Sphere Device

A Sphere Device (スフィアデバイス, Sufia Debaisu; dub: Dodecahedron) is a multi-function type of soccer ball featured in Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone.


The Sphere Device is a multi-function type of soccer ball. It has 7 different functions which are:

  • Time Travel Mode (red button)
  • Strike Mode (orange button)
  • Move Mode (blue button)
  • Call Mode (green button)
  • Mind-Control Mode (yellow button)
  • Lock-In Mode (purple button)
  • Field Make Mode (light blue button)

It was used several times in the anime, principally by the different antagonists such as El Dorado teams, Zanark Avalonic and the Second Stage Children.

Sphere Device

The Sphere Device's artwork and description


  • Until now, all the captains of the teams of El Dorado have a Sphere Device: Alpha, Beta, GammaZanark Avalonic and Rei Rukh.
  • Each sphere device has a different voice depending on the color: the white one has a female voice while the red one has a male voice and the blue has a male sharp voice.
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