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Shining Satans (シャイニングサタンズ, Shainingu Satanzu) is the representative team for Australia in the Football Frontier International in Inazuma Eleven Orion no Kokuin.


They encounter Inazuma Japan for the second match in the FFI. Australia bases their tactics around hypnosis. By moving their arms and hands in an awkward manner, they distort the opponent's vision and mind and create dead angles. This causes illusions such as balls and players become invisible during a short period of time. This can be only stop by passing in front of a player during the hypnosis phase or by closing eyes while playing.


Their uniform is marine blue with yellow tribal patterns on the sides. The collar and the sleeves borders are also yellow. They wear plain yellow shorts and plain marine blue socks. The goalkeeper uniform consists in a black shirt with orange sleeves, and tribal black patterns on the shoulders. He also wears plain orange shorts and plain black socks.


  1. Pazuzu Zaham (GK)
  2. Agalia Rept (DF)
  3. Demogorgon Ano (DF)
  4. Belphegor Inos (DF)
  5. Amdu Scias (DF)
  6. Beelze Bub (MF)
  7. Belial Noze (MF)
  8. Asmo Deus (MF)
  9. Satan Gaul (MF/captain)
  10. Sar Gatanas (FW)
  11. As Taroth (FW)
  12. Luci Fanos (MF)
  13. Gaap Redel (MF)

Hissatsu tactics



  • All of Australia's players names are referencing to different devils and gods linked to death or hell.
  • The team is also known as Satan of the Sun (太陽(たいよう)のサタン, Taiyou no Satan).

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