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Shiroshika gumi (白鹿組(しろしかぐみ), lit. White Deer Gang) is a team in the Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone universe.


When Raimon arrived to the Sengoku era, Shiroshika is introduced as a local gang. Two members, Asama and Hanbe, kidnaped Gorouta when he went to retrieve the ball he and his friends were playing with. They both later threatened Raimon and Tasuke's friends when they managed to free Gorouta. However, just when they were going to injure the group, Kinoshita Toukichirou arrived and lied that the police were coming to get them. Though Shiroshika later kidnapped Tasuke and his friends.

When Raimon arrived to Shiroshika's hideout, it was revealed that Beta had control over them as their leader. She then challenged Raimon to a soccer match so they could have Tasuke and his friends back if they won.

In episode 13, they fought against Raimon in a soccer match. They were initially leading with a score of 2-0 thanks to their aggressive plays. However, when Raimon launched a counterattack, they lost their nerve and finally lost with a score of 10-2.


  1. Gazen Norimaru (GK)
  2. Kitagami Soukichi (DF)
  3. Ashiguro Houichirou (DF)
  4. Yabe Hanbe (DF)
  5. Kanou Ikkatsu (MF)
  6. Asama Denbei (MF)
  7. Santetsu Ginji (MF)
  8. Ochimura Denrai (MF)
  9. Kutou Senji (MF)
  10. Inaba Taian (FW/captain)
  11. Maebayashi Kourin (FW)
  12. Ujiki Mikimaru (GK)
  13. Yomoyama Doushin (DF)
  14. Yazu Tenkei (MF)
  15. Ayabe Houkurou (FW)
  16. Hayama Kaburou (FW)

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