Suisei Girls (彗星(すいせい)ガールズ, Suisei Gaaruzu) is the first ending song for Inazuma Eleven Orion no Kokuin.


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Totsuzen no sapuraizu shoujo
Dare yori mo kagayaku no suisei gaaruzu
Koona fuuni anata no mae ni
Derareru to omowanakatta

Goran hora kono hitomi
Uso nante tsukanai shinjite yo
Ai no uta utawanakya
Mitasarenai daremo
Kono hoshi wa yokubou darake damon

Totsuzen no sapuraizu dakedo
Shukumei wo yurushite ne suisei gaaruze
Massugu na watashi ga watashi dashi

Aaa susei gaaruzu
Aaa susei gaaruzu

A sudden, surprising young girl
We shine brighter than anyone, we comet girls
I had no idea that I would make
My appearance to you in this way

Gaze into these eyes
I wouldn't lie to you, believe me
I must go on and sing a song of love
None of us are fulfilled
After all, this planet is packed with neverending desires

It's a sudden surprise but
Please allow this destiny of mine, comet girls
I'm not me unless I'm straightforward

Oh, comet girls
Oh, comet girls



イナズマイレブン オリオンの刻印 Inazuma Eleven Ares Orion no Kokuin Ending 1 Suisei Girls (彗星ガールズ) HD

イナズマイレブン オリオンの刻印 Inazuma Eleven Ares Orion no Kokuin Ending 1 Suisei Girls (彗星ガールズ) HD


  • The ending cards are based on the Werewolf Game, which also refers to Orion's storyline: They have to find out and kill The Werewolf (Ichihoshi), who gradually kills and makes them out of the game, with the help of The Seers (Kidou and Nosaka).
    • It's unknown that how The Werewolf Asuto works with this game, but Hino stated that the game had not been over yet, even though they killed The Werewolf Ichihoshi.
    • They also said that some roles were not neccessary to fit in the actual anime.


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