Shiratoya Kanbei (白兎屋(しらとや) 甘兵衛(かんべえ), Shiratoya Kanbee) is the coach of Hakuren and the president of Shirousagi Honpo, the company that sponsors the team.


He is a chubby man of medium height. He has dark purple hair and moustache. He wears brown suit with green turtleneck sweater and black shoes.


He is cheerful, nice and calm person. He does everything to make his daughter happy and satisfied.


Inazuma Eleven Outer Code

He was seen while he was talking with his daughter Nae after one of the Hakuren matches. The team were arguing in their locker room about Atsuya's single play during this match. His brother Fubuki Shirou revealed them that the opponent were focused on Atsuya and they were too tired to defend efficiently. That was why Hakuren was able to win easily in the second half of the match. Nae was worrying about them and stated that the team play was very important in every sport and she must force them to cooperate. Father agreed with Nae and said that they should somehow get along. They left talking how Nae was excited after she watched Hakuren playing.

Inazuma Eleven Ares no Tenbin


Before the match with Inakuni Raimon Nae was introduced to Hakuren team. The players were shocked and Atsuya expressed his dissatisfaction by insulting the coach. Shiratoya asked them to take care of Nae and only Fubuki greeted her in a friendly manner. Coach laughed and said that they weren't welcome there. In the flashback it was seen how Shiratoya and Someoka were watching Nae trying to kick the ball for the first time. During the match he was sitting at the bench calmly, without nerves. He started to give orders to players in the second half of the match and he signaled with hands to audience what they should shout with the doping. When Nae found out that she was the only one of the team who didn't know about this strategy, she was upset. But her father stated that he only wanted her to play free without worries about anything. After the match ended Atsuya apologised coach for his earlier behavior and appreciated his work for the team. Shiratoya was very happy and had some tears in his eyes, he said that they would win in the next year as well.

SD Avatar

Hakuren (Asuto Arc) SD Avatar Shiratoya Kanbee (Hakuren (Asuto-hen)) (Kantoku).png

Coach effect

Inazuma Eleven SD

  • Wind figure's Kick, Dribble, Block and Catch increased by 2.


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