Speed Kings (スピードキングス) is a game exclusive team.


This team can be challenged at the right route of Touko's taisen route in the Big Bang version of the Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy game. It appears as the first team. All the members are at level 55.


  1. Kazamatsuri (GK)
  2. Kokubo (DF)
  3. Youkou (DF)
  4. Itakayama (MF)
  5. Akaoni (MF)
  6. Marder 1 (MF)
  7. Fuuretsu Hayami (MF)
  8. Kisaragi Mako (FW/captain)
  9. Hayato (FW)
  10. Mach (FW)
  11. Hash (FW)
  12. Sasame (MF)
  13. Nabe (MF)
  14. Moeha (FW)
  15. Rinko (FW)
  16. Odoro (FW)
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