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Soccer Zatsugidan (足球雑技団(さっかーざつぎだん), Sakkā Zatsugi Dan, lit. Soccer Acrobatic Troupe) is the representative team for China in the Football Frontier International in Inazuma Eleven Orion no Kokuin.


All members of the Chinese team are members of Rojiura Shounentai and Shanghai Hoshinekodan. As their name states, China uses acrobatic movements to play football. They can easily play headstand, making hard to steal the ball from them. They also can make the transition from acrobatic movements to a more conventional play style really quickly. They also heavily relies on hissatsu tactics. Their major strength is having a formidable team cohesion despite of their initial social differences.


Soccer Zatsugidan's normal jersey is a white shirt with short black sleeves, and have red flame patterns on the sleeves. The shorts, socks, and cleats are all black. Their captain's armband is dandelion yellow. For the goalkeeper, a light green shirt with black sleeves and white flame patterns is worn. The shorts are white, and the socks are also light green.


  1. Kung Fuche (GK)
  2. Tao Lu (DF)
  3. Xiao Rau (DF)
  4. Min Yinqi (DF)
  5. Che Lin (MF)
  6. Tan Tanmin (MF)
  7. Wu Longchi (MF)
  8. Zhou Xing (MF/captain)
  9. Li Hao (MF)
  10. Wan Tanmeo (FW)
  11. Shuu Chuna (FW)
  12. Chao Mao (MF)
  13. Chi Chinsu (DF)

Hissatsu tactics



  • The team name was originally their nickname, though it was later used as the team's official name.
  • Many of the players' names are based on various types of Chinese food.
  • They are the only team of the Asian qualifiers to not have a Disciple of Orion among their ranks.
  • They are the only team in the Inazuma Eleven anime that simultaneously debut hissatsu tactics, with a count of four (4) in the entire match.
  • For some reason, reserve players Chao Mao and Chi Chinsu have different jersey numbers in the anime (14 and 15) and in the DVD/Blu-ray booklet (12 and 13).


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