answer, but he only walked away accompanied with Mizukawa.

In episode 8, Shindou joined the defence group during the practise. When Tenma commented that it is possible to access to the world stage with their current members, Shindou challenged him, saying that they are still newcomers despite all the trainings. Tenma brought out some examples about their process, but Shindou retorted, stating that the abilities of Manabe, Minaho and Morimura remained unknown, and Kusaka was still unable to dribble. Tenma tried to told him that it was not true, but Shindou told him that the world stage is not as simple as he thought, and then he walked away.

At night, Shindou also returned to the centre after hearing about Kusaka's arrest, and heard about Kusaka's background story along with others. When Tenma tried to talk with trainer Funaki, Shindou demanded him why he wanted to cover up Kusaka. Tenma remembered what he saw the last night, and simply ran away to find the co-coach, leaving Shindou puzzled.

On the next day, the match between Inazuma Japan and Shamshir began, and Shindou once again went to stand in front of Ibuki. When the members of Shamshir whizzed past Inazuma Japan's defence easily, Shindou used Einsatz (notablely that this is the first time Shindou used it to steal a ball), but got blocked immediately. Shindou was also shown to be displeased when Kusaka beat up some members of Shamshir.

In episode 9, after witnessing Kusaka losing his temper again, Shindou told Tenma not to let him play in the next half-match, and Tenma was shocked about this. Shindou continued to explain that if his violence caused the match to stop, then everything would be over. After Tenma tried to reject this on Kusaka's behalf, Shindou asked the others what should they do in this current situation. Manabe and Minaho agreed to this, while Sakura doubted about this option. After listening to Tenma's pleading to let everybody on the team to play the match, Shindou demanded him if they could win in this situation, and Tenma, unable to answer, stated he understood.

In the next half-match, Shindou used Einsatz to steal the ball from Rashid Haqim, and passed the ball to Sakura. When Shamshir used Dai Sabaku Sunaarashi, Shindou tried to stop them but failed.

After the match ended, Tsurugi stated as the matches progressed, everybody is closer to one another, and their middle point is Tenma, to which Shindou only said an 'ah' as a reply.

In episode 10, Inazuma Japan was training again with Shindou only watching his teammates practicing while he was standing next to the goal. Shindou looked at Ibuki when he failed to stop Tsurugi's shoot. After practice ended, Shindou walked towards Tetsukado and called him, making his teammates curious. He said to Tetsukado that his moves have gotten much sharper but that he need to improve more as his speed was dropping. He adviced that Tetsukado should move more to the front and left the field. Because of the advice that Shindou had given, Tenma and Sorano Aoi were happy that Shindou gave an advice while Tsurugi was smiling too and Tetsukado confused.

The next day, Inazuma Japan started to train in the Black Room. Kuroiwa explained the Black Room and Shindou trained with the falling steel bars and surfing on the water while jumping to shoot the ball. The Raimon trio easily did the trainings while the others were struggling with them.

In episode 11, Inazuma Japan was training again for their upcoming match against Mach Tiger. Shindou noticed that Konoha was missing while the others were training and said that to Tenma, who was surprised that she wasn't there. The next day, Konoha had left a note behind that she was leaving Inazuma Japan. Tenma and four others were going to search for her while Shindou was staying at the camp. He and Tsurugi were practing together and Tsurugi asked what Shindou thought about Konoha. Shindou replied that she was chosen for Inazuma Japan by Kuroiwa with a reason but with the reason he didn't know.

In episode 12, Inazuma Japan was seen doing some exercises to warm up before they started to train. In the practice, Shindou received a pass from Sakura and Shindou predicted his shoot course first and then he shot towards the goal. Ibuki caught the ball and asked how that was but Shindou replied that he would be using a difficult shoot course next time.

The next day, the semi-finals started and Shindou used Einsatz to steal the ball from Tamugan Jar. After he stole the ball, he found it strange that no one from the opposing was moving towards them and passed the ball to Tenma as he asked for it. As the ball was stolen, Shindou quickly ran back to the goal but Ibuki caught the ball at time. Later, the ball was stolen again and Bark Sepakro dodged both Minaho and Manabe but Shindou sliding tackled him and the ball went outside the field. He said to Minaho and Manabe that one fault in their defense could end the match for them as the offense and defense could change in a split-second.

Inazuma Japan was struggling against Mach Tiger with their counters. Shindou said that the only to score a goal was to use Kami no Takuto with higher precision, in which Tenma replied that he should do it. The match resumed and Tenma stole the ball back and told Shindou that it was time. Shindou used Kami no Takuto FI and made the first line to Tetsukado. He made the second line to Sakura and the third to Tenma again. When Tenma was troubling against Napa Ladam, he ordered Tenma to pass the ball. Shindou used Fortissimo but it failed to score a goal as it was blocked by Udom Keawchay's Killer Elbow. After Matatagi's Parkour Attack was blocked by Death Scythe Middle, Shindou ran back to the defense. However, the defense was broken through and Shindou said that they won't be able to make it and Tamugan scored the first goal with Ivory Crash, leaving Shindou irritated behind.

Shindou was surprised when Kusaka changed into Berserker Mode and confessed to Konoha that he loves her. After Konoha successfully used Konoha Roll and passed the ball to Tenma, Shindou used Kami no Takuto FI again and made the first line to Sakura. Then, he made the second line to Matatagi and the third to Tsurugi. Inazuma Japan tied to score with Kusaka's Kyoubou Head and both team were struggling against each other with Shindou orders in the center of Inazuma Japan.

In episode 13, the second half started and Inazuma Japan began to struggle again against Mach Tiger with their new skills. Soon, the score became 2-1 due to Tamugan's Ivory Crash, being too fast for Ibuki's Wild Dunk. Shindou glared at Ibuki for not stopping the shoot and walked back to his position. He was worried about Tsurugi when he and Bark injured each other by kicking their legs. He glared again at Ibuki while he was able to stop Ivory Crash with Wild Dunk. Later, Shindou received the ball from Matatagi and was ordered by Manabe to make a back pass to Tsurugi. Then, Tsurugi passed to Tenma, who scored the winning goal with God Wind. After the goal, Inazuma Japan won with 3-2.

In episode 14, he was seen practicing with Ibuki and ordered him to go on to stop every shoot that Tsurugi made. Then, they heard that they would have a practice match the next day. The next day, they all were wondering who their opponent was, surprised that it was Hakuryuu's and his team called Resistance Japan. Shindou, Tenma and Tsurugi were able to cope up with them, however, the others weren't. Shindou tried to stop the shoot chain between Hakuryuu's White Hurricane and Yukimura Hyouga's Panther Blizzard with his leg but failed to do so. Later, he passed the ball to Tetsukado as the others were marked but since Tetsukado was injured at his ankle, he wasn't able to move well. Instead of Tetsukado, Kishibe Taiga picked up the ball. At the end of the match, Resistance Japan won with 3-1, making his other teammates surprised and shocked about the abilities of the other team and stated that it was the level of Shindou, Tsurugi and Tenma.

In episode 15, Shindou, Tenma and Tsurugi were only members practising at the pitch; all the others went to the Black Room instead. After listening to Ibuki's explanation to why he chose the position goalkeeper, Shindou stated that he is absolutely not approriate for being a goalkeeper. Later in the meeting, Shindou commented that no matter how good the defense is, it would be meaningless if the goalkeeper is useless, which irriated Ibuki and he promptly went back to practise. Later in another practise, Ibuki told him that he could keep out any shoots, while Shindou asked him if simply catching the ball mean being goalkeeper, to which he could not answer.

On the next day, the match started and Storm Wolf quickly scored a goal with Gold Fever, which is too quick for Wild Dunk. Shindou was shown to be irritated at the result.

In episode 16, Shindou was shown to be more frustrated when Gold Fever scored another goal against Ibuki. After Manabe and Minaho failed to block Maxim Adrov, Shindou tackled him and stole the ball back. While Ibuki was still frustrated, Shindou thought about only when will Ibuki order him to defend the goal together, and if he couldn't understand this point, he wouldn't be able to play soccer.

After Gold Fever was barely kept away from the goal, Ruslan Kasimov tried to kick it back to the goal, and Ibuki asked Shindou for help, causing him to smile at his realization. Shindou then used Einsatz to keep the ball out. Shindou then told Ibuki that he finally understood that the goal is defended by everybody, not himself only. Shindou then stated that he entrusted the goal to him, and told Tenma he would start helping in offense. He then stole the throw-in ball and passed it to Kusaka. When Ibuki succeeded in using a new hissatsu, he called out to Tenma and Sakura. He was shocked when Ibuki thanked Manabe and Minaho for his new hissatsu, even though the duo commented that it sounded more like comlimenting himself, and everybody laughed.

In episode 17, he was about to pass to Tenma, but was blocked by Dmitri Sobirov. Shindou, like the others, were depressed when they were scored one more goal, but was encouraged at what the others said, and he was shown to be impressed when Ibuki encouraged everybody to continue. Shindou was also shocked to hear Tenma suggesting to take 2 points together, but approved of the plan. After Manabe, Minaho and Tetsukado failed to block the third forward of Storm Wolf, he also called out to Konoha, who unleashed some aura of Soul and tackled the player, which shocked him and all the others, including Konoha herself. Shindou, like all the other members, were shocked to see Storm Wolf players revealed to be aliens, and the spaceship above the stadium.

In episode 18, Shindou, along with the others, heard about Grand Celesta Galaxy and Earth Eleven. After they returned to Odaiba Soccer Garden, Shindou revealed that Kuroiwa is actually Kageyama Reiji. His proclamation was proven true as Kuroiwa talked about how he survive his "death" because of a forbidden medicine, which shocked all the others. After Kuroiwa explained about Soul, he told Tenma that it is a matter that deals with Earth's fate, and Tenma agreed that they will go to the space.

In episode 19, he met Ichikawa Zanakurou along with all the others, but thought to himself that Ichikawa is only another newbie. However, he was impressed by Ichikawa's skills as he passed Tetsukado and Sakura easily. Later he had a short talk with Ibuki, who was uncertain about his abilities as a goalkeeper, that whether he could really defend the goal of the Earth. Shindou then told him that someone told him that "Soccer is a symphony played by eleven people", and that if he was scored a goal, they will take back a score. He also played in the match of Raimon versus the newly formed Earth Eleven. After the match ended, he was assembled by Kuroiwa along with the other eleven and boarded Galaxy Nauts Gou to go into space.


Inazuma Eleven GO the Movie: The Ultimate Bonds Gryphon

Shindou appeared in the movie with the rest of the Raimon's team. He was seen sitting in the bus and was seen sleeping due to the sleeping gas in the bus. Later, he woke up and he and the others were on God Eden. After that, they played against Unlimited Shining, and lost 12-0.

After losing to Unlimited Shining, he along with the other members of Raimon are reunited with Coach Endou and some members of Inazuma Japan, namely, Kabeyama, Kazemaru, Fubuki and Fudou. Shindou, Kirino and Kurumada are trained by Kazemaru; their training consisted of crossing a river by jumping on gigantic leaves.

During the match against Zero, Shindou tried to pass the ball with Kami no Takuto but failed due to Shuu. He used Sousha Maestro to try to stop Hakuryuu's Seijuu Shining Dragon, but failed. He also used his Keshin again to stop Hakuryuu's with Tenma's and Tsurugi's but failed again because of White Breath.

After Tenma's Majin Pegasus evolved into Majin Pegasus Arc and beat Hakuryuu's Keshin, he received the ball from Tenma. He summoned his Keshin again and used Harmonics, which was made into a shoot chain with Tsurugi's Death Drop and Tenma's Keshin shoot. It scored the first goal for Raimon.

He later used Joker Rains with Tsurugi after Fudou Akio gave advice to them and scored the third goal for Raimon.

After that, Shuu and Hakuryuu released their Keshin Fusion and he said to the others that Raimon should defend the goal with all the players but it failed. Then he released his Keshin again and created a Keshin Fusion with Majin Pegasus Arc and Kensei Lancelot, called Matei Gryphon. Shindou, Tenma and Tsurugi also used their Keshin Fusion hissatsu, called Sword of Fire, and scored the fifth goal for Raimon and tied with Zero.

At the end of the movie, Shindou used Evolution, the combination shoot of Joker Rains and Mach Wind with Tsurugi and Tenma. Hebino wasn't able to block it with Serpent Fang, but the goal was saved by Hakuryuu and Shuu. At the end of the movie, he shook hands with Kai.

Inazuma Eleven GO Vs. Danball Senki W

He appeared with his team Shinsei Inazuma Japan to play against Inazuma Legend Japan. After Inazuma Legend Japan scored a goal, the match was interrupted by Asta. Afterwards, he played against Asta's team, Destructchers. He used Kami no Takuto FI to pass the ball to various members, until Taiyou used his Mixi Max hissatsu, Tenchi Raimei to score the first goal. Later, he got into an argument with Kirino but was able to snap out of it. Afterwards, he helped Tenma in using God Hand W which succeeded in catching Fran's Chaos Meteor.

Inazuma Eleven Chou Jigen Dream Match

Shindou appeared with the rest of Inazuma Best Eleven. He is first seen talking with Kidou. During the match against Inazuma Battle Eleven he used Kami no Takuto FI and managed to get the ball to Tenma, who used Soyokaze Step to get past Fudou.

Game appearance

Character avatar

Front sprite Back sprite Avatar
Casual clothes Shindou Casual Clothes Front Sprite.png Shindou Casual Clothes Back Sprite.png Shindou Casual Clothes Avatar.png
Raimon's school uniform Shindou Sprite CS Raimon Uniform.pngShindou CS smiling sprite.png
Raimon's jacket Shindou Raimon Jacket Front Sprite.png Shindou Raimon Jacket Back Sprite.png Shindou avatar jacket.pngShindou Serious Raimon jacket CS talk.png
Raimon's uniform Shindou Soccer Uniform Back Sprite.png Shindou's Raimon (GO) Sprite.png Shindou Takuto - Mixi Max.png
El Dorado Team 02 uniform (ED2) Shindou.png (ED2) Shindou (Miximax).png
Inazuma Japan's (GO) & Earth Eleven uniform Shindou's Shinsei Inazuma Japan Icon.png
Patient clothes Shindou patient clothes sprite.png
Caveman Shindou Cave Man Talk Sprite CS.png

Wii avatar

Choice screen Shindou Choice.png
Soccer uniform Shindou Protocol Omega Wii Sprite Better.png

SD avatar

Shinsei Raimon SD Avatar Shindou Takuto (Shinsei Raimon).png

Character view

Front overview Back overview Front close view Back close view
Raimon jacket Shindou casual front full.png Shindou casual back full.png Shindou casual front.png Shindou casual back.png
Raimon uniform (R GO) Shindou 3D (1).png (R GO) Shindou 3D (2).png (R GO) Shindou 3D (3).png (R GO) Shindou 3D (4).png
Keshin Armed (Sousha Maestro) (Arm. Maestro) Shindou 3D (1).png (Arm. Maestro) Shindou 3D (2).png (Arm. Maestro) Shindou 3D (3).png (Arm. Maestro) Shindou 3D (4).png
Raimon uniform (Miximax form; Nobunaga) (R GO) Shindou 3D (5).png (R GO) Shindou 3D (6).png (R GO) Shindou 3D (7).png (R GO) Shindou 3D (8).png
El Dorado Team 02 uniform (ED2) Shindou 3D (1).png (ED2) Shindou 3D (2).png (ED2) Shindou 3D (3).png (ED2) Shindou 3D (4).png
El Dorado Team 02 uniform (Miximax form; Nobunaga) (ED2) Shindou 3D (5).png (ED2) Shindou 3D (6).png (ED2) Shindou 3D (7).png (ED2) Shindou 3D (8).png
Shinsei Inazuma Japan uniform (SIJ) Shindou 3D (1).png (SIJ) Shindou 3D (2).png (SIJ) Shindou 3D (3).png (SIJ) Shindou 3D (4).png
Inazuma Japan
Earth Eleven
(EE) Shindou 3D (1).png (EE) Shindou 3D (2).png (EE) Shindou 3D (3).png (EE) Shindou 3D (4).png


Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy

Mixi Max Shindou's QR code.

In order to recruit Shindou Mixi Maxed with Oda Nobunaga, his QR Code has to be scanned first. Also, the following requirements are needed:

  • Coin: Purplecoin.png × 2
  • Item: Amusing Scroll (おもしろい巻物, randomly dropped from Ohige Blast at Kanda Satoko's left taisen route)
  • Photo: Red Flower Painting (赤い花の絵画の写真, taken at the first floor of Shindou's mansion)
  • Photo: Luxury Grand Piano (超高級グランドピアノ, taken at the 2nd floor in Shindou's mansion)
  • Record: Tactics Master (タクティクスの名人, use hissatsu tactics 50 times)

After this, he can be scouted.


All stats are at level 99 and untrained.

Inazuma Eleven GO
  • GP: 122
  • TP: 174
  • Kick: 114
  • Dribbling: 97
  • Technique: 141
  • Block: 133
  • Speed: 116
  • Stamina: 104
  • Catch: 59
  • Lucky: 88
  • Freedom: 89
Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone
Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy

All stats are fully upgraded.

Inazuma Eleven Strikers
  • TP: 170
  • Kick: B
  • Guard: B
  • Body: B
  • Speed: B
  • Control: A
  • Catch: C
Inazuma Eleven Strikers 2012 Xtreme
Inazuma Eleven GO Strikers 2013

Inazuma Eleven SD

All stats are at S-rank, level 50, limit break 10, fully upgraded, all skills learned and all kizuna unlocked.

Shinsei Raimon

  • GP: 201
  • TP: 111
  • Kick: 49
  • Dribble: 48
  • Block: 40
  • Catch: 24


Inazuma Eleven GO
Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone
Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy
Inazuma Eleven Strikers
Inazuma Eleven Strikers 2012 Xtreme
Inazuma Eleven GO Strikers 2013

Inazuma Eleven AC: All Stars

Inazuma Eleven SD


Inazuma Eleven GO
Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone
Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy
Inazuma Eleven Strikers 2012 Xtreme
Inazuma Eleven GO Strikers 2013

Keshin fusion

Inazuma Eleven GO

Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone

Inazuma Eleven GO Strikers 2013

Mixi Max

Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone

Best match

Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy

Best match

Inazuma Eleven GO Strikers 2013


Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy

Game exclusive teams

Inazuma Eleven GO

Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone

Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy